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December 2012

New gay bullying tactic: Phony 'copyright infringement' charges vs pro-family websites. And more continued attacks. 12-23-2012

Blocked by web host company. This is what you get if you try to view our material on the homosexual activist and sex offender who's trying to silence us.

Meeting the 'culture war' challenges to come - as only MassResistance can

Commentary: Chanukah's lesson about today's America  12-16-2012

How the gay movement lobbies your state legislators Pushing transgender bill through the Mass. State House: How the homosexual-transgender movement uses activists to lobby your legislators. 12-14-2012

Shocking: How the Mass. 'transgender rights' law is changing the schools
Part 1 of 2-part series. 12-11-2012

Schools in Massachusetts will be seeing a lot more of these. And that's just the beginning.

Victories in court over homosexual activist (and convicted sex offender) targeting MassResistance!  12-2-2012

November 2012

Everything you need to know about the recently defeated Question 2 - "Physician assisted suicide" 11-30-2012

Analysis: How 'gay marriage' won in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington 11-13-2012

Pro-marriage signs were defaced and destroyed
almost everywhere

Massachusetts 2012 Voter Guide: RESULTS now posted.Congress, Legislature, Ballot Questions, Governor's Council. 11-7-2012

Mainstream media in four states with "gay marriage" votes attacking latest pro-family ads featuring David & Tonia Parker. Ads now flooding the airwaves! 11-5-2012

Pro-life groups endorsing pro-choice, pro-homosexual politicians. Unbelievable: Major "pro-life" groups shamelessly caving in. 11-5-2012

Candidate would impose anti-family litmus test for judges in Massachusetts. Leftist former Springfield mayor vs Republican Mike Franco. 11-3-2012

Tisei: Turncoat Republican who stopped people's right to vote on "gay marriage" constitutional amendment in Mass. still being supported by RINOs and GOP establishment. 11-3-2012

October 2012

A race to watch: Pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Mass. Senate President likely to lose to conservative challenger Tom Keyes, say polls and political pundits. 10-31-2012

Battle against "Assisted Suicide" ballot question in Mass. goes into high gear. TV spots, forums, and more! 10-26-2012

Death activists demonstrating for "End of Life Liberty."

In the four "gay marriage vote" states: Gay lobby and pro-gay donors spending millions in final weeks of campaign. 10-26-2012

More big $$: National homosexual movement teams up with "conservative" GOP groups to elect Tisei! 10-26-2012

Meeting the 'culture war' challenges to come - as only MassResistance can. After the election -- the battle continues 10-19-12

National GOP gives $1m to gay activist candidate Richard Tisei for Congress in Mass. Has long record of outrageous activity. Is this a warning where the Republican Party will go in the next few years? 10-14-2012

MassResistance forms ballot committee to stop Physician-Assisted Suicide referendum in Massachusetts (Question 2) 10-8-2012

Advertising in the Boston "Gay Pride Week" official program in 2010, while running for Lt. Governor

September 2012

FBI and CIA embrace homosexual movement. Reaching out to "gay and transgender community." Watch for crackdown on pro-family groups. 9-28-2012

The newest US Justice Department logo.

Another VICTORY in Australia: Tasmania Parliament rejects "gay marriage"! "My electorate do not support it," says MP. 9-28-2012

Commentary: Has the conservative movement given up on the homosexual issue? After the election -- the battle continues 9-28-2012

"Gay marriage" bill overwhelmingly defeated in Australian Parliament! Despite huge effort by homosexual lobby, pro-family groups successful in educating lawmakers. 9-25-2012

Rhode Island marriage activists . . . get married! 9-25-2012

In liberal Minnesota, traditional marriage still leading in polls as referendum nears. (9/25/12)

In New York: Arrogant "gay marriage" Republican State Senator loses in primary. (9/25/12)

"Transgender summer camp" for kids celebrated in Boston media. Supporting cross dressing and body mutilations. "If you disagree, you're supporting suicide," say gay activists. Photos & video. 9-11-2012

My dinner with Todd Akin. His current struggle -- and what it means to you.
There's more to this than you probably know about. By Brian Camenker. Photos & videos. 9-3-2012.

Surprise "gay marriage" move in Australia. Stalled, possibly dying in National Parliament, but unusual bill passes House in Tasmania State Parliament. Photo. 9-3-2012

August 2012

MassResistance files "taxpayers' lawsuit" against Governor's Council-- which approves judges in Massachusetts. Fighting judicial activism. Photos. 8-27-2012
Australian Parliament still waiting to take "gay marriage" vote. Reaction from their politicians to our “same-sex marriage” booklet. 8-27-2012

Australian National Parliament to vote on "gay marriage."  MassResistance helping activists fight back, educating politicians with our "same-sex marriage" booklet. Photos & audio. 8-17-2012

Premier of South Australia addresses gay marriage rally outside of Parliament.

"Growing up with two moms: the untold children's view." Shocking first-person article exposing the dark side of same-sex parenting. From the Witherspoon Institute. 8-6-2012
What really happened at the homosexual 'kiss-in' at Chick-fil-A in Massachusetts. Revealing view of homosexual movement and outrageous media bias. Police look the other way. Photos & video. 8-9-2012

Besides the screaming and very offensive behavior, there was the same old tired refrain of "hate and bigotry."

Shameful reactions from Romney and Sen. Scott Brown on Chick-fil-A issue. Their pandering to liberals and disconnect from Republican mainstream base. Photo. 8-9-2012
MassResistance releases new, updated version of shocking booklet: "What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts". . . It's far worse than people realize! Photos. 8-2-2012

A federal judge said that parents couldn't object when schools gave this book to 6-year-olds, portraying homosexual "families" as no different than regular families.



July 2012

Homosexual activist/sex offender suing MassResistance for $1 million is handed big court defeats -- but continues threats. Thomas More Society -- national pro-family legal group -- will represent MassResistance & Brian Camenker. Photos & video. 7-29-2012

Fighting judicial activism: MassResistance files "taxpayers' lawsuit" against Governor's Council -- which approves judges in Massachusetts. 7-27-2012

Pro-family activists fight nomination of radical left-wing attorney for Mass. judge. Left-wing activist attorney Kenneth Salinger, nominated for Superior Court by Gov. Deval Patrick,  has donated to, Emily’s list, and liberal politicians. Photos. 7-21-2012

Convicted sex offender files $1 million lawsuit against Brian Camenker of MassResistance -- to stop exposé of "gay youth clubs."Photos. 7-12-2012

A Massachusetts "gay youth club" (with adults)
marches in "pride" parade.

2011 "Gay Youth Pride" day in Boston(Part 1). The “gay” war on children in Massachusetts: Pushing homosexual sex and transgenderism at youth event. Photos & videos. 7-8-2012

Scott Lively's lawyers file 109-page response to international "gay" lawsuit against him by Soros-backed group. Photos. 7-6-2012

"The Global Threat of Homosexuality" - by Pastor Scott Lively. VIDEO of Jan. 2012 speech. Possibly the most enlightening speech you will hear on this subject. So powerful that it was banned by YouTube. 7-3-2012

Pastor Lively gave this talk at the Resurrection Life of Jesus Church in Sacramento, California on January 15, 2012.

June 2012

MassResistance web site shut down after homosexual activist threatens web hosting company -- and company caves in! Latest in vicious and illegal "SWAT" campaign against conservatives. Photos & video. 6-18-2012

Unbelievable: Convicted sex offender gets judge in Maine to issue restraining order against Brian Camenker of MassResistance-- for exposing offenses against kids at "gay youth" club! Part of vicious new tactic by homosexual movement to silence critics. Photos. 6-8-2012

Homosexual activist Adam Flanders was convicted of molesting a teenage boy.

US Appeals Court "strikes down" Defense of Marriage Act provisions regarding federal benefits, tax filing. Legal strategy is first step toward forcing "gay marriage" on entire country. Analysis by Brian Camenker. Photos. 6-1-2012

May 2012

Gays threaten & harass Catholic church over marriage sign. Threat to burn down local Catholic church & profane attacks after pro-traditional marriage sign is posted on church property. But Catholics not backing down. Photos & videos. 5-22-2012

This sign at the church that caused a firestorm
from the phony "tolerance" crowd.

Lessons from the defeat of "gay marriage" in North Carolina. Analysis by Brian Camenker. Photos & video. 5-15-2012

Commentary: After Obama's "gay marriage" announcement -- will the GOP start to cave in?By Brian Camenker. With links to other conservative commentaries. 5-15-2012

Media bias: Both Boston newspapers cover last week's two major "gay marriage" events with laughable bias. North Carolina gay marriage victory vs. Obama's gay marriage announcement. Photos. 5-15-2012

It was the worst kept secret in the world. But you would have thought it was the second "VJ Day" the way the Boston Globe carried on .

Mob of homosexual and "Occupy" activists overruns peaceful April 15 Boston Common Tea Party event. Photos & videos. 5-3-2012

At “Occupy” attack on Patriots Day Tea Party rally: Boston police mostly stand and watch, allowed disruption to continue!Photos. 5-4-2012

Boston Globe's biased reporting of “Occupy” attack on Patriots Day Tea Party rally -- supports rioters. Photos. 5-4-2012

Commentary on “Occupy” attack on Patriots Day Tea Party: Conservatives need to wake up and see threat. "Social" and "fiscal" issues all the same to those out to destabilize society. Commentary by Brian Camenker.  Photos. 5-4-2012

April 2012

Before event: Establishment moderates attack Patriots Day Tea Party event for having pro-family themes. Set up alternative "fiscal issues only" Tea Party event at same time in Worcester. 4-12-2012

APRIL 15 Patriots Day Tea Party Rally on Boston Common to feature Brian Camenker of MassResistance, Dr. Scott Lively, Don Feder. Also: Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX), former NM Gov. Gary Johnson. Photos. 4-12-2012

Congressman Louie Gohmert - a national Tea Party hero.

March 2012

US State Dept to force gay agenda on foreign nations. Obama directs State Department and US agencies to force foreign countries to support international homosexual agenda! Hillary Clinton pledges $3 million to international homosexual groups pressuring & subverting foreign governments. Government sanctioned website for homosexual activists in US State Dept. and foreign service. US Dept. of Health and Human Services holds "Conference on LGBT Health." Will Republicans stop this madness if Obama is defeated in 2012? Photos. 3-30-2012

The website you never dreamed you'd ever see . . .

Soros-funded "civil rights" group in NY sues Pastor Scott Lively for "crimes against humanity."Huge international lawsuit on behalf of homosexual activists in Uganda! 47-page lawsuit in federal court on the basis of pro-family speeches in foreign country. High-profile attack on religious expression is beginning. Photos & video. 3-18-2012

Massive robo-call and email blast of MassResistance material in primary election states. Exposing aggressive pro-homosexual positions of Romney.  Photos, video, audio. 3-12-2012.

Amy Contrada's new articles exposing Romney's Massachusetts record getting national notice.
Audio. 3-12-2012

February 2012

"Gay Marriage" bill passes Senate in Maryland by thin margin after tepid pro-family fight. Non-confrontational floor debate; pro-family amendments rejected. Governor to sign this week. Pro-family activists to start statewide petition for vote to repeal. Photo. 2-29-2012

Top 10 reasons Maryland lost "gay marriage" battle -- after winning last year. Lessons for the rest of the country. Analysis by Brian Camenker. Photo & videos. 2-29-2012.

Maryland AG tells homosexual rally: If petition is successful, marriage vote will be undone by newly appointed judges. Calls pro-family citizens "rabid". Photo & video. 2-29-2012

Fierce battle over "gay marriage" bill in Maryland legislature. Passed in House on Friday. Fight now moves to Senate! Heavy-handed tactics by Democrats and pressure from national pro-gay Republicans. MassResistance testifies in Maryland State House!  2-21-2012

Maryland clergymen lead huge pro-marriage rally outside State House. (See VIDEO)

Judge throws out criminal charges against pro-lifer Peter D'Attilioand berates prosecutor.
Transcript of judge's confrontation. Photos. 2-13-2012
Outrageous video of police : Quincy police harass and intimidate pro-life activist Peter D'Attiliofor holding sign on sidewalk and handing out flyers. Video. 2-13-2012

MassResistance fights back  (in liberal Jewish newspaper) over truth of "Torah Declaration."Defends statement by Orthodox rabbis on homosexuality. Photo. 2-3-2012

January 2012

Pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio’s court case postponed by prosecution until Feb. 9Photos. 1-24-2012

Pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio harassed, handcuffed, and threatened by Somerville police.
He still reached many high school students with message of life. Photos. 1-24-2012

Pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio in East Boston – video. How one person can make a difference -- turning back the Planned Parenthood onslaught on kids. 1-24-2012

Pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio: What the "mainstream" pro-life groups should be doing.
He needs to be supported and held up as an example, not ignored. 1-24-2012.

December 2011

Coalition of Orthodox rabbis, mental health professionals, community leaders release “Torah Declaration” - bold statement on homosexuality. Refutes liberal Jewish groups. 12-28-2011

Campaigning in Iowa, Romney reaffirms support for gay rights, gays in military Mitt Romney publicly re-states his pro-homosexual positions on military, judges, and more.  An unsettling glimpse into a Romney Administration. 12-20-2011

Watch for yourself: Video clips (25) of former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney on abortion, "gay" rights, gun control, federal stimulus, illegal immigration, more.

Jewish holiday Chanukah -- very relevant to the culture wars in America today! 12-28-2011

Boston Globe celebrates sex-changes for children by major hospital on front page of Sunday edition.
Very disturbing to read!  Is this America's future? Photos & video. 12-12-2011

November 2011

Face-off in election for Mass. Republican Party Chairman: Traditionalists & Tea Party vs. social liberal RINO establishment (Frank McNamara vs. Bob Maginn). Photos & video 11-28-2011

"Occupy Springfield" attempts to harass & intimidate Pastor Scott Lively’s inner-city Christian ministry (Springfield, Mass.). Pro-family citizens stand firm and confront demonstrators. Photos & video 11-22-2011

Vicious attack ad in newspaper by “Occupy” against Scott Lively. Our rebuttal of ad in local Springfield, Mass., newspaper falsely charging him with various “hate” crimes. 11-21-2011

Radical "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill suddenly passes in Mass. Legislature. Senate uses voice vote to avoid roll call. Modified from original version but still outrageous. Rushed through by leadership, suspending normal rules. Text & analysis.11-17-2011

Homosexual activists flood State House public hearing to change anti-bullying law. Pushing to require special protections for homosexuality and "gender identity" in schools. Photos 11-9-2011

October 2011

What the media isn't telling you about the "Occupy Boston" protest:
Communism, anarchism, pro-euthanasia, anti-Israel, & more.
Photos & video

Next goal for LGBT movement: Adoptions of kids by transgenders. Photo 10-6-2011

Pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio appears in court. City appears to be digging in for conviction despite weak case. Case continued until Dec. 7. Photos 10-6-2011

Scott Brown tells homosexual group his vote to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was "in the best interest of our state and our country." 10-6-2011

September 2011

British pro-family lawyer addresses MassResistance banquet. Tells Americans: Fight back now while you still can! Barrister Paul Diamond; also Sally Kern, fearless Oklahoma state legislature. Photos 9-27-2011

Scott Lively publishes hard-hitting commentary: "The 'Gay' Culture War: It's Nearly Lost" 9-27-2011

Major parents' rights bill in public hearing Sept. 20 (bill filed by MassResistance). Also Planned Parenthood bills to force sexuality & homosexuality into schools.

The Masachusetts Health Curriculum Frameworks: Could this document become the legal requirement on what your children are taught in school? 9-15-2011 (update)

Family Research Council teams up with MassResistance to confront GLSEN targeting kids in schools - powerful new video. Video & photos 9-10-2011

Video preview for new book, Mitt Romney's Deception, shows wide range of homosexual activism pushed in Massachusetts. 9-10-2011 

Sen. Scott Brown getting "highest award" from Log Cabin Republicans for voting to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell." Brown to appear at homosexual group's annual fundraiser on Sept. 20. 9-2-2011

Thomas More Society Pro-Life Law Center steps up to help pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio 9-2-2011

Boston Red Sox to parents: If you hold traditional values on homosexuality and kids, you're a hater. The "It Gets Better" campaign. Video 9-2-11

Boston Herald refuses to cover outrageous "It Gets Better" controversy 9-2-2011

August 2011

Pro-life activist beaten, arrested, and accused of bomb plot by police while handing out pro-life flyers at local town fair. Exclusive report with photos, documents. 8-24-2011 (updated 9-2-2011)

Phony 'anti-bullying' project by anti-Christian gay pornographer supported by politicians, corporations & Red Sox."It Gets Better" project leads troubled kids to gay activist groups, homosexual-themed books and movies. Video 8-12-2011

Sick and obscene attacks, writings, and statements by Dan Savage, founder of "It Gets Better" project. Videos 8-12-2011

Unbelievable: Boston Red Sox manager, two players make video supporting vile pro-gay "It Gets Better" project targeting kids. Video 8-12-2011

July 2011

Pakistanis denounce U.S. Embassy's gay rights party as "cultural terrorism" 7-31-2011

India's health minister tells AIDS conference that homosexuality is a "disease" that is "completely unnatural" 7-31-2011

Nation's blood supply facing serious danger: heavy political pressure to change rules regarding homosexual blood donors 7-28-2011

US Senate confirms radical gay activist J. Paul Oetken as federal judge. Sen. Scott Brown and 24 other Republicans vote "yes." 7-28-2011

Hear author Amy Contrada on Boston Talk 1200 Radio. On her book, Mitt Romney's Deception. Audio 7-28-2011

Now available: Mitt Romney's Deception: His Stealth Promotion of "Gay Rights" and "Gay Marriage"in Massachusetts (print edition) 7-20-2011 (updated 9-3-2011)

Newly appointed lesbian Mass. Supreme Court Judge speaks at fundraiser for radical gay group 7-17-2011

MassResistance featured on major pro-family radio in British Columbia. Audio 7-17-2011

MassResistance interviewed in Bloomberg News on New York's "gay marriage" law 7-8-2011

NY Democrat State Senator who opposed gay "marriage" facing vicious abuse by gay activists. Video 7-8-2011

MassResistance on drive-time radio in Wisconsin on "gay marriage" in New York. Audio 7-8-2011

Victory: Gay "Safe Schools" office in US Dept. of Educ. gets funds cut, status demoted. MassResistance put crucial pressure on Congress. 7-1-2011

MassResistance report on Judge Barbara Lenk's appointment to Mass. Supreme Judicial Court July 2011

June 2011

How MassResistance battled in NY State House against "gay marriage" bill. Photos & video 6-28-2011

How "gay marriage" passed in Republican-controlled NY Senate: Pressure, payoffs, political cowardice, selling out of principles. Photos & video 6-28-2011

MassResistance video: Congressman Anthony Weiner in bizarre NY Gay Pride Parade (in 2008). Also marching: Sen. Chuck Schumer. Reveals the disturbing mindset of liberal politicians. 6-19-2011

New York Orthodox rabbis fighting hard for traditional marriage 6-19-2011

"Gay Pride Week" in Boston: In-your-face depravity, vulgarity, blasphemy - sponsored by major politicians & corporate America. Photos 6-16-2011

Mass. Transgender Bill hearing on June 8: Insulting affront to citizens. Link to flyer. Photos 6-16-2011

"This surgery is absolutely destructive" - sad message from Walt Heyer, former transgender, to warn others 6-16-2011

June 8 hearing: MassResistance bill to repeal the unconstitutional buffer zone around abortion clinics 6-7-2011

MassResistance analysis of the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill" H502. Photos 6-6-2011

"I spent 19 years living as a man"- testimony from a recovered transgender female against Mass. "transgender rights bill." Video 6-6-2011

"My Daddy's Secret" – a painful growing up. Powerful testimony at Mass. Transgender Bill hearing. Link to flier on the bill. 6-3-2011

Graphic homosexual sex flier given to kids at Mass. state-supported "youth pride" event. "Safer sex for bisexuals and their partners" from Bisexual Resource Center. Photos 6-3-2011

May 2011

MassResistance action flier for Transgender Bill H502 (PDF Format). Public hearing June 8. Download May 2011

"Old Navy" stores now selling "gay pride" shirts. Donating percentage of sales to radical homosexual group targeting kids (the “It Gets Better” campaign). Photos 5-31-2011

Transgender lessons now in California elementary school - starting in kindergarten. Videos 5-30-2011

Obama's "Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings to leave U.S. Dept. of Education in July. MassResistance kept the pressure on and led research effort. 5-23-2011

Kevin Jennings' new job: Running a 21st-century Saul Alinksy-type community organizing operation based in Massachusetts 5-23-2011

Yes, we are indoctrinating children, says New York homosexual magazine ( 5-23-2011

Gay Youth Pride Day in Boston: a day of adult-led depravity with vulnerable kids. Cross-dressing and transgenderism a major push. Photos 5-18-2011

MassResistance active in battles around the country in Rhode Island & New York. Also Minnesota, Illinois, California. Photo 5-18-2011

Hearing for Mass. Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill H502 on June 8

Jim Dixon loses to John Lawn. Overcome by huge push by Democrats and Unions, and Republican Party apathy 5-18-2011

Lenk vote: Mass. official calls for ban of pro-family testimony at judge hearings.
Pro-family testimony on high court nominee called "irrevelant and ignorant." Photos & video 5-8-2011

Pro-family letter on SJC nominee Judge Lenk in Boston Globe stirs angry reaction from liberals 5-8-2011

Milton, Mass. high school seeks principal by advertising in hardcore homosexual newspaper. Photos

Update on Concord Town Meeting on high school musical "Falsettos"

Battle heats up over lesbian activist judge Barbara Lenk nominated for Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Photo

Judge Lenk's public hearing: Pro-family witnesses insulted & harassed by elected officials. Photos & videos

April 2011

Governor's radical lesbian nominee to Mass. Supreme Judicial Court comes with disturbing baggage. Photos

Citizen confronts liberal town (Concord, Mass.) over gay-themed anti-Semitic play at high school. Videos

Homosexual "Day of Silence" in schools across America April 15. MassResistance in 32-group coalition confronting it.

Outstanding Maryland victory. Last-minute surprise revival of Transgender Bill met with defeat.  Handful of pro-family activists beats homosexual lobby. Audio

Boston Fox-TV intimidates convenience store over gay "kiss-in" incident. Video

California Bill SB48: Would require public schools & textbooks to portray homosexuality and transgenderism in positive light. Photo

Child psychiatrist and former "transgender" give bold testimony against radical California bill SB48. Including testimony by Dr. Miriam Grossman. Videos

Mass. Attorney General to be keynote speaker at fundraiser for radical transgender group. Major Boston law firms also sponsoring event. Photos

Maryland transgender bill gets derailed in Senate, is apparently killed. 

This weekend's "Truth Academy" in Columbus OH featured all-star lineup of speakers. "The Hate Labeling of Christians: Why It's Happening and What We Can Do"

March 2011

On sex issues in elementary school: "Goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents values," says school administrator

Radical "transgender" bill being rushed through Maryland legislature

Unbelievable: US Marines preparing to indoctrinate soldiers to accept homosexualityVideos
US Army now warning Chaplains: If you don't like the homosexual agenda, get out.After "Don't Ask Don't Tell" repeal

Concord, Mass. School Committee treats citizens' concerns about anti-Semitic play "Falsettos" and homosexuality in schools with contempt and hostility. Video

Victory: Maryland "gay marriage" bill stopped by pro-family activists

Analysis: Why Maryland "gay marriage" fight was won when it looked like it would lose. Video

Citizens fight back against depraved anti-Semitic, homosexual musical play "Falsettos" at Concord-Carlisle High School. Video
MassResistance on front lines of "gay marriage" fight in Maryland. Audio & videos

Ex-gays made huge impression at Maryland "gay marriage" public hearing. Videos

MassResistance in New Hampshire "gay marriage" fight as Legislature holds public hearing but delays bill. "Moderate" Republicans cave in. Photos

February 2011

Amy Contrada's blockbuster book Mitt Romney's Deception on his stealth promotion of the homosexual agenda in Massachusetts (E-book edition). Photos

Mass. Governor Patrick issues Executive Order mandating acceptance of transgenderism by all state agencies, employees, contractors. Photos

Maryland activists lose first found of "gay marriage" battle. But big showdown in General Assembly still coming up. Photos & video

Homosexual supporters in Britain call for killing of newspaper writer who criticized  homosexual lessons targeting 4-year-olds

MassResistance joins American Family Assoc., Liberty Counsel and others denouncing CPAC for partnering with homosexual group GOProud. Full-page ad in Washington Times.

MassResistance helps prepare Maryland activists for "gay marriage" public hearing in State Senate. Photo

Two radical Planned Parenthood bills filed in Mass. Legislature To require condom training, abortion counseling, sexual orientation issues for schoolchildren.

Owner of New England Patriots, Bob Kraft, to be keynote speaker at corporate "LGBT Networking Session" in Boston

January 2011

Text of new Parents' Rights Bill - "The David Parker Bill"

MassResistance files six strong bills in Legislature to protect parents and citizens

National homosexual group Human Rights Campaign targeting Mass. to push new "transgender rights" bill via workplace action. Photos

Vicious campaign continues in Springfield against pro-family pastor Scott Lively and his Bible-centered coffee house. Photos

Springfield City Councilor calls Scott Lively an anti-Semite in TV interview. Photo & video

Scott Lively's hard-hitting letter of rebuttal published in Boston Globe

Cambridge politicians working with transgender activists to require "gender neutral" restrooms in all public buildings

MassResistance working with Orthodox Jewish groups in New Jersey to stop pro-homosexual "anti-bullying" bill. Photos

Boston Globe does vicious hit article on Scott Lively, pro-family pastor and writer. Photos & video

MassResistance calls for pro-family "interview boycott" of Boston Globe and Springfield Republican newspapers

Tea Party-backed State Committeeman takes on RINO Mass. Republican Party Chairman in bi-annual election. Photos

NJ Orthodox Jewish Group opposes "anti-bullying" bill S2392; Garden State Parents for Moral Values Press Release

December 2010

Sen. Scott Brown invites hardcore Mass. homosexual activist to "Don't Ask Don't Tell" repeal signing ceremony in D.C. Photos & videos

Exodus from military over DADT repeal starting, reports WorldNetDaily

Mass. (RINO) Republicans praising Scott Brown for being "politically smart"

Lesbian activist Chai Feldblum confirmed for EEOC: US Senate's lame-duck gift to the homosexual movement

Boston Globe portrays homosexual Episcopal bishop V. Gene Robinson as crusader for progress

Special Report on repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" - What happened, why it happened, and where we go from here. Photos & videos

Sen. Scott Brown announces full support for repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell"; abandons conservative base. During his campaign, said he was supporter of the policy.

How Scott Brown caved in on "Don't Ask Don't Tell": Ten-month campaign by homosexual lobby

Federal Commission on deficit backs down - abandons call to eliminate "Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings

Tea Party battle re-ignites over pressure to abandon "social issues." Reaction to homosexual group GOProud's attempt to subvert movement: "Government, morality, freedom, and the Tea Party movement" by Richard Howell. Photo

November 2010

Angry homosexual activist behind WikiLeaks treachery

Boston Globe pushes condoms in schools through phony "teen" initiative. Planned Parenthood sex agenda for teens. Photo

Seven teachers at Concord-Carlisle High School hold assembly telling students how they "came out" as homosexuals - encouraging students to do the same. Photos

How out-of-state activists brought "gay marriage" to New Hampshire . . . And what happened in Nov. 2 election. Includes report from NH Union Leader.

Big pro-family election wins in Massachusetts Legislature races

Mass. Republican Party's RINO strategy a big part of election losses in top state races. Video

Iowa voters remove three Iowa Supreme Court justices who imposed same-sex "marriage" on state

Mass. General Election 2010 Pre-election Guide & Results

Mass. Republicans lose ALL statewide & Congressional races
Pre-election Peabody Square Tea Party. Tea Parties realizing that cultural and fiscal issue battles face common ideological enemy. Photos

"Conservative" Boston Herald endorses pro-gay, anti-family liberals over pro-family candidates

Republican Lt. Gov. candidate Richard Tisei promises gay newspaper he'll push homosexual agenda on several fronts. Says he'll "work very closely" with Mass. GLBT Youth Commission. Photo

October 2010

Liberal Mass. State Sen. Eldridge working with and raising money from Muslim coalition tied to pro-terrorism, jihad, anti-Semitism. Photos

Key Mass. Senators & Reps get endorsement from Marxist-oriented socialist group
(Democratic Socialists of America). Including Chairs of Judiciary and Education Committees.

Analysis of July 8 Defense of Marriage (DOMA) ruling. Federal judge in Boston strikes down DOMA after lawsuits by Mass. AG and homosexual legal group GLAD. How the DOMA ruling affects you. Synopsis of absurd legal reasoning by activist judge. MassResistance responds on CNN, local TV, talk radio. Video & audio
10-22-2010 (update)

Mass. General Election 2010 Pre-election Guide & Results
10-21-2010 (Results update 11-5-2010)

MassResistance addresses meeting of Independence Tea Party in Peabody on
unconstitutional "informal sessions" in Mass. Legislature. Photo

"Gay Day" at Six Flags New England: It's about making kids comfortable with homosexuality, says gay newspaper. Photo

NY Governor candidate Paladino makes bold statement defending kids against gay agenda in schools – then backs down when attacked by media on "Today Show." Video

MassResistance report: "Informal Sessions" - unconstitutional sham

State House outrage: In unconstitutional "informal sessions" three State Reps and two Senators pass $443 million spending bill. Photos
10-6-2010; updated 10-13-2010

Exposing the Southern Poverty Law Center's phony "hate group" scam
10-1-2010 (update)

September 2010

Mass. homosexual lobby endorses "Republican" Dan Winslow - Gov. Mitt Romney's chief legal counsel - for State Rep over Democrat candidate. They thank Winslow for his support of the "gay marriage ruling.

Activist court overturns Florida's ban on "gay" adoptions. Public officials quickly capitulate

Mass. Governor, Senate President, legislators, getting money from millionaire homosexual political activist Tim Gill

"Gay Day" at Six Flags New England amusement park this Sunday. Photos

The man who derailed the transgender agenda in Maine - and what happened to him

Homosexual activists in Britain working to lower age of consent to 14 years old

August 2010

GOP activist attempts to shut down Fort Independence Tea Party over inclusion of family values. Photo

Despite rain, South Boston Fort Independence Tea Party a big success with stirring speeches. Photos & videos

"Conservative" pundit Ann Coulter to speak at radical homosexual activist convention

A must-read: How gay rights is being sold to America: David Kupelian's The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom. Excerpt.

What they're not telling you about the Prop 8 judicial ruling. "Out" homosexual judge, twisted legal reasoning, etc.

State-wide Tea Party at historic Fort Independence in S. Boston on Aug. 22. Reaction to those who would divide movement and intimidate speaking out.

Mostly victories in Mass. Legislature's end-of-session frenzy to push through bills before Aug. 1 deadline

Homosexual activists poised to terrorize "Truth Academy" in Chicago – conference on the homosexual agenda in America

Charlie Baker & Richard Tisei: a pro-family nightmare. Mass. Republican candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor would be liberal Democrats anywhere else. Photos

July 2010

"Truth Academy" in Chicago to cover all aspects of fighting the homosexual agenda in America. Threats by homosexual activists.

Former "pro-family" Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-South Boston) now supports full homosexual agenda, brags gay newspaper Bay Windows

MassResistance addresses Plymouth Rock Tea Party. Warns of push to purge Tea Parties of "social" issues. Video 

Exposing the Southern Poverty Law Center's phony "hate group" scam
7-23-2010 (updated 10-1-2010)

Tea Party on Lexington Battle Green shut down by pro-gay RINO Republicans. Photo
Analysis of July 8 Defense of Marriage (DOMA) ruling. Federal judge in Boston strikes down DOMA after lawsuits by Mass. AG and homosexual legal group GLAD. How the DOMA ruling affects you. Synopsis of absurd legal reasoning by activist judge. MassResistance responds on CNN, local TV, talk radio. Video & audio
7-21-2010 (updated 10-22-2010)

MassResistance addresses Tea Party meeting in Chicopee, Mass. Photo

Transgender Bill lingers in unprecedented "limbo" at State House as session winds down. Angry transgender activists hold press conference & rally to pressure legislators. Photo

How a group of Christian students successfully confronted the homosexual "Day of Silence" with "Day of Truth" at local high school.

FY2011 state budget: Legislature votes to fund Mass. GLBT Youth Commission with $100,000 from federal Medicaid money. GLBT Youth Commission also gets access to millions in state tax money. Photo. Final vote.

BAGLY holds homosexual-transgender "prom" at Boston City Hall, targeting kids.
Ending Youth Pride Day. Handing out “condoms, lube, and various safer sex supplies." Photos

Hardcore homosexual flier given to kids through Mass. GLBT Youth Commission at Youth Pride. "Reality condoms for anal sex." Photos, download.

(Liberal) Boston Globe columnist reveals how new school anti-bullying law is completely ineffective

June 2010

How Elena Kagan helped "queer" Harvard Law School. Special Report. Photos
6-28-2010 (updated 6-30-2010) 

Boston's Beth Israel Hospital gives awards to hardcore LGBT activists. Honors publishers of anti-Catholic hardcore homosexual newspaper Bay Windows. Photos
Republican State Sen. Richard Ross (Scott Brown's replacement in the Mass. Senate) marches in Boston Gay Pride Parade. Photos

Boston's "gay pride week" activities unbelievably depraved – politicians and corporations give full support. Photos

GOP Candidate for Governor Charlie Baker marches with hateful anti-family homosexual activist leaders in Gay Pride parade. Photos

Macy's department store showcases drag queen in downtown store for "gay pride week" fashion show. Photos & video

Rainbow flag raised over Boston City Hall by politicians, city officials, and homosexual activists to celebrate "Gay Pride Week." Photos & video

Politicians, corporations honor BAGLY director - cross-dresser who works with kids - as Grand Marshal of Gay Pride Parade. Photo

Medical paper reveals terrible facts about transgender "sex re-assignment surgery"

A post-Memorial Day message about getting involved. Commentary by Brian Camenker

Catholic activists expose truth regarding excluding child of lesbians from Catholic school

Obama proclaims June "Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride month" throughout America

Mass. Senate FY2011 state budget: Gives huge money for homosexual activism in schools - while cutting nearly everything else

May 2010

MassResistance on National Public Radio confronting Boston Children's Hospital doctor (Spack) who gives sex-change treatments to kids. Audio

Parents get Attleboro High School to cancel offensive homosexual-themed play

Peabody restaurant stands tall in forced "negotiations" with transgender-crossdresssing activists attempting to shut down restaurant. Photos

Text of H1728 "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill with description and links to current statutes

Elena Kagan's big involvement with pro-gay groups at Harvard: open advocate for the homosexual movement's radical goals. Video: Kagan in 2005 - "Obama is my hero."

Transgender activists force NY chain of stores to capitulate to their demands, using NY "transgender rights" law. American Eagle Outfitters

Mass. Senate Ways & Means Committee budget draft: huge funding for destructive Commission on GLBT Youth

Gov. signs "anti-bullying" bill, most comprehensive in America. Opens door to more gay activism in schools. Photos. Final text of anti-bullying bill.

Transgender Bill (H1728) & other "culture war" bills still in limbo

BAGLY - part of tax-funded Mass GLBT Commission - luring kids to "gay youth film festival." Photos

Homosexual lobby's lawsuit to strike down federal Defense of Marriage Act heard in US District Court in Boston. Video

Ex-gay makes speech at PepsiCo shareholders meeting: "Stop funding hateful homosexual activist group!" Audio

Homosexual lobby's lawsuit to strike down federal Defense of Marriage Act heard in US District Court in Boston. Going back to most reliable method of deconstructing society

Mass. Judiciary Committee puts off decision on Transgender Rights Bill & other "culture war" bills until May 18.

Mass. GOP Lt. Governor candidate Tisei gives interview to homosexual magazine. Pushing for Transgender Rights Bill, fighting the marriage amendment.

Huge funding for gay school programs in Mass. House 2011 state budget. Photos

Mass. Senate releases FY2011 state budget. Huge money for homosexual activism in schools - cutting nearly everything else

April 2010

Mass. AG Coakley supports homosexual extremist group in major suit before US Supreme Court, Case could change whether Americans can safely petition government. Photo

Boston Globe starts media blitz promoting transgender bill. Photos

MassResistance speaks at Tea Party in East Longmeadow. Photo

Mass GOP convention nominates most extreme pro-gay, anti-family Gov. & Lt. Gov. candidates ever. Conservatives sell out. Photos & video.

Transgender bill ignites controversy at Republican convention. Homosexual lobby angry at backpedaling by Gov. candidate Charlie Baker.

"Anti-Bullying" campaign in Mass. Legislature. Index to MassResistance reports and analysis.
4-18-2010 (original 12-2-2009)

Boston Children's Hospital doctor operates clinic to change gender of prepubescent children. Dr. Norman Spack. Photos

Media ignores left-wing hate directed at Boston Tea Party & Sarah Palin. Photos & video

Mass. House budget preparing to spend huge taxpayer money for homosexual programs in schools

Homosexual "Day of Silence" held in high schools (and now middle schools) across the country April 16
4-14-2010 (updated 6-4-2010)

Four Videos: The "Day of Silence" exposed and confronted. The agenda in schools and the propaganda machine driving it.

Obscene and vulgar phone calls and emails from homosexual activists to organizers of "Day of Silence" walkout

Transgender activists threaten Peabody restaurant with loss of license, legal sanctions, for turning away men in dresses. Photos

MassResistance featured on national Phyllis Schlafly radio show exposing Kevin Jennings. Audio

Anti-Bullying bill in Conference Committee. Will it include the radical sections parents fear?

Massachusetts now allows people to declare "gender you consider yourself to be" on drivers licenses and official state IDs
4-8-2010 (update)

MassResistance reports on Kevin Jennings (Obama's "safe schools" czar) pushing homosexual activism in schools.  Index to articles. Original research. Also: Petition to remove him from office.
4-6-2010 update

Framing the issue – How  the homosexual movement got into the Massachusetts schools. Kevin Jenning’s 1995 speech explains deceptive calls for “safety” and “suicide prevention.”
Updated 4-6-2010 (original document 12-1-1996)

March 2010

ADL and radical homosexual groups worked with House members to craft anti-bullying bill.  Includes two groups that terrorized a church in downtown Boston.

Analysis of "anti-bullying" bill H4571: In unanimous vote Mass. House caves in to gay lobby. Adds GLSEN homosexual school guidelines; requires diversity training to school staff; extends bill to include private schools; fines and jail terms for kids; etc.
3-24-2010 (updated 4-18-2010) Text of bill.

Text of House version of "anti-bullying bill" H4571. Passed unanimously by House on March 18.

Re-draft of "Planned Parenthood" bill by Judiciary Committee - sent on to full Legislature. Bill is completely watered down version.

Committees to decide March 16 on David Parker Parents' Rights Bill, Transgender Rights Bill, etc. Results.
3-15-2010 & 3-17-2010

Shocking VIDEO: Huge men dressed as women going in and out of hotel ladies' restroom. At "transgender conference" at Peabody (Mass.) Marriott Hotel. What transgender rights laws will bring to America.

Victory: Draconian language removed from "anti-bullying" bill in Mass. Senate. Would have criminalized criticism of homosexuality. Bill now moves on to House. Text is still troubling.

Analysis and text of Bill S2323 – "anti-bullying" bill passed by Mass. Senate on Thursday, March 11
3-12-2010 (updated 3-24-2010)

Media campaign by special-interest groups supporting "anti-bullying" bills - in cooperation with liberal reporters & editors. Biased "news" articles planted in Globe, Herald, TV, radio. A lesson in media propaganda.
3-12-2010 (original 11-27-2009)

Mass. Senate to vote on draconian bill to punish criticism of homosexuality with fine & jail term. Sneaked language into unrelated school "anti-bullying" bill. Apparently aimed at MassResistance. Text of "Anti-Bullying" bill S2283.

MassResistance counters testimony from gay groups, special interests at overflowing public hearing on "anti-bullying" bills. Photo, video.
3-10-2010 (original 11-23-2009)

16 "anti-bullying" bills filed in the Mass. Legislature this session, later consolidated into one bill by Education Committee

February 2010

"Safe Schools" czar Kevin Jennings to get $410 million in Obama's 2011 federal budget. To push homosexual and transgender programs in America's schools.

MassResistance attends breakfast with Scott Brown in South Boston with Tea Party activists. Photos

Conservative activist Ryan Sorba booed at CPAC conference for voicing pro-family stand on homosexuality.  Is the pro-family movement turning into mush? Video

Maine's "Transgender Law" forcing schools to allow boys and girls to access opposite-sex restrooms, locker rooms & sports teams.  Includes both public and private schools.

BAGLY - part of tax-funded Mass GLBT Commission - luring kids to "gay youth film festival." Photo

MassResistance's Camenker featured speaker at South Boston Tea Party meeting

Mass Governor's proposed budget for 2011 has no money for homosexual programs in schools

US tax court officially declares transgenderism a "serious mental disorder." Another reason not to pass "Transgender Rights" bill in Mass. Photo

Kevin Jennings helps introduce bill in Congress to require normalization of homosexuality, transgenderism, cross-dressing, etc., in America's public schools

US Senate holds hearing on "Don't ask, Don't tell." Top military brass caving in after Obama declares support.

Was the Scott Brown campaign a setback for the pro-family movement in Mass?
Commentary. Photo

January 2010

Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts: Index to reports, articles, analysis, and commentary on election. Photos.

Video report: Transgender Lobby Day at Massachusetts State House, January 21, 2010. Cross-dressers swarm State House. Chairman of Judiciary Committee calls opponents of transgender hate crimes bill "ignorant. Photos & videos.

Mailings from Martha Coakley's campaign attacking Scott Brown

Obama comes to Northeastern Univ. in Boston for (US Senate candidate) Martha Coakley rally. More excitement for Brown than Coakley. Photos

Massachusetts US Senate race in dead heat as Brown's support surges
* Statistical dead heat – Huge statewide grassroots effort.
* Martha Coakley’s predictable reaction  Photo
* How bad is she? Read Martha Coakley’s speech at 2007 homosexual bar association fundraiser

Jennings is board president of "Tectonic Theater Project" - producer of homosexual propaganda play "The Laramie Project" and other offensive plays. Obama's "Safe Schools" czar.

"Safe schools" czar Kevin Jennings was radicalized at 1987 "Gay March on Washington". Photos

George Soros group "Media Matters" attacking MassResistance over "Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings. 

Now on daytime TV: Graphic homosexual sex scene debuts on ABC's One Life to Live

December 2009

Graphic homosexual handouts and paraphernalia given to kids at GLSEN's "Fistgate" conference in 2000, run by Obama's "Safe Schools" czar Kevin Jennings. Index. Photos

MassResistance working with members of Congress for greatest impact from Kevin Jennings Online Petition. Photo

About MassResistance
Resolution introduced in Congress to remove Kevin Jennings - MassResistance work cited. Congressman Burgess in House of Representatives. Video

Homosexual movement to hold big "Transgender Bill Lobby Day" at MA State House. Photo

Jewish holiday Chanukah is very relevant to what's happening in America today. Commentary by Brian Camenker

Kevin Jennings was member of Act Up – radical homosexual terrorist group. Photos & videos

MassResistance research on Jennings erupts in Washington Times, Fox News, other national media, blogs. Photos

Big national implications as Martha Coakley and Scott Brown square off for Ted Kennedy's US Senate seat

MassResistance reports on Kevin Jennings (Obama's "safe schools" czar) pushing homosexual activism in schools. Index to MassResistance articles. Original research.
12-10-2009 (updated 4-6-2010)

The “Fistgate” Conference and Tapes: what homosexual activists do with children in schools. Special Report Index. Audio (with transcript) of "fisting" workshop, photos & downloads.

The article that first described "Fistgate" to the world appeared in Massachusetts News in May 2000.

Boston Globe reacts to MassResistance-generated outrage over gay musical "Falsettos" at local high school. Commentary. Photo

NY State Senate rejects "gay marriage" bill, shocks homosexual lobby

Radical "pandemic control bill" before Massachusetts Legislature S2028 / H4275

Radical "pandemic control bill" - rushed thru MA House - now languishes in conference committee

Latest assault on Christmas by liberal elite: Sexualized version of "Nutcracker" ("Slutcracker") , including transsexuality and sado-masochism. Photos

"Anti-Bullying" campaign in Mass. Legislature. Index to MassResistance reports and analysis.
12-2-2009 (updated 4-18-2010)

Text & analysis of H483 – primary anti-bullying bill before Mass. Legislature

November 2009

Media campaign by special-interest groups supporting "anti-bullying" bills - in cooperation with liberal reporters & editors. Biased "news" articles planted in Globe, Herald, TV, radio. A lesson in media propaganda.
11-27-2009 (updated 3-12-2010)

Concord-Carlisle High School presenting depraved homosexual musical "Falsettos" (with special Thanksgiving Day preview). Directed by GLSEN activist teacher connected to Kevin Jennings. 

Fr. Harrington's testimony and the politicians' rude reaction. Photos & video.

State House committee chairman cuts off MassResistance testimony on bill to eliminate Mass. GLBT Youth Commission. Photo & video. State House News article.

MassResistance counters testimony from gay groups, special interests at overflowing public hearing on "anti-bullying" bills on Nov. 17. Photos & video
11-23-2009 (updated 3-10-2010)

"Anti-bullying" bills: a front for more homosexual activism in public schools. Parents want help, not more pro-gay propaganda.
11-11-2009 (updated 12-3-2009)

MassResistance bill H145 to eliminate "Mass. Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth." Hearing on Nov. 17. Video

Maine pro-family leader gets death threat, Catholic church harassed, in wake of same-sex "marriage" vote. Video  [audio missing]

Pro-family election victories (and a few losses) across the country on Nov. 3. Index: Maine (photo), Washington state, Massachusetts, Michigan, Virginia

Media propaganda: Phony AP election day news story on study normalizing same-sex "spouses"

Counterfeit Marriage Rejected in Maine, by Matt Barber, Liberty Counsel press release.

MassResistance at Maine State House for press conference on upcoming marriage vote. Photos

Mass. homosexual lobby sent wave of activists to Maine or "get out the vote."

October 2009

Massachusetts man fired from job over Christian belief in traditional marriage. Photos & video

Kevin Jennings sought out by gay erotica/porn publisher to publish his books.

'Gay History Month' being pushed in schools during October. Radical "history" includes founders of modern porn movement. Photo

Obama's "safe schools" czar Kevin Jennings helps fund Harvard "Act Up" exhibit involving sexual perversion, child pornography, and anti-Catholic bigotry. Photos from exhibit (offensive and pornographic).

"Pandemic Bill" now in 6-person conference committee

House version of S2028 – now H4275 – re-write of controversial pandemic bill with further amendments

53 Congressmen demand firing of Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings. From The Hill.

MA Education Committee hears x-rated testimony on Parents' Rights Bill – but legislators still seem uninterested.  Photos & video

Testimony in support of H406 – David Parker parents’ rights bill by Amy Contrada
National implications: Public hearing on parents' rights bill Oct. 13, including David Parker Parents' Rights bill (H406) and Planned Parenthood's bill (H3434)

Kevin Jennings raised millions of dollars from "gay" community for Obama for President campaign! Video

Mass. House quickly passes new version of "Pandemic Control Bill" with 17 amendments

Initial House version of S2028 - now H4271 – complete re-write of controversial bill (before House amendments)

Legislature re-writes radical pandemic control bill S2028 at last minute. Committee takes out offensive language: forced vaccinations, seizure of property, illegal searches, and more. Reaction to your citizen pressure.

Should people take swine flu vaccine if ordered by state? Serious concern going back over 30 years

Mass. House could vote on radical "Pandemic control bill" S2028 this week – possibly become law by weekend

Mass. Department of Public Health (DPH) working behind the scenes to get Pandemic Bill passed

Chapter 639, Acts of 1950 - "Civil Defense Act" Referenced in Pandemic Bill S2028

State preparing for passage of Pandemic Bill S2028. Hiring hundreds of health care workers to work during "state of emergency," writing regulations.

What Mass. Legislators are emailing their constituents about Pandemic Bill S2028. The party line from the Mass. Dept. of Health PR campaign.

Mass. Senate passed S2028 "Pandemic Bill" on April 28, 2009 voting 36-0

National outrage growing over appointment of homosexual activist Kevin Jennings for Obama's "Safe Schools" Czar. MassResistance research cited. Videos

MassResistance presentation at national "How to take back America" Conference in St. Louis. Photos

September 2009

Mass. Legislature passes bill for interim replacement of Ted Kennedy – Republicans bringing legal challenge. Roll call vote (2009). Roll call vote (2004).

Boston Police backing down from stopping gay public sex in city parks

Mass. GLBT Youth Commission intimidates citizens and parents to prevent their attendance at "public" meetings

Six Flags New England sponsoring huge "Gay Day" in amusement park this Sunday

MassResistance and Harvard Business School professor part of new documentary video on lessons of Massachusetts health care vs. Obama health care.  Transcript here.

White House "safe schools" appointee Kevin Jennings: How he initiated the homosexual agenda in America's schools. Index to MassResistance research articles.

Parents in Revere get signatures to force vote on School Committee decision to give kids contraceptives & "morning-after" pills

Ted Kennedy interim appointment hearing: Long afternoon of hypocrisy at Mass. State House. Photos.

Public Hearing this Wednesday for bill to change law back – to allow Governor to appoint immediate successor to Ted Kennedy. Incredible hypocrisy by Mass. Legislature – after changing law in 2004.

Radical "pandemic control bill" S2028 would give Mass. broad powers to enter & search homes, take property, detain people without warrants, require vaccinations, etc. Full text of Bill S2028.

Mass. homosexual lobby sending wave of activists to Maine to "get out the vote" in statewide election on same-sex "marriage." Photo

August 2009

Kennedy Funeral Mass a "Scandal" Says Catholic Action League of Massachusetts

Now revealed: How Ted Kennedy stopped Marriage Amendment in Massachusetts
Homosexual activists preparing to harass Maine citizens who donate to pro-marriage campaign

Movement for transgender-friendly bathrooms in middle schools and high schools starts in Vermont.

Homosexual movement begins massive propaganda campaign to win "gay marriage" vote in Maine in November. Also: Could Maine be the first state that loses a marriage vote? Video

Homosexual movement to stage public "kiss-ins" in 35 cities across America Aug. 15
August 14, 2009

Watch government in action, public events, & more: ComFlm News video now posted

Boston Herald caves in to loony "transgender" political correctness. Calls convicted wife-murderer now identifying as a woman "she." Photos

"The Overhauling of Straight America" by Marshall K. Kirk and Erastes Pill and appeared in Guide Magazine, a homosexual publication, in November 1987. Posting of landmark article outlining strategies and techniques for a successful widespread propaganda campaign to confuse and deceive the American people and demonize opponents.

The homosexual propaganda campaign in America's media. Excerpts from the 1989 book, "After the Ball: How America will conquer its fear and hatred of Gays in the 90s."

Pressure grows on citizens challenging Obama health plan:"Tone down rhetoric, stop being a mob." Commentary.

More about the Transgender Bill H1728

July 2009

Commentary: A quiz for pro-family activists supporting pro-abortion, pro-gay 'marriage' Republicans for MA Governor. Candidate Charlie Baker.

Commentary: "Gangster government" in Washington DC continues to roll ahead. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, author Michelle Malkin. Videos

Transgender activists, cross-dressers swarm State House at July 14 public hearing. Six-part report. Photos, video.
FOX News in New York asks Google: Why are you blocking the MassResistance blog?

Culture clash: Boston newspapers pushing false pronoun use in news story on transgender subway driver. Photo

Boston Herald article on transgender subway driver sticks with political correctness

Boston Globe "gender" advice for 10-year-olds: Ignore outdated manners from traditional-minded teacher

Marathon Transgender Bill hearing includes over 230 other bills. Commentary: "Transgender Bill" hearing a symptom of bad government.

State House News report: "Anger, frustration" at July 14 transgender bill hearing hearing

Bills at Election Law Committee Hearing on July 15

About the Transgender Bill - H1728: Index to analysis of bill, flier, detailed study. July 2009 (updated 8-6-2009)

Mass. Atty. General Martha Coakley sues federal government to overturn Defense of Marriage Act. Photo

Mass. Judiciary committee floods "Transgender Bill" hearing schedule with 237 other bills. Also: other critical bills that day.

Public hearing July 14 on oppressive "transgender rights and hate crimes" bill , with fines & jail terms. Backed by 104 Mass. legislators. Bill is "major goal" of Mass. homosexual lobby this year. Photo

Google blocks MassResistance blog! Posts warning notice that our factual transgender rights reports (with photos) are "objectionable"!

Sponsors of the Transgender Rights & Hate Crimes Bill - H1728. 104 State Representatives and Senators (majority of Legislature) signed on as official sponsors.

MassResistance gives hardcore testimony at State House public hearing on bill to remove exemption of schools from pornography laws.

June 2009

Testimony by parents to protect children in the public schools: Bill H1377 (filed by MassResistance) would repeal the exemption for schools from the laws protecting children from "harmful material" (including pornography).

Scott Lively releases blockbuster online book on defeating the "gay" agenda - now available here! Photos, link to PDF of complete book.

Budget Committee releases new MA budget. ALL required funding for "GLBT Commission" is out. Photo

Howie Carr column: What state budget crisis? Taxation without representation was a better deal. Commentary in Boston Herald.

Jeff Jacoby column: The low caliber of Massachusetts politicians hasn't changed in since Revolutionary War times. Commentary, Boston Globe.

Budget items before the House & Senate Conference Committee regarding funding for homosexual programs in schools

Homosexual "Youth Pride Day" (May 9, ,2009) activities with kids – supported by your tax dollars. Includes "Transgender prom" for kids: “Mr. Boston Leather” greets teens. Transgender “celebration” for  kids – speeches, drag queen, entertainment.
PARADE thru Boston: Kids acting out homosexuality while marching thru the streets. High schools from across the state in homosexual parade. "We're here, we're queer, get used to it! "  Photos & video.

May 2009

Mass. Health Curriculum Frameworks: Could this document become the legal requirement to what your children are taught in school?

Homosexual lobby thwarted – Massachusetts Senate removes all earmarked funds for GLBT Commission in budget amendments

Drinking Harvey Milk's Kool-Aid Commentary by Daniel J. Flynn, City Journal

Major politicians, media, join celebration of 5-year anniversary of "gay marriage" in Massachusetts. Photos, audio & video

Obama's speech on abortion at Notre Dame uses familiar left-wing tactics.
Commentary by Brian Camenker.

Pro-gay MA senators submit budget amendments to restore funding for homosexual programs in schools

GLSEN-Boston Conference on May 2, 2009: Training teachers to push radical homosexual & transgender agenda in schools. Photos; downloads of program and handouts.

Fidelity Investments holds fundraiser for Barney Frank

Prominent homosexual activists terrorize Boston church sponsoring ex-gay religious event. Photos & video

Mass. House sneaks in "some" funding requirement for homosexual school programs in 2010 budget

April 2009

Victories (and a defeat) in NH, Maine, and Conn. on same-sex "marriage," transgender bill. Homosexual lobby stopped (for now) by flood of citizen outrage.

Homosexual lobby files budget amendments in MA House in attempt to restore $850,000 funding for homosexual programs in schools

Politicians react to the pressure: Mass. House Ways & Means Committee cuts out entire $850,000 from homosexual programs in schools from FY 2010 budget

Analysis of the money budgeted in the Mass. state budget for homosexual programs in the public schools: FY2009 vs FY2010

Cross-dressers & transsexuals converge on MA State House to lobby for radical "Transgender rights and hate crimes bill." Photos

Mass. Republican Party abandoning pro-family conservatism, new GOP chairman tells homosexual newspaper

Vermont Legislature overrides Governor's veto, passes same-sex "marriage"

Bill in Congress for Resolution supporting "Day of Silence"

Major pro-family bills filed by MassResistance and others
4-3-2009 (updated March 2010)

Bills filed by the homosexual & anti-family lobbies in the Legislature this session
4-3-2009 (updated March 2010)

March 2009

PA man with 'transgender' drivers license able to use women's changing room in Kmart. Photo
MassResistance allies with 22 pro-family groups across America to confront homosexual "Day of Silence" in public schools April 17. Photo

"Move Over Law" goes into effect in Massachusetts - passed illegally. Informal sessions of Legislature. Police can ticket drivers $100. Passed with just 2 Senators present.

Massachusetts now allows people to declare "gender you consider yourself to be" on drivers licenses and official state IDs

Mass. RMV head defends "transgender" drivers licenses on radio show. Claims it's "concurrent with current medical practices." Audio.

PA man with "transgender" driver's license demands to use women's changing room in Kmart. Enforced by police over store manager's objection.

LA Times male sports reporter "becomes" a woman. Year and a half later changes mind, "becomes" a man again. [He later committed suicide.] Photos

MassResistance helps stop "civil unions" bill in Hawaii Senate. Photos

Loud homosexual activists disrupt and halt Don Feder speech at UMass Amherst, despite police presence. Photos

Mass. tax-funded GLBT Youth Commission issues chilling report of its activities

Mass. Lesbian State Trooper and others file lawsuit against federal DOMA law. Attorney General announces "strong support" for lawsuit. Photo

Multi-billion dollar MA budget shortfall, but $850,000 for Commission on GLBT Youth still intact. Photo

Radical homosexual & transgender handouts given to kids in Mass. schools. Your tax dollars at work. "Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Appreciation Day" at Newton North H.S. Photos of handouts.

Common smear tactic: MassResistance declared "hate group" by extremist pro-homosexual "Southern Poverty Law Center." Other pro-family groups around the country also named.

February 2009

Assisted suicide bill filed in Massachusetts Legislature

Prominent Singapore law journal cites MassResistance and David Parker in fight to keep country's anti-sodomy laws on books

MassResistance and others file strong pro-family bills in Mass. Legislature

NH same-sex 'marriage' hearing draws crowd - but not transgender bill hearing. Also: Vermont files same-sex 'marriage' bill.

Registry of Motor vehicles reacts to outrage by sending misleading email to citizens

Obama nominates pornography advocate as high Dept. of Justice official

Transgender janitor in Mass. elementary school. School will tell children male employee is now a "woman" in simple, straightforward" manner.

Homosexual lobby files 8 bills in Legislature to push agenda even further

January 2009

Massachusetts RMV chief coordinated with homosexual activists to implement radical "transgender" drivers licenses. Policy change was "implemented quietly" to deflect criticism.

Boys and Girls Clubs in Boston facilitating homosexual adoptions. Holding controversial "adoption parties" involving children.

Obama begins deconstruction of society and traditional values his first day in office. Posts radical agenda on White House website.

Martin Luther King's famous "Letter from the Birmingham Jail" resonates more than ever in today's struggles.

MA Legislature continues passing laws with no quorum – contrary to Constitution
On New Year's Eve: 3 Senators meet and pass laws

$1 Billion more in budget cuts coming – but homosexual programs still untouchable

David Parker Parents' Rights Bill filed for 2009-2010 session of Mass. Legislature, Bill H406
Jan. 2009