Lexington parent David Parker back in Concord District Court Tuesday morning, August 2.

Parker’s lawyers continue to fight criminal trespassing charge. Seeking discovery requests from state. State seeking dismissal with probation and other restrictions.

Town continues to ban Parker from all school property – he can’t attend school board meetings or vote!

Demonstrators from both sides expected – gay activists and Lexington parents supporting Parker.

Parker arrested by Lexington police on April 27 and spent the night in jail over parental notification about teaching homosexuality and transgenderism in his son's kindergarten class.

WALTHAM, MA, August 1 -- Lexington parent David Parker will be in court Tuesday morning, August 2. His lawyers, led by Jeffrey Denner and Neil Tassel from the Boston firm Denner O’Malley, will find out if the state intends to cooperate with their discovery requests.

Parker was arrested on April 27 and spent the night in jail over parental notification about teaching homosexuality in his son’s kindergarten class.

Parker said on Monday that he and his family are distressed that the state and the town of Lexington continue to bar him from all school property in the town unless Parker requests and receives specific permission in advance. This includes Parker’s attendance at School Board meetings, parent-teacher meetings, and even voting on election day. The state apparently wants to dismiss the case with Parker accepting a period of probation, but without lifting his ban from school property. Parker maintains that he has not committed a crime.

At Parker's previous hearing, it appeared that Judge Robert McKenna seemed annoyed at Parker and his lawyers. From the front row of the courtroom the judge could be heard saying. "I'm very familiar with the case. What's so complicated about it?" -- apparently dismayed that Parker intends to fight the case rather than accept a plea-bargain.

Also at Parker’s last hearing, several gay activists came and held signs in an attempt to intimidate Parker and his supporters. They also followed reporters and attempted to get interviewed. It is expected that a number of parents from Lexington will be there to demonstrate in support of Parker and his family. Although Parker has gained support and sympathy across the state, homosexual activists in Lexington have conducted a campaign to discredit him in the local press.

”It’s absolutely outrageous that this could be happening in America,” said Brian Camenker, Director of Article 8 Alliance. “This is really scary. Our rights are disappearing every day.”

Date:    Tuesday, August 2
Time:   9:00 am.
Place:  Concord District Court, Concord, MA
            305 Walden St. (off Rt. 2 at Rt. 126)