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Learning to counter the group manipulation tactics of the Left

If you're in New England, here's what you should consider doing this weekend!

POSTED: April 10, 2013

It happens to conservatives all the time.

You're outraged at a radical program -- such as a graphic sex-ed or homosexuality session -- that's either already in your child's school or about to be. Or there's an issue in your town regarding an outrageous new liberal program regarding laws, taxes, or property.

So you attend a special meeting of a curriculum committee, task force, focus group, local board, or even a PTA meeting so they can get your input.

And what happens? You get clobbered. Manipulated. Coerced. You -- and others who came with you -- find yourselves agreeing to things you later regret. And the program sails through unscathed.

Then this is the event for you! This weekend award-winning author, researcher, and educator Beverly Eakman is coming to Massachusetts to give two exclusive all-day workshops on her decades of experience of "How to counter group manipulation tactics."

The course textbook -- available at each workshop or online.

You will learn to recognize: Phony consensus strategies, principles of "scientific coercion," psychologically controlled environments, the Delphi Method, special techniques used to ostracize people, and more.

You will also learn how to: Turn the tables on facilitators, recognize the basic steps to indoctrination; master the art of argument, catch the pros when they try to re-define terms, and more.

The workshop will be given twice: This Saturday, April 13, in Attleboro, Mass., and Sunday, April 14 in Worcester, Mass. Both days 10 am to 5 pm. There are still some seats available for both sessions.

It is sponsored by the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, Fourth District Chapter. The cost is $40.00, which includes lunch, plus an additional $14.oo for the "How to Counter Group Manipulation Tactics" manual (see above).

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You will leave this session well armed for verbal combat!

Eakman's classic book on how the US public education system manipulates children (and their parents) came out in the late 1990s and is still a must-read.