Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Radical bills in the State House could become law - and good ones could get squashed!

Judiciary Committee to decide if bills get sent to floor -- or killed.  Do you want these to pass and become law?

The homosexual lobby and other radical groups have targeted the Massachusetts Legislature. They see this year to their big opportunity to ride the same-sex "marriage" momentum and dismantle the moral laws of society. Plus, they want to legally force their will on all Massachusetts schoolchildren. And this year, there is big money behind their push. For example, the homosexual lobby group "MassEquality" has raised $2.8 million to change YOUR laws! And Planned Parenthood considers this their major effort of the year. This is serious.

In the past there has always been at least one leader on Beacon Hill willing to stand in the way of the lunatic fringe. For years, it was Senate President Billy Bulger, and later House Speaker Tom Finneran. Say what you will about these guys, but at least they were willing to discreetly derail such attempts at legislation to dismantle society.

But now, both of them are gone. In their place are Senate President Robert Travaglini and Speaker Sal DiMasi -- both very public supporters of the homosexual movement. (And Gov. Mitt Romney doesn't have enough Republicans to sustain a veto.) 

The bills below are in the Judiciary Committee. This committee will be meeting any day now in an "executive session" and either "kill" the bills or send them forward to the entire legislature. The members (particularly the chairmen!) must hear from you.

**** GOOD BILLS - must NOT be killed in committee ****

H652  [Judiciary Committee] -- Bill of Address to constitutionally remove four oppressive judges who illegally imposed same-sex "marriage" on Massachusetts

H654  [Judiciary Committee] -- Legal nullification of same-sex "marriages" performed since May 17, 2004.  

H653:  [Judiciary Committee] -- This bill would officially -- in law -- define marriage as one man and one woman, with no civil unions allowed.  Unfortunately, soon after we filed it, the House Counsel refused to allow it to be a bill -- and (illegally, we believe) changed the format to make it a "constitutional amendment" instead!

**** BAD BILLS - must be defeated: ****

H977 / S967  [Judiciary Committee] -- Would "officially" legalize homosexual marriage (NOTE: the gay lobby apparently realizes that the SJC decision did not actually change any law. Thus, they want to make it "official" law -- which it ISN'T now!)

H806 and S835  [Judiciary Committee] -- Out-of state homosexual marriage in Mass. Would repeal laws banning non-residents from marrying in Mass (Ch 207, secs. 11,12; S835 also includes secs. 13, 50). A big goal of the national homosexual movement. This would help them destabilize marriage laws in other states by allowing them to get "married" in Massachusetts and forcing their home states to recognize that.

H819  [Judiciary Committee] -- Decriminalize bestiality, sodomy, and other perversions. Repeal of sections of Ch 272. Would repeal the law against bestiality -- also laws against sodomy, "unnatural and lascivious acts", and other things. Part of the homosexual movement's ongoing attempt to erase all morality from the legal system.

These are other versions of H819 above -- apparently to attempt to accomplish the same thing in stages, rather than all at once.

H818  [Judiciary Committee] -- Would overturn laws against fornication, human- human sodomy, and "unnatural and lascivious acts," but keep bestiality a crime http://www.mass.gov/legis/bills/house/ht00/ht00818.htm

H976  [Judiciary Committee] -- Would overturn law against human-to-human sodomy and "unnatural and lascivious acts," but keep bestiality a crime http://www.mass.gov/legis/bills/house/ht00/ht00976.htm

S938  [Judiciary Committee] -- Would overturn law against human-to-human sodomy, and reduce penalties for bestiality crimes http://www.mass.gov/legis/bills/senate/st00/st00938.htm