Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Homosexual lobby takes off the gloves -- pours in money to save a pro-gay state rep in a tight race!

Several expensive district-wide mailings in the last few weeks of the race -- a lesson in slick political deception.

Notice in the four expensive, misleading mailings shown below, sent to the voters in the district:

  1. Even though they are sent by the gay group "MassEquality", none of them mention gay "marriage", gay rights, or any gay issues at all. That's because they know the public doesn't buy it. Instead, they talk about "education funding" and "serving families". Purposefully misleading.
  2. These four 6" x 9" postcards are very slick, professionally designed and written, on high-quality stock with color photographs on both sides, using the best production methods. A reasonable estimate for the cost for production, design, and mailing of these four pieces is approximately $65,000. And in all, they sent out at seven or eight. There's no way their candidate, Rep. Mark Falzone, could afford that on his own.
  3. And by the way, notice that the legal disclaimer that it's "Paid for by MassEquality" is in extremely tiny type below the address. You know they don't want to advertise that!

Mailing #1:


Mailing #2:


Mailing #3:


Mailing #4: