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Results of the September 14 Primary Elections in Massachusetts

85 primaries affecting 215 candidates -- from Congress to State House

Several pro-family victories!

POSTED: September 17, 2010

There's definitely a political revolution in the air around the country. And in Massachusetts, Tuesday's primary gave a lot of hope to the pro-family forces. There were an unusually high 85 elections involving 215 candidates, but an unusually low turnout (less than 20%, we're told), which may have helped our side, though as usual more people voted in the Democrat primaries than in Republican primaries..

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[Globe]   = Boston Globe
[Herald]  = Boston Herald
[MEQ]     = MassEqualitly - homosexual lobby group
[PP]        = Planned Parenthood

Special thanks to Lonnie Brennan and the research done on his website when we couldn't find info on a candidate.

A great opportunity for pro-family candidates

Over the past few decades the liberal establishment – and particularly the homosexual lobby – has had a virtual lock on the State House. It’s been, in a word, horrible. Could this year mark a major change to that?  We think it could.

But it's not easy. The Massachusetts Republican establishment is now officially pro-gay and pro-abortion. Much of the state’s conservative movement is caving in. Major Massachusetts pro-life groups are openly endorsing pro-choice candidates. We’ve tried our best to get you good information to wade through all this on as many races as possible.

Brian Camenker of Mass-Resistance (in blue shirt) with Congressional candidate Jeff Perry (far right) and A.G. can-didate Jim McKenna (left) at Tea Party event in July.


Write-In Races - Statewide Republican Primary!

Note on write-in races: Scott Lively, Keith Davis, Jim McKenna, and Guy Carbone all needed at least 10,000 write-in votes to get on the Republican ballot for the general election. The Secretary of State's office has told us they will officially release the write-in results early next week. They have unofficially announced that McKenna has more than enough write-ins to qualify.

According to our investigation, McKenna probably has well more than necessary, and probably twice as many as Carbone. The Keith Davis' total is hard to call. Scott Lively did not officially notify the various towns of his campaign, and we've noticed that at least one town election office ignored Scott Lively's write-in votes (until we brought it up).

We will publish the official write-in results as they become available.

Republican Primary: Write-in for Governor and Lt. Governor

Governor and Lt. Governor: Still waiting for results.

Pro-family leaders Scott Lively and Keith Davis came forward as write-ins to challenge the anti-family Republican Party nominees Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei in the Governor and Lt. Governor races. Although the news media largely avoided covering them (even State House News declined to mention anything) there was a fairly big grass-roots effort to promote them to send a message to the RINO Republican establishment. The Secretary of State's office told us they will have official results early next week.

Charlie Baker and Richard Tise are arguably among the most radical anti-family Republican-party-endorsed Governor or Lt. Governor candidates ever in Massachusetts -- or in of any state in America. In any place but Massachusetts they would be liberal Democrats, not Republicans. How bad are Baker and Tisei? Click here.

Republican Primary: Write-in for State Attorney General

Attorney General. VICTORY for Jim McKenna.

The Secretary of State's office has (unofficially) determined McKenna has received the required 10,000 write-in votes to be on the ballot in November against Democrat Martha Coakley. Guy Carbone of Belmont was also an official write-in candidate, but it appears that he fell considerably short of McKenna. McKenna got a fair amount of publicity in this, including a surprising endorsement by the Boston Globe for his write-in candidacy.

Don't get us started on why the Massachusetts Republican Party was so incompetent that it did not field a candidate for Attorney General. There are several rumors floating around about this. But judging from the way potential candidates were rebuffed at the Convention last April, it appears that the Republican establishment actually decided not to challenge Martha Coakley.

Massachusetts makes it difficult for write-in candidates, especially state-wide. The ballots have a very small area for write-ins. Election officials do not provide any black pens suitable for writing, only felt-tip pens suitable for making big black dots. Unless a write-in candidate officially notifies every city and town that he is running, the election officials will usually ignore the write-in votes for him. But in order to notify the towns, you must register as a candidate and fill out voluminous paperwork listing your personal assets, etc. In this race, McKenna, Carbone, and Davis all notified the towns. Scott Lively did not. Finally, the Secretary of State's office does not give clear instructions on how to write in votes, or whether you need the full address or just the town.

Statewide Offices


61%  D - STEVEN GROSSMAN, Newton  [Globe]

39%  D - STEVE MURPHY, Boston

Just what we'd need, another liberal moonbat running the state Treasury. From our standpoint, both are bad choices. Remember Shannon O'Brien?


NOTE: The state Auditor would seem to be immune from "culture war" issues. But a huge problem is that enormous tax money going to left-wing programs goes un-audited and unaccounted for.

50%  D - SUZANNE BUMP, Great Barrington  [Globe]

31%  D - GUY GLODIS, Auburn

19%  D - MIKE LAKE, Boston  [Herald]

Former state rep Guy Glodis would be a Republican in any other state, and is certainly more conservative than the Republican establishment here. A Boston Globe columnist recently complained that Glodis is "on the wrong side of nearly every liberal issue -- gay rights, the death penalty, gun control, taxes, and diversity." However, since Glodis is pro-choice we can't give him our high rating. On the other hand, Suzanne Bump (who marched in June's Boston Gay Pride Parade) and Mike Lake are textbook leftists. We think Glodis has the campaign in place to win this one. Post election comment: Let's hope that Republican Mary Connaughton can beat her on Nov. 2.

87%  R - MARY CONNAUGHTON, Framingham  [Globe]  [Herald]

13%  R - KAMAL JAIN, Lowell

Mary Connaughton is very qualified, has a record of conservative public service, and the only actual auditor running for State Auditor. Kamal Jain is an interesting guy, but probably would get snowed a lot in this job. The trouble is, both of them boycotted the Lexington Tea Party in July because MassResistance was there. Jain specifically named us as the reason he wasn't going. So we can't endorse either of them, if this is the way shun being around pro-family issues.


Congress - DISTRICT 2 - Incumbent: Rep. RICHARD NEAL

56%  R - THOMAS WESLEY, Hopedale

44%  R - JAY FLEITMAN, Northampton

Tom Wesley is "definitely pro-life" and with us on the marriage issue and "Don't ask don't tell." Fleitman "supports gay rights and civil unions, though not gay marriage" and "opposes abortion in third trimester" but not before. This should be a pretty easy choice.

Congress - DISTRICT 3 - Incumbent: Rep. JAMES MCGOVERN

31%  R - MARTY LAMB, Holliston

25%  R - BRIAN HERR, Hopkinton

16%  R - MICHAEL STOPA, Holliston

14%  R - ROBERT CHIPMAN, Plainville

13%  R - ROBERT DELLE, Westborough

"I'm trying to be the most conservative member of the bunch," Robert Delle told a local newspaper.  We can't argue much with that. Marty Lamb is also pretty conservative and a very aggressive candidate. Michael Stopa is very interesting (and reasonably conservative), but is pro-choice.  Stopa is a physicist at Harvard -- probably the most right-wing guy in his department, we'd guess.

Congress - DISTRICT 4 - Incumbent: Rep. BARNEY FRANK

80%  D -*BARNEY FRANK, Newton

20%  D - RACHEL BROWN, Quincy

Rachel Brown is a LaRouche candidate running as a Democrat. The LaRouche people get some of this stuff right, tho other stuff is a bit out there. But Barney Frank is 100% bad.

60%  R - SEAN BIELAT, Brookline  [Herald]

40%  R - EARL SHOLLEY, Norfolk

Earl Sholley is 100% with us on all the issues, is a smart guy, and a tireless campaigner who got 40% against Cheryl Jacques (in Scott Brown’s old Senate district) at the height of her career. But he’s been shunned for years by the GOP establishment because of his staunch conservatism. Sean Bielat suddenly appeared on the scene and has been supported heavily by the GOP establishment -- and especially the Romney people, who have gotten him on several national TV shows and an unbelievable number major venues, endorsements, etc.  Post election comment: Bielat's support for drug legalization (which Frank also supports, and which Sholley strangely never mentioned) may present an issue with conservatives, but it promises to be a nationally prominent race.

Congress - DISTRICT 5 - Incumbent: Rep. NIKKI TSONGAS

39%  R - JONATHAN GOLNIK, Carlisle

26%  R - SAM MEAS, Haverhill

21%  R - THOMAS WEAVER, Westford

15%  R - ROBERT SHAPIRO, Andover

Sam Meas and Thomas Weaver are both good across the board.  Weaver says he is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, etc. Golnik is pro-choice but supports traditional marriage. Shapiro is 100% pro-life.

Congress - DISTRICT 6 - Incumbent: Rep. JOHN TIERNEY

77%  R - BILL HUDAK, Boxford

23%  R - ROBERT McCARTHY, Saugus

Both of these guys are good. But Hudak has definitely carried on a more energetic and aggressive campaign and has raised a ton of money.

Congress - DISTRICT 7 - Incumbent: Rep. EDWARD MARKEY


44%  R - THOMAS TIERNEY, Framingham

Gerry Dembrowski is the real thing. He deserves 100% support. Tierney is basically a shill for the opposition, from what we can see.

Congress - DISTRICT 9 - Incumbent: Rep. Stephen Lynch

65%  D -*STEPHEN LYNCH, Boston  [Herald]

35%  D - MAC D'ALESSANDRO, Milton  [Globe]

Stephen Lynch, as we've reported, used to be a pro-family guy but since going to Congress has gone completely pro-gay. Mac D'Alessandro is actually worse, however. D'Alessandro is a far-left SEIU union guy put up to run because Lynch wasn't liberal enough for them (or the Boston Globe)!

63%  R - VERNON HARRISON, Braintree

37%  R - KEITH LEPOR, Boston  [Globe]

Keith Lepor is friendly with the Tea Party movement and despite his Boston Globe endorsement seems like a pretty good choice.

Congress - DISTRICT 10 - OPEN SEAT -
   Incumbent: Rep. Bill Delahunt

51%  D - WILLIAM KEATING, Quincy  [Herald]

49%  D - ROBERT O'LEARY, Barnstable  [Globe]

O'Leary is currently the Senate Chairman of the Education Committee in the Mass. Legislature. He has supported all the horrible bills and opposed the good ones, despite hearing our passionate testimony. Keating is strongly pro-choice and supports the homosexual agenda, including same-sex "marriage."

61%  R - JEFFREY PERRY, Sandwich  [Herald]

31%  R - JOE MALONE, Scituate [Globe]

  5%  R - ROBERT HAYDEN, Hanover

  4%  R - RAY KASPEROWICZ, Cohasset

This has probably gotten the most press of any primary race. What a mess. We wish we could endorse Jeffrey Perry because he is with us on all the issues and as a State Representative has been fearless on the immigration issue. But when the pressure is on, he's let us down a few times on key things. His support for Eric Dahlberg over Sandi Martinez (see below) in their state senate race is horrible, since Dahlberg is pro-choice and pro same-sex "marriage". Joe Malone is pro-choice but good on the other social stuff. He's endorsed by the Boston Globe and a liberal Herald columnist, and of course that makes us wonder. He seems to have brushed off the money scandal back when he was State Treasurer. Ray Kasperowicz, is pro-choice and doesn't seem quite ready for the big leagues.

Post election comment: The pro-family forces and Tea Party people in the Cape really came out for Perry, and it showed in the results. This district supported Scott Brown by a fair margin, but the Democrat candidate, William Keating, will certainly put up a fierce and well-funded fight in November.

State Senate

Senate - First Bristol & Plymouth-(Fall River,Westport,Swansea)

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Joan M. Menard (not running)

40%  D - MICHAEL RODRIGUES, Westport

29%  D - JOHN MITCHELL, Fall River

19%  D - MICHAEL COOGAN, Freetown

12%  D - LORNE LAWLESS, Somerset

The above are based on MCFL's ratings. The winner takes on a pro-choice Republican.  Rodrigues is currently a state rep in this district -- one of the better Democrats.

Senate - Cape & Islands - (Cape Cod, Nantucket)

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Robert O'Leary (running for Congress)

65%  D - DANIEL WOLF, Harwich  [MEQ]

35%  D - SHEILA LYONS, Wellfleet


68%  R - JAMES CROCKER, Barnstable

32%  R - ERIC STEINHILBER, Barnstable


Senate - First Essex - (Haverhill, Newburyport, Methuen)

Incumbent: Steven Baddour

52%  R - STEPHEN COLE, Newburyport

48%  R - SEAN DOWNING, Methuen

The winner takes on Baddour.

Senate - Second Essex & Middlesex - (Lawrence, Andover, Tewksbury)

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Susan Tucker (not running)

38%  D - BARRY FINEGOLD, Andover

28%  D - DEBBIE SILBERSTEIN, Andover  [PP]

26%  D - JACK WILSON, Andover

  8%  D - JOHN KELLY, Dracut  (dropped out)

Susan Tucker was as bad as any of these. Finegold is a current state rep in that district, so he already has a record (and it's pretty bad).

59%  R - JAMISON TOMASEK, Andover

41%  R - PATRICK RAHILLY, Tewksbury


Senate - Hampden - W.Springfield, Agawam

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Stephen Buoniconti (not running)

67%  D - JAMES WELCH, West Springfield

17%  D - SUSAN DAWSON, Agawam

16%  D - RONALD PATENAUDE, West Springfield  [PP]

Welch is the current state representative from that area, now running for Senate.

52%  R - ROBERT MAGOVERN, Agawam

48%  R - KENNETH CONDON, West Springfield

Bob Magovern is a State Committeman who ran for state rep in 2006 and got 40%.

Senate - First Middlesex - Lowell, Tyngsborough, Westford

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Steven Panagiotakos (not running)

62%  D - EILEEN DONOGHUE, Lowell  [MEQ]  [PP]


The winner takes on a Republican and Independent.

Senate - Third Middlesex - Waltham, Chelmsford, Lincoln

Incumbent: Susan Fargo

58%  R - SANDI MARTINEZ, Chelmsford

42%  R - ERIC DAHLBERG, Chelmsford

This race completely summarizes the clash between the RINO Republican establishment and the conservative base. The incumbent, Susan Fargo, is an off-the-charts liberal. Sandi Martinez is a completely pro-family. She is the former state CWA chairman and currently head of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly. She’s run against Fargo the last two times, each time getting just shy of 40%. But now Fargo is feeling the heat and has been publicly moderating her views considerably over the past several months.

But this year Eric Dahlberg showed up out of nowhere to challenge Sandi in the primary. Dahlberg is pro-choice, pro-gay “marriage”, and openly hostile to the pro-family movement. Dahlberg is being supported 100% by the state Republican establishment against Sandi. Former Governor Paul Cellucci (who is pro-choice) is on Dahlberg’s committee, as is Rep. Jeffrey Perry and several other major Party figures -- and more are working in the background. In addition, Dahlberg’s campaign has launched particularly nasty personal attacks against Sandi, while Sandi has tried to stay with the issues.

We’ve never seen anything quite like this, but it’s clearly a message being sent by the RINO party establishment about cleansing the party of social conservatism.

Post election comment: Probably the biggest victory by the pro-family and Tea Party forces over the RINO Republican establishment and the "new" Mass. GOP.

Senate - Middlesex & Essex - Malden, Wakefield, Stoneham

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Richard Tisei (running for Lt. Governor)

64%  D - KATHERINE CLARK, Melrose  [PP]

36%  D - MIKE DAY, Stoneham

Clark is another far-left unrepentant moonbat. The winner takes on Republican Craig Spadafora of Malden.

Senate - First Middlesex & Norfolk - Newton, Brookline, Wellesley

Incumbent: Cynthia Creem

72%  D -*CYNTHIA STONE CREEM, Newton  [Globe]  [MEQ]  [PP]

28%  D - CHARLES RUDNICK, Newton

They're both pretty bad, but Rudnick would most likely do less damage. Rudnick favors school choice and promises to be more fiscally conservative than Creem.

Senate - Second Suffolk and Middlesex - Boston, Cambridge

Incumbent: Steven Tolman

92%  D -*STEVEN TOLMAN, Boston  [PP]

  8%  D - WILLIAM FEEGBEH, Boston

There is no Republican or Independent running. It would be great if Tolman could be shown the door. Feegbeh has been endorsed by MFCL.

Senate - Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex - Cambridge, Everett, Chelsea

Incumbent: Sal DiDomenico

51%  D -*SAL DiDOMENICO, Everett  [MEQ]

49%  D - TIMOTHY FLAHERTY, Cambridge

Both are pretty bad. DiDomenico is probably a bit worse, if that makes a difference. The winner takes on Republican Barbara Bush of Boston.

Senate - Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth - Milton, Canton, Randolph

Incumbent: Brian Joyce

63%  R - BOB BURR, Canton


The winner takes on Brian Joyce.

Senate - Norfolk & Plymouth - Quincy, Braintree, Holbrook

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Michael Morrissey (not running)

54%  D - JOHN KEENAN, Quincy

46%  D - ARTHUR TOBIN, Quincy

The winner takes on Republican Daniel Dewey of Quincy.

Senate - Second Suffolk - Boston

Incumbent: Sonia Rosa Chang-Diaz

76%  D -*SONIA CHANG-DÍAZ, Boston  [Globe]  [MEQ]  [PP]

24%  D - HASSAN WILLIAMS, Boston

Chang-Diaz is really terrible and anyone would be better.  The one good thing we know about Hassan Williams is that he refuses to endorse gay "marriage", which has infuriated the homosexual lobby. That should earn his vote, if nothing else.

Senate - Suffolk & Norfolk - Boston, Dedham, Norwood

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Marian Walsh (not running)

56%  D - MICHAEL RUSH, Boston

44%  D - MICHAEL WALSH, Westwood  [Globe]

Michael Rush is currently a state rep. The winner takes on Brad Williams, a Republican.

State House of Representatives

House - 1st Berkshire - North Adams, Williamstown

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Daniel Bosley (not running)

51%  D - GAILANNE CARIDDI, North Adams


14%  D - EDWARD MacDONALD, Adams

All three are considered "anti-life" by MCFL.

House - 2nd Berkshire - Pittsfield, Northfield, Dalton

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Denis E. Guyer (not running)

44%  D - PAUL MARK, Hancock


20%  D - NOREEN SURINER, Middlefield


77%  R - MICHAEL CASE, Washington

23%  R - ROSANNE FRIERI, Richmond

Michael Case is pro-life, and pro-family and has extensive experience in the military.  The winners of these primaries take on an Independent. Rosanne Frieri has suggested raising the sales tax in her debates with Case!

House - 4th Bristol - Rehoboth, Seekonk, Swansea

Incumbent: Steven D'Amico

77%  R - STEVEN HOWITT, Seekonk

23%  R - DAVID SAAD, Seekonk

Howitt is a very personable guy, but is pro-choice and pro-gay "marriage".  We've been told that Saad is top notch. The winner takes on D'Amico.

House - 7th Bristol - (Fall River)

Incumbent: Kevin Aguiar

54%  D - KEVIN AGUIAR, Fall River

46%  D - ALAN SILVIA, Fall River

Aguiar isn't as terrible as some of the other Democrats in the State House, but that's not saying a lot. Silvia is endorsed by MCFL. The winner takes on CJ Ferry, a Republican.

House - 8th Bristol - Fall River, Westport

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Michael Rodrigues (running for Senate)

47%  D - PAUL SCHMID, Westport

31%  D - DAVID DENNIS, Fall River

23%  D - JOHN RODRIGUES, Fall River

There is no Republican running. The winner takes on an Unenrolled candidate.

House - 9th Bristol - Dartmouth, New Bedford

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: John F. Quinn (not running)

48%  D - CHRISTOPHER MARKEY, Dartmouth

29%  D - ROBERT TAVARES, Dartmouth

23%  D - RAYMOND MEDEIROS., Dartmouth

Tavares is endorsed by MFCL, which considers Medeiros "anti-life". The winner takes on a Republican and Independent.

House - 11th Bristol - New Bedford, Acushnet

Incumbent: Robert M. Koczera

77%  D -*ROBERT KOCZERA, New Bedford

23%  D - SEAN BURKE, New Bedford

Koczera is only moderately bad. Is Burke worse?  Hard to tell. The winner takes on a Republican.

House - 6th Essex - Beverly

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Mary E. Grant (not running)

60%  D - JERALD PARISELLA, Beverly

40%  D - SCOTT HOUSEMAN, Beverly

The winner takes on Republican Brett Schetzsle.

House - 9th Essex - Saugus, Wakefield, Lynnfield

Incumbent: Mark Falzone

55%  D -*MARK FALZONE, Saugus  [MEQ]  [PP]

45%  D - ANTHONY GUARDIA, Wakefield

Falzone is as bad as they come. The homosexual lobby has sent out thousands of mailers to get him re-elected in this race.

81%  R - DONALD WONG, Saugus

19%  R - RAYMOND IGOU, Saugus

Igou is considered VERY pro-family, and would be a great replacement for Falzone.

House - 14th Essex - Lawrence, N.Andover

Incumbent: David M. Torrisi

71%  R - KEVIN BEGLEY, North Andover

29%  R - STANLEY NOVAK, North Andover

Stanley Novak is pro-life, pro-family, pro-traditional marriage. The winner takes on Torrisi.

House - 17th Essex - Laurence, Andover, Tewksbury

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Barry R. Finegold (running for Senate)

75%  D - PATRICIA COMMANE, Andover

25%  D - FRANK BONET, Lawrence


55%  R - PAUL ADAMS, Andover

45%  R - SALIM (SAL) TABIT, Andover

Adams is considered very pro-family and would be a great replacement for Finegold, if he can pull it off.

House - 2nd Franklin - Athol, Greenfield

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Christopher Donelan (running for Sheriff of Franklin County)

37%  D - DENISE ANDREWS, Orange

24%  D - DAVID ROULSTON, Greenfield

18%  D - ROXANN WEDEGARTNER, Greenfield

17%  D - LEE CHAUVETTE, Athol

  3%  D - MARTIN McGUANE, Greenfield

All of these were rated "anti-life" by MCFL. The winner takes on an Republican Steven Adam, who is considered pro family, and an Independent.

House - 2nd Hampden - Springfield, Longmeadow

Incumbent: Brian Michael Ashe

57%  R - MARIE ANGELIDES, Longmeadow

43%  R - ENRICO VILLAMAINO, East Longmeadow

Villamaino was endorsed by Scott Brown, but we don't know much more about him. The winner takes on Ashe.

House - 3rd Hampden - Agawam, Southwick

Incumbent: Rosemary Sandlin

64%  D -*ROSEMARY SANDLIN, Agawam  [MEQ]  [PP]

36%  D - MARK DEL NEGRO, Agawam

Del Negro is endorsed by MCFL. The winner takes on Republican Nicholas Boldyga, who got 48% of the vote in 2008, and an Independent.

House - 6th Hampden - W.Springfield, Springfield, Chicopoee

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: James Welch (running for Senate)

57%  R - GREGORY NEFFINGER, West Springfield

43%  R - DEAN VOGEL, West Springfield

Both of these candidates are 100% pro-family. The winner takes on Democrat Michael Finn, who we're told is not particularly strong.

House - 9th Hampden - Springfield, Chicopee

Incumbent: Sean Curran

79%  D -*SEAN CURRAN, Springfield

21%  D - CHRISTOPHER ASSELIN, Springfield

Asselin used to hold this seat, but had to leave to serve some time in jail. He certainly has chutzpah for running again. Both of them voted pro-marriage, tho Curran is bad on a lot of other things. Asselin was friendly to the pro-family cause -- it would be interesting to see him back. The winner takes on an Independent.

House - 1st Middlesex - Groton, Pepperall, Ayer

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Robert Hargraves (not running)



Harrington is considered a staunch pro-family person. This has been a Republican district and hopefully should continue that way.

53%  D - JESSE REICH, Ayer  [PP]

26%  D - JANE MORRISS, Groton



House - 6th Middlesex - Framingham

Incumbent: Pam Richardson

53%  D - CHRIS WALSH, Framingham

47%  D -*PAM RICHARDSON, Framingham  [MEQ]  [PP]

Chris Walsh barely lost to Richardson in the 2008 primary (by 3 points). The winner takes on two Independents. Let's hope that Richardson gets beat this time. Post election comment: Apparently, Richardson's endorsements from Planned Parenthood , MassEquality, and the Mass. Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus didn't cut much ice with Framingham voters.

House - 12th Middlesex - Newton

Incumbent: Ruth Balser

89%  D -*RUTH BALSER, Newton  [MEQ]  [PP]

11%  D - JOHN BORTONE, Newton

Borton describes himself as a "very conservative Democrat" which is good enough for us. He's also endorsed by MCFL. We'll definitely take him over Balser. There's no Republican so the winner gets it.

House - 22nd Middlesex - Billerica

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: William Greene (not running)

59%  D - KEVIN CONWAY, Billerica

41%  D - JARRETT SCARPACI, Billerica


73%  R - MARC LOMBARDO, Billerica

27%  R - BRION CANGIAMILA, Billerica

Both Cangiamila and Lombardo are well known and very good. The winner faces an Independent in the general election.

House - 28th Middlesex - Everett, Malden

Incumbent: Stephen Stat Smith

55%  D -*STEPHEN STAT SMITH, Everett  [MEQ]

45%  D - JOHN HANLON, Everett

Smith is really bad and anyone would be better. Hanlon is rated 100% by MCFL, though that's not always a perfect indicator. There is no Republican. The winner takes on Dennis Gianatassio of Everett, an independent.

House - 32nd Middlesex - Melrose, Wakefield

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Katherine Clark (running for Senate)

52%  R - DAVID LUCAS, Melrose

35%  R - MONICA MEDEIROS, Melrose

13%  R - ERIC ESTEVEZ, Wakefield

David Lucas is endorsed by Patrick Guerriro, the former Republican mayor of Melrose and a nationally-known homosexual activist. Monica Medeiros is completely with us on the issues. The winner takes on Democrat Paul Brodeur of Melrose.

House - 2nd Norfolk - Quincy

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Stephen Tobin (not running)

51%  D - TACKEY CHAN, Quincy

49%  D - JOSEPH KEEGAN, Quincy

Tobin hadn't had an opponent for the last four elections. The winner here takes on a Republican and an Independent.

House - 5th Norfolk - Braintree

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Joseph R. Driscoll (running for Norfolk County D.A.)

49%  D - MARK JAMES CUSACK, Braintree

25%  D - JAMES MICHAEL DAIUTE, Braintree

25%  D - JAMES REGAN, Braintree

The winner takes on an Independent.

House - 13th Norfolk - Needham, Dover

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Lida E. Harkins (not running)

46%  D - DENISE GARLICK, Needham

43%  D - GERALD WASSERMAN, Needham  [PP]

11%  D - GARY McNEILL, Needham

All of these, including Levy below, were rated "anti-life" by MCFL, except O'Leary (below) was rated "mixed".

72%  R - JOHN O'LEARY, Needham

28%  R - JOSHUA LEVY, Needham


House - 5th Plymouth - Hanover, Norwell, Rockland

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Robert J. Nyman (deceased)

66%  R - KOREY WELCH, Rockland

34%  R - JARED VALANZOLA, Rockland

Valanzola is endorsed by MCFL. The winner takes on Rhonda Nyman, who is Robert Nyman's widow.

House - 10th Plymouth - Brockton, W.Bridgewater

Incumbent: Christine Canavan

53%  D -*CHRISTINE CANAVAN, Brockton  [PP]

47%  D - MATTHEW ALBANESE, West Bridgewater

The winner takes on Republican John Cruz, of West Bridgewater.

House: 12th Plymouth - Kingston, Plympton

Incumbent: Thomas Calter

61%  R - JOE TRUSCHELLI, Plymouth

39%  R - BEN WILSON BURNS QUELLE, Middleborough

Calter slithered in in 2008 by being the only candidate on the ballot. This is a fairly conservative district and he should be very vulnerable.

House - 2nd Worcester - Gardner, Ashburnham

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Robert Rice (not running)

65%  D - PATRICK GERRY, Gardner  [MEQ]

35%  D - AMY FEELEY-KNUUTTILA, Winchendon

The winner takes on a Republican (who's pretty good!) and two Unenrolled candidates in the general election.

House - 6th Worcester - E.Brookfield, Southbridge, Charlton

Incumbent: Geraldo Alicea

68%  R - PETER DURANT, Spencer

32%  R - MICHAEL JAYNES, Southbridge

Both are considered very good by MCFL. The winner takes on Alicea.

House - 13th Worcester - Worcester, Paxton

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Robert Spellane (not running)

28%  D - JOHN MAHONEY, North, Worcester

25%  D - MARGOT BARNET, Worcester

15%  D - JOFFREY SMITH, Worcester

13%  D - GINA DiBARO, Worcester

  9%  D - DONALD SHARRY, Worcester

  9%  D - MIKE PEROTTO, Worcester

The winner takes on a Republican and two Independents in the general election.

House - 18th Essex - Andover, Haverhill, N.Andover

Incumbent: Barbara L'Italien

73%  R - JAMES LYONS, JR., Andover

27%  R - JOHN THORLIN, Andover

Lyons is endorsed by MCFL. Let's hope one of these guys can beat L'Italien in the general election. She is really horrible.

House - 4th Suffolk - South Boston

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Brian Wallace (not running)


37%  D - MARK McGONAGLE, Boston  [Globe]  [MEQ]

11%  D - MICHAEL McGEE, Boston  [PP]

  3%  D - JACOB BOMBARD, Boston

The winner takes on Republican Patrick Brennan, a REALLY good candidate!

House - 5th Suffolk - Dorchester

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Marie St. Fleur (not running)

36%  D - CARLOS HENRIQUEZ, Boston  [Globe]

34%  D - BARRY LAWTON, Boston

20%  D - ALTHEA GARRISON, Boston

11%  D - ROY OWENS, Boston

Owens is endorsed by MCFL.

House - 6th Suffolk - Boston

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Willie Mae Allen (not running)

37%  D - RUSSELL HOLMES, Boston  [Globe]

25%  D - KAREN PAYNE, Boston  [MEQ]  [PP]

18%  D - DARRIN HOWELL, Boston

17%  D - KATHY GABRIEL, Boston

  3%  D - DIVO MONTEIRO, Boston

It's not hard to tell that the far left will be supporting Karen Payne in this race, although strangely the Globe endorsed Holmes. Monteiro is endorsed by MCFL. There's no Republican or Independent running, so it's winner take all in this primary.

House - 10th Suffolk - Boston, Brookline

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Michael Rush (running for Senate)

36%  D - EDWARD COPPINGER, Boston  [Globe]

22%  D - KELLY ANN TYNAN, Boston

13%  D - BOB JOYCE, Boston

12%  D - PAUL SULLIVAN, Boston

11%  D - PAM JULIAN, Brookline


In this six-person primary race for an open seat there are no Republicans running so the winner gets it.  Bob Joyce is about the best pro-family guy you’ll ever see, is a lawyer, and is very smart. And to our knowledge, the others are marginal at best. Can Joyce get enough of a slice of the vote to get through?  We've been told that Coppinger has the edge in this race. So if anybody can get out there and help Joyce, by all means to it!

House - 15th Suffolk - Boston, Brookline

Incumbent: Jeffrey Sánchez

81%  D -*JEFFREY SÁNCHEZ, Boston  [MEQ]

19%  D - JEFFREY HERMAN, Boston

Both are considered "anti-life" by MCFL.

Governor's Council

The Governor's Council is a little known but very important group. They approve -- or deny -- all judicial appointments. A lot of bad judges are on the bench because the Governor's Council was just rubber-stamping things and not doing their job of scrutinizing them properly.  The Governor's Council is made up of 8 people elected from 8 districts, and is chaired by the Lt. Governor, who also votes. They meet generally monthly at the State House.

In the Sept. 14 primary there are three particularly important races. In the First District, Joe Ureneck is an outstanding pro-family candidate who we would love to see elected.  In the Fifth District, incumbent Mary Ellen Manning has been a thorn in the establishment's side, so they are running someone against her in the Democrat primary. Similarly, in the Third District Marilyn Devaney is facing an establishment-backed opponent for her outspokenness and willingness to challenge bad appointments. In the Second and Fourth districts, the incumbents are hacks and deserve to be tossed out.  (Interesting note: In the First District races, the two Cipollinis are actually brothers!)

FIRST DISTRICT – OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Carole A Fiola

27%  D - OLIVER CIPOLLINI, Barnstable

21%  D - WALTER MONIZ, Fairhaven

21%  D - PATRICIA MOSCA, Bourne

17%  D - JEFFREY GREGORY, Fall River

13%  D - THOMAS HALLAHAN, Oak Bluffs

76%  R - CHARLES CIPOLLINI, Fall River

24%  R - JOE URENECK, Boston

SECOND DISTRICT - Incumbent: Kelly Timilty

60%  D * KELLY TIMILTY, Dedham


THIRD DISTRICT - Incumbent: Marilyn Devaney

57%  D -*MARILYN DEVANEY, Watertown

43%  D - COREY BELANGER, Lowell

FOURTH DISTRICT - Incumbent: Christopher Ianella


45%  D - STEPHEN FLYNN, Hull

FIFTH DISTRICT - Incumbent: Mary-Ellen Manning


30%  D - JASON PANOS, Peabody

SIXTH DISTRICT - Incumbent: Michael Callahan [OPEN]


50%  D - TERRENCE KENNEDY, Lynnfield