Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Mass. House budgets unbelievable $750,000 for homosexual programs in schools targeting kids.

What do we do now?

May 7, 2008

The Massachusetts Legislature really doesn't get it. These public officials are disconnected from reality.

And the homosexual movement is using Massachusetts as a model for how they're going to push this in schools all over America through legislative pressure, public funding, and legal mandates. (After they do this here, your state is next. And if you live here, get ready for worse things than you've ever seen.)

We can't promise that we'll win this one.

But we can promise these people an incredibly hard fight from a lot of people in Massachusetts and around the country who've had enough of this "special interest" using tax money against us and our kids, and then rubbing it in our faces with legal "judgments".

We know that there are far more of you (both here and across the county) than there are homosexual activists.

And we know that large numbers of people can let these legislators  know our outrage. They think that the MassEquality homosexual lobbyists are opinionated about this? They haven't heard from the rest of us. Thousands of people can also make some noise. Not only from Massachusetts but from all over America.

The situation is not complicated:

  1. This budget is now in the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

    The Chairman of that committee is Sen. Steven Panagiotakos (who in the past has been generally pro-family).  
  2. Our message to them is this: We want all the earmarks for homosexual programs in schools out of the 2009 budget, including (a) the $450,000 in item 4590-0250 and (b) the $300,000 in item 7010-0005.

    Here's the entire text of those two budget items.
  3. We have between now and around May 20 to get this stopped.

To start with, call (and email) the Sen. Panagiotakos (see above), the Chairman of the Senate Ways and Means committee. If you can, call the other committee members. Let's make sure he knows what we want and why. This is just the beginning. There will be a lot more to do.

We want people willing to meet with these legislators personally. If these politicians are willing to meet with the homosexual lobbyists, they'd better be willing to meet with us. Let us know if you can take time next week.