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Committee office:   Room 473-G   ph: 617-722-2070
List of all current bills before the committee.

Mailing Address:
     [Legislator's Name]
     State House, Room [room number]
     Boston, Massachusetts  02133

Rep. Patricia Haddad, House Chairman -- D-Somerset
Room 473-G   ofc:617-722-2070   fax:617-722-2817   home:508-646-2821   dist fax:508-324-0993   Rep.PatriciaHaddad@Hou.State.MA.US

Rep. Geraldine Creedon -- D-Brockton
Room 473-G   ofc:617-722-2070   fax:617-722-2817   home:508-584-1975   Rep.GeraldineCreedon@Hou.State.MA.US

Rep. Paul Kujawski -- D-Webster
Room 466   ofc:617-722-2017   home:508-943-6208   dist ph/fax:508-278-0090   Rep.PaulKujawski@Hou.State.MA.US

Rep. Stephen LeDuc -- D-Marlborough
Room 167   ofc:617-722-2011   fax:617-722-2846   home:508-481-9132   dist:508-481-2141   Rep.StephenLeDuc@Hou.State.MA.US

Rep. Robert Nyman -- Hanover
Room 527-A   ofc:617-722-2020   home:781-826-6065   Rep.RobertNyman@Hou.State.MA.US

Rep. Matthew Patrick -- D-Falmouth
Room 540   ofc:617-722-2090   fax:617-722-2848   home:508-540-0981   dist:508-540-6308   Rep.MatthewPatrick@Hou.State.MA.US

Rep. Jeffrey Perry -- R-Sandwich
Room 136   ofc:617-722-2396   fax:617-722-2819   home phone/fax:508-888-2158   Rep.JeffreyPerry@Hou.State.MA.US

Rep. Douglas Petersen -- D-Marblehead
Room 544   ofc:617-722-2637   fax:617-722-2922   home:781-631-4680   Rep.DouglasPetersen@Hou.State.MA.US

Rep. Richard Ross -- R-Wrentham
Room 237   ofc:617-722-2305   home:508-384-3959   Rep.RichardRoss@Hou.State.MA.US

Rep. Martha Walz -- D-Boston
Room 443   ofc:617-722-2460   fax:617-626-0699   home:617-262-1934   Rep.MartyWalz@Hou.State.MA.US

Rep. Alice Wolf -- D-Cambridge
Room 134   ofc:617-722-2400   home:617-868-8127   dist:617-868-9653   dist fax:617-497-7284   Rep.AliceWolf@Hou.State.MA.US


Sen. Robert Antonioni, Senate Chair -- D-Leominster
Room 109-E   ofc:617-722-1230   fax:617-722-1130   home:978-534-6946   dist:978-537-1912   Robert.Antonioni@state.ma.us

Sen. Edward Augustus, Vice Chairman -- D-Worcester
Room 413-B   ofc:617-722-1485   fax:617-722-1066   home:508-755-8871   Edward.Augustus@state.ma.us

Sen. Scott Brown -- R-Wrentham
Room 520   ofc:617-722-1555   fax:617-722-1054   home:508-384-3369   dist:508-384-6200   dist fax:508-384-6222   Scott.P.Brown@state.ma.us

Sen. Pamela Resor -- D-Acton
Room 410   ofc:617-722-1120   fax:617-722-1089   home:978-263-5580   Pamela.Resor@state.ma.us

Sen. Karen Spilka -- D-Ashland
Room 323   ofc:617-722-1640   home:508-881-6577   dist:508-872-6677   dist fax:508-881-3642   Karen.E.Spilka@state.ma.us

Sen. Diane Wilkerson -- D-Boston
Room 312-C   ofc:617-722-1673   fax:617-722-1079   home:617-445-8989   Dianne.Wilkerson@state.ma.us