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Parents from across Massachusetts to rally on Lexington Battle Green in support of David Parker - Tuesday evening, 5-7 pm

Queer activists holding counter-rally across the street; Lexington school officials expected to join them.
Parents demanding end to outrageous no-trespass order. As school begins this week, Town of Lexington continues to ban Parker from all school property.
Parker was arrested, taken to jail, April 27 over request for notification of teaching of homosexuality & transgenderism to his 6-year-old son.

Parents and citizens from across Massachusetts, and as far away as Maine, are planning to rally on the historic Lexington Battle Green to protest the outrageous and unjust continuation of a no- trespass order by the Town of Lexington against parent David Parker.

The order, issued on April 27, has several chilling effects on Parker:

  • He cannot drop off or pick up his children from school
  • He cannot attend his children's sports events or other school activities
  • He cannot meet with his children's teachers at parent-teacher conferences
  • He cannot attend or participate in School Committee meetings
  • He cannot vote on election day at his local polling place (a public school).

Despite several pleas from both Parker and his lawyers, both verbal and in writing, over the last several months, the Lexington school officials have refused to relent. "This is strictly an act of intimidation and harassment," said Brian Camenker, director of the Parents' Rights Coalition and Article 8 Alliance. "They are arrogantly trying to disrupt Parker's life and make him an example to other parents who might want to demand their rights guaranteed under the Massachusetts Parental Notification Act."

The no-trespass order can be viewed HERE:

Counter-rally planned. Homosexual activists from Lexington and several neighboring towns have gathered forces and planned a counter-rally across the street from the Lexington Battle Green, according to emails, postings, and other sources in Lexington. At least two Lexington School Committee members, Tom Griffiths and Helen Cohen, are expected to join the counter-rally; Cohen has been invited to attend by an organizer. Last November, both Griffiths and Cohen participated in loud, counter-demonstration in Lexington aimed at disrupting an Article 8 Alliance gathering in a public park.

"It's utterly unbelievable people would demonstrate against a parent's right to raise his child by his own values, and have access to his child's school," added Camenker. "But people see injustice happening, and they're not going to be intimidated."

Speeches by Parker, his lawyers, and others are planned for the event.

DATE: Tuesday, September 6, 2005
TIME: 5-7 p.m.
PLACE: Lexington Battle Green, Lexington, MA