Your Massachusetts State Agencies pushing homosexual activism in the public schools

. . . your tax dollars at work against you!

State Board of Education:

  "Recommendations on the Support and Safety of Gay and Lesbian Students"
Several years ago, gay activists pressured the State Board of Education to respond to a so-called "crisis", in order to get an official entree into the schools via suicide & violence prevention programs. These are the code-words for forcing pro-homosexual programs into schools against the will of administrators.  If school officials resist, they're "helping kids kill themselves."  In fact, these so-called suicide prevention programs have no legitimate medical or psychological basis; they are simply put together by homosexual activists to normalize homosexuality in the minds of kids. Couched in the usual Orwellian rhetoric, misleading arguments, and deceptive logic, they sound good but in practice are very insidious.

Mass. Dept. of Education

The Safe Schools Program for Gay & Lesbian Students
Here's how the Governor's Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth doles out much of their money for homosexual programs in the schools.  Note that they use the bogus "Youth Risk Behavior Surveys" as a big stick against administrators to "prove" that these programs are necessary.

Gay/Straight Alliances: How to make it work
A whole section of the Department of Education website devoted to homosexual clubs in the public schools.

Gay/Straight Alliances: A Student Guide
Comprehensive discussion of homosexual clubs in the schools, for both kids and gay activist teachers, administrators, etc.

10 Easy Steps to Starting a GSA
Leads kids (and gay activist teachers) through the steps (and deception) of creating a homosexual club in the school, and getting over the "roadblocks".

Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth

Home page
Not very comprehensive, but you can see what they're all about.

Mass. Dept. of Public Health

Supportive and healthy communities for gay and lesbian youth
More misleading propaganda, from a pseudo-medical standpoint, on their efforts to normalize homosexuality among kids.  This needs to be seriously challenged by unbiased medical authorities.