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How bad is it in Massachusetts Schools?
Take a look . . .

Here are just a few examples of the homosexual agenda in Massachusetts public schools -- your tax money at work!


Schedule of programs at required all-day "Gay Day" at high school (PDF format)
This is what kids in Massachusetts are forced to sit through, put on by the "gay-straight alliance" clube, along with homosexual activists. Note that the first session starts off with one of the homosexual movement's boldest lies: that "one in ten" people are homosexual. As you can see, the other themes are that homosexual behavior is perfectly normal, kids should feel good about engaging in it, and the homosexual movement is a great "civil rights" cause against bigoted people (including, possibly, their own parents).

Graphic talk on transsexuality given to children by homosexual activists.
Hard-core "trans" activists tell kids the "facts of life" in this chilling presentation at a high school.

The Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century
Given to middle school and high school at students at homosexual "tolerance" conference for kids at Brookline High School. Describes how to perform various homosexual sex acts, and how to meet and hook up with homosexual sex partners. (Caution - very gross and disgusting.)

Pamphlet on homosexual "love" ("Love and let live") (PDF format)

(Given to kids at required homosexual assemblies in high school.) The theme of this is that homosexuality is perfectly normal and you should free to engage in it. It poses the question to children: If you have never slept with a person of the same sex, how do you know that you wouldn't prefer that?" It introduces terms such as transsexual -- a person "who usually seeks sexual reassignment surgery and/or hormone therapy"; and transvestite -- a "person who enjoys wearing the clothes identified with the opposite gender." It warns strongly against "homophobia" which it defines as "the learned, socially transmitted fear and hatred of those who love and sexually desire those of the same sex." To make children comfortable with homosexual behavior, it presents a list of several "Famous Homosexuals/Bisexuals" including, it claims, Eleanor Roosevelt.

School counselor madness

Massachusetts schools are using pro-homosexual "safe zones" to counsel children who feel different - maybe they should "come out" as gay!

Pamphlet on "Transgenderism" (PDF format)
(Given to kids at required homosexual assemblies in high school.) This is almost too bizarre to describe. The theme is that boys dressing and acting like girls, and girls dressing and acting like boys, is normal, happens all the time, and is just fine to do. It poses the question, "Have you ever, as a male, fantasized about being a girl/woman...Did you tell anyone?" It stresses that traditional male / female roles are wrong. It lists Joan of Arc, J. Edgar Hoover, and Bugs Bunny as "famous gender-benders."

Book normalizing homosexual romance and "marriage" in kindergarten
This book was given to David Parker's son in kindergarten in Lexington last year -- and is now in the boy's first-grade class also!