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Martha Coakley (D) and Scott Brown (R) win Tuesday's primaries for Ted Kennedy's US Senate seat

General election is on January 19. Big difference between candidates.

POSTED: Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2009

In Tuesday's primary election, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley swept the 4-person Democratic primary with 47% and State Senator Scott Brown swept the Republican primary with 89%. It attracted very low turnout -- less than 20% state-wide. The general election is in six weeks, on January 19.

Herald Columnist Howie Carr gave probably the most interesting analysis of the campaign (see below).

There could not be more of a difference between these two candidates. Martha Coakley has a long record of extreme, aggressive left-wing anti-family crusading, and general lap-dog water-carrying for the Democratic establishment. Scott Brown is a fiscal and (reasonably) social conservative who is willing to fight against the Obama health-care fiasco. (We will have more on this over the next few weeks.)

Here's the candidates in Tuesday's election, our pre-election analysis, and how they did:

=== Democratic Primary ===

Martha Coakley - 47%
Martha Coakley is currently the Attorney General of Massachusetts. There isn't enough space here to list all of Coakley's far-left anti-family positions and activities! She aggressively raises money for the homosexual lobby. She refuses to support Obama's health care plan unless it includes taxpayer-funded abortions. She personally testified at the State House for the Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill She is currently using her DA office to sue the federal government to overturn the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). As a result of all this, Coakley attracts a lot of Democratic Party liberal activists who like to organize in the districts. She's considered the front-runner.

Michael Capuano - 28%
Michael Capuano is currently the US Congressman representing the 8th District. Capuano has done his best to appear even more on the left-wing fringe than Coakley. He voted NOT to cut federal funding to ACORN, even after their hideous under-age prostitute scandal. He says he is "resolutely pro-choice." He passionately supports the homosexual agenda, even in its most radical forms. For example, soon after the Proposition 8 marriage election loss, the homosexual movement held a huge rally in downtown Boston screaming about the "hate" and "bigotry" of citizens who support traditional marriage. Capuano joined them on stage and gave a stirring speech saying, "We'll be back in California in 2010 again and we will win!" Capuano actually beat out Coakley for the endorsement from the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows. Capuano has also received the endorsement of a large number of labor unions (a terrible trend these days), and most of the state's leading politicians.

VIDEO: Here's Capuano's speech at anti-Prop 8
homosexual rally (posted by MassResistance)

Alan Khazei - 13%
Alan Khazei is a successful community activist who co-founded City Year in Boston as a domestic model of the Peace Corps. Although he's trailing badly in the polls, he seems to attract a lot of moonbat Obama liberals, and thus has received the Boston Globe's endorsement, beating out the others. Khazei strongly supports abortion and the homosexual agenda, as well as the Obama health plan, citizenship for illegal immigrants, and "climate change" legislation. Interestingly, he opposes casino gambling in Massachusetts, which probably does not endear him to the Teamster crowd.

Stephen Pagliuca - 12%
Stephen Pagliuca is co-owner of the Boston Celtics and formerly worked with Mitt Romney at Bain Capital, where he made a huge fortune. Imagine a wealthy businessman who decides to run for the US Senate and introduces himself to the electorate by flooding the airwaves with TV ads proclaiming his strong support for abortion, homosexual "marriage", and Obama's health care plan! That's really about all you need to know about Pagliuca.

=== Republican Primary ===

Scott Brown - 89%
Scott Brown is currently a state senator from Wrentham. He is different from the other candidates because: (1) He's pretty normal. (2) He does not support the homosexual agenda and is not afraid to go against the homosexual lobby. (3) He does not support the Obama health care plan. And (4) he publicly supports IDs for voting, fighting illegal immigration, and other reasonable things that liberals hate. We would prefer that he were pro-life, but at least he's not a crusader for abortion. Brown is a "soft" pro-choicer if there's such a thing. (He would likely never do a commercial that discusses it.) Of all the candidates he's the best pick.

Jack E. Robinson - 11%
Jack E. Robinson is a wealthy entrepreneur who has run for office in Massachusetts several times over the years. He seems like a smart guy and has some interesting ideas, though some are a bit socialist. (For example he says on his web site, "All public transportation systems in the U.S. should be free and funded with federal dollars exclusively.") On abortion he's "personally pro-life" but says he would not vote for a federal constitutional amendment to ban abortion. But he fully and enthusiastically supports the homosexual agenda, including same-sex "marriage", homosexuals serving openly in the military, repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, and pretty much everything else they want. There's definitely a screw loose somewhere. He's considered a longshot to win the Republican primary.

BELOW: Double-full page ad in hardcore homosexual newspaper Bay Windows by Jack E. Robinson, Republican candidate for US Senate. Among other things Robinson promises "I will always support equal rights and full benefits for all LGBT citizens."

Howie Carr's analysis

Here's Herald Columnnist Howie Carr's analysis, published the morning after . . .

Hey, Pags, how ’bout them Celtics?
(Link to article on Herald website)
By Howie Carr
Boston Herald Columnist
Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When the phone don’t ring this morning, you’ll know it’s Steve Pagliuca.

Sorry, Steve, those robo-calls just didn’t pay off, did they? Neither did all your lame TV spots. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time, as a famous Republican once noted.

Steve, until this weekend I didn’t know who I was going to vote for. Usually there’s one Democrat in any primary who is at least marginally less committed to the moonbat agenda than the rest of the field. This “special” election, I was at a complete loss. It was Moe, Larry, Curley - and Shemp.

But then I got that third Pagliuca robo-call. And I knew what I had to do. I voted for Alan Khazei, even though he’s a moonbat’s moonbat, even though he’s from Brookline (am I repeating myself?), even though he was endorsed by the Globe (understandable, an unprofitable rag endorsing someone from a “nonprofit,” which to a moonbat is the next best thing to not working).

But Steve, I just had to vote for Khazei, to push you into last place.

How’s that championship trophy of yours doing this morning?

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Steve, given your record of supporting George Bush and Mitt Romney, did it ever occur to you to run as what you really are, which is to say, a Republican?

That is not to say that you would be the favorite today against Martha Coakley. She is, after all, the perfect candidate for the modern Massachusetts electorate - someone for rich, white lunatics to vote for if they still feel guilty, even after voting for Barack and Deval (and, in Newton, Setti).

Steve, here’s something you should have considered about $10 million ago. If you give moonbats a choice among three moonbats and a fake moonbat, they’ll pick the moonbat every time.

Capuano wasn’t always a moonbat. But at least he had the voting record to prove that Barney Frank has kidnapped his mind. Watching Pags veer left there were only two possibilities - he’d either lost his mind, or he was lying. Either way, his credibility was zero.

When he claimed he was inspired by Kerry’s 2004 reporting for doody - I mean duty - speech, you knew he would say absolutely anything to get elected.

Yesterday morning, I heard one final Pags radio spot: “I’ve met so many people whose lives were turned upside down by this recession. . . .”

And Bain Capital does what to people’s lives when it buys a company? But Pags wants confiscatory taxes on those evil robber barons - now that he’s made his bundle.

See ya, Steve.