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Mainstream media disgracefully riding the "transgender wave."

POSTED: March 8, 2013

In the days since the Massachusetts school directive was announced, it seems that a number of news articles regarding transgenderism and young people just "happened" to hit the mainstream news. Was this a coordinated action triggered by groups which had been working with the Massachusetts school officials on the document, and their national allies? There's no direct evidence, but it's awfully suspicious.

  • Boston fraternity raising money for female "fraternity brother" to have breast removal surgery. Wednesday, Feb. 27. Front page story of Boston Herald. The Herald portrays this as a great human-interest story. It's insanity all around. "To me this is a true demonstration of what brotherhood should be about," says Emerson College's director of student life. "Hopefully this will start to help change some stereotypes about Greek life." We're sure it would. Raising money for breast removal body mutilation certainly doesn't sound like the frats we know. The article mentioned that her next step is a hysterectomy.

    Front page of Wednesday's Boston Herald.

  • Six-year-old boy suing school to be treated like girl. Tuesday, Feb. 26: ABC News and other major national media. Parents are claiming their 6-year-old boy is "transgender" and needs to be considered to be a girl by the schools, use girls' restrooms, etc. The parents (who seem pretty unstable themselves) are using national transgender group to sue school district (which refuses to go along with the bathroom demand) claiming "discrimination."

Not surprisingly, we didn't notice any pro-family opposition quoted (i.e., a different opinion) in any of these news stories.

We'd also like to hear some sanity from the medical community opposing unnecessary surgeries removing healthy body parts.