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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) Board of Directors

(See sample text below)

Daniel J. Jick, Chair

Edward H. Ladd, Vice Chair

Margaret A. McKenna, Vice Chair

Ronald P. O'Hanley, Vice Chair 


William A. Johnston, Treasurer

Virginia MacDowell, Secretary


Jill T. Cheng

Michael F. Cronin

Joel Cutler

Michelle A. Dipp, MD, PhD

David F. Lamere


Robert J. Lepofsky


Douglas Linde

James Mandell, MD

Alan W. Rottenberg

Jennifer K. Silver

Michael J. Brady

Elliot Chaikof, MD

Thomas J. DeSimone

Clark J. Hinkley


Stephen B. Kay

Jennifer A. Pline

Stuart Rosenberg, MD

Kevin Tabb, MD

Mark Zeidel, MD


What you can say - Here is some sample text, similar to the petition:

I am writing to express my outrage over Beth Israel's expulsion Dr. Paul Church from its staff. Dr. Church, a urologist, had been part of Beth Israel's staff for nearly 30 years. His legitimate discussions of high-risk sexual behaviors with hospital staff were absurdly labeled as "harassment" by the administration at Beth Israel, because of "political correctness."

As you are probably aware, this also caused outrage around the world. Nearly 10,000 people in 77 countries signed a petition supporting Dr. Church. The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons calls it a “sham peer review.” BIDMC put politics over patient care and feelings over facts.

If an esteemed hospital will not allow the truth to be told with regard to medical concerns, where can a patient go for accurate information? Hospitals tell patients the truth all the time about less controversial issues, such as smoking and diet. Why should high-risk sexual conduct be treated any differently?

I demand that the Board of Directors reinstate Dr. Church and ensure that the hospital's administration stops harassing him. His integrity and career demand nothing less than your full respect.

[Your name, City, State/Country]


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