Mass. Legislature budgets 70% more money for
homosexual programs in schools in 2006. 


Demand Gov. Romney veto by July 4 deadline!  


(See below for what this money BUYS!)


This past Thursday, June 23, the Massachusetts Legislature passed its 2006 budget and presented it to Gov. Mitt Romney.  The Governor has ten days (through July 4) to veto and amend any budget items he disagrees with.


This past year Massachusetts schoolchildren have been inundated with state-funded school-based gay clubs, hard-core homosexual propaganda such as “The Little Black Book”, "Day of Silence" and pro-gay marriage assemblies, and countless other horrors.


How are MASS. STATE AGENCIES pushing the homosexual agenda in the public schools?  Click here.


The result?  Our Legislature has just passed a budget giving the gay activists MORE money for their programs in the schools!  This past year it was $250,000.  Next year it will be $425,000 – a 70% increase!!! 


It’s cleverly divided into two budget items, 4590-0250 and 7010-0005.  And what’s more, as a condition for the Dept. of Education getting its operating money, the Legislature REQUIRES that they implement a set of radical pro-homosexual “suicide prevention” recommendations that our wacky State Board of Education came up with a few years ago. 
Click here for details on these budget items.


(These are just the "direct" programs. There are other "hidden" programs in the budget that launder money to homosexual activist activities.)





You need to demand that:  Governor Romney VETO Budget Items 4590-0250 and 7010-0005 and amend them so that (1) give NO taxpayer money to radical homosexual groups, and (2) do NOT impose pro-homosexual requirements on the Department of Education’s use of their money.


Call Governor Romney’s office at: 617-725-4005.  Make sure you speak to someone who will get your message to the Governor.


Call Mass. Republican Party Headquarters at: 617-523-5005 or email them at info@MassGOP.com.  The party encourages Romney to “talk tough” when he’s out of state, but in Massachusetts they’re afraid of this issue and are willing to sacrifice your children for political expediency.  Let them know that the Governor MUST veto this.


This is Gov. Romney's kowtowing to the radical gay lobby. And then the Legislature responds by giving them even more money.  Are our Governor and Legislature out of their minds?



What this buys:


Gov. Romney’s “Governor’s Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth” holds depraved parade in downtown Boston
followed by “Gay Prom” in Boston City Hall!



Among other things, boys marching down the street wearing women’s clothes and fishnet stockings. . .


Last month, Gov. Romney’s “Governor’s Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth”, (which gets hundreds of thousands of tax dollars) organized schoolchildren from their school-based “Gay-Straight Alliance” clubs to participate in a “Youth Pride Day” in downtown Boston.


An entire day of celebrating homosexuality for kids.  Paid for by you.  They held a “rally” at the Boston Common and marched through the downtown streets, past the State House. 


Click here to see the parade.


And afterward, not to be outdone, that evening Boston Mayor Thomas Menino turned City Hall over to the “Boston Area Gay and Lesbian Youth” (BAGLY) – another depraved state-funded group – to hold a “Gay Prom.”  So the kids would have something to do afterwards.  BAGLY’s specialty is “transgenderism”.  That is, persuading boys that they are really girls, etc. 


Click here for the “gay prom”.


Again we ask: are our public officials out of their minds?  This is what happens when they don’t hear from their constituents – only the special interests.


By the way, Mayor Menino’s phone number at City Hall is: 617-635-4500
Email: mayor@ci.boston.ma.us.