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RECENT POSTINGS: 2015 - 2016

December 2016

MassResistance's groundbreaking "LGBT Health Hazards" book to come out in paperback next month
Breaking a 20-year silence by the pro-family & conservative establishment. Currently available as Amazon electronic "e-book" edition. 12/18/2016

Just underneath the veneer of "respectability" lies a terrible nightmare of problems surrounding LGBT behavior.

Our Nebraska MassResistance Affiliate
School district strikes back at Omaha parents' group that exposed graphic "comprehensive sex-ed"curriculum
District-wide email attempts to "debunk parents examples. A disingenuous tactic being used by school officials across US. 12/14/2016

A parent volunteer (center) hands out literature exposing the school district's "comprehensive sex-ed" curriculum to a parent with her daughter across the street from a middle school in Omaha.

Our Nebraska MassResistance Affiliate
Parents' group in Omaha fights radical sex-ed curriculum. Distributes "opt-out" forms outside every middle school in the city.
Catholic Archdiocese also officially joins the fight! 12/4/2016

A mother holds a sign across the street from her local middle school.

November 2016

Helping parents fight the unbelievable LGBT sex-ed war on children in schools!
There's a war brewing in schools across America. Parents are starting to fight back in greater numbers. Here's the background of what's been going on. 11/22/2016

Planned Parenthood activists outside of a School Committee meeting in suburban St. Louis, to intimidate School Committee members and pro-family parents.

"The Big Evil"
How the horrific "sex-ed" is able to happen. The progressives' mass-subjugation tactic for silencing people and destroying their will. 11/22/2016

LGBT lawsuit against US pastor seeks to make Christian belief a 'crime against humanity' around the world
Christian teaching about LGBT behavior would become criminalized. 11/16/2016

Pastor Scott Lively (right) with supporter outside the Federal Courthouse in Springfield just before his hearing.

LGBT activists fill Federal Courtroom to stop Pastor Scott Lively's efforts to dismiss "crimes against humanity" case against him
Outrageous lawsuit by radical New York-based Soros-funded legal group against Christian pastor. Huge attack on free speech. This could affect the entire pro-family movement. 11/12/2016

Outside the Federal Courthouse in Springfield, MA on Wednesday, Nov. 9

Pre-Election Post: Everybody's talking about candidates they don't like. Here's a candidate we really like!
Young, conservative, intelligent, pro-family. Running a great campaign for Mass. State Senate against a horrible leftist incumbent. Snubbed by the RINO state GOP. Attacked in the media. 11/4/2016

Mass. State Senate candidate Ted Busiek. This is what the future of the GOP should be!

Stand4Truth conference a big success - exposing the truth about LGBT agenda
Critical information for pro-family people, including powerful facts from ex-homosexuals. Cutting through the lies, deception, and mis-information in the popular culture. 11/2/2016

Experts, mental health professionals, activists, and religious leaders came from across America.

October 2016

MassResistance announces major new book: "The Health Hazards of Homosexuality" now available.
The book the pro-family movement has been waiting for. Covers virtually every aspect of a subject ignored in today's popular culture. Over 500 pages and 1800 endnotes with links to sources. 10/26/2016

This topic is difficult to take but necessary to understand.

Another 'gay marriage' battle looming in Australia. MassResistance helping educate pro-family citizens there!
It's failed to pass numerous times in the National Parliament. But another fight is on the horizon. 10/23/2016

Passing out MassResistance booklet "What same-sex 'marriage' did to Massachusetts" at pro-family meeting in Australia last week.

Powerful conference on the truth about the LGBT movement is back this year!
Stand4Truth conference in Houston Oct. 28, 29. Countering the lies, misinformation, and propaganda. Top pro-family speakers from across America. 10/16/2016

This conference is boldly defying the threats, fear, and intimidation from the LGBT movement.

LGBT activists vs parents at school board meeting over graphic sex-ed
But Missouri MassResistance parents weren't intimidated and and fought right back. But is this coming to your school? 10/10/2016

At school board meeting: Here's what parents are up against.

September 2016

Newest chapter: Nigeria MassResistance - taking on the battle in Africa!
Confronting the international LGBT movement out to undermine the region's culture. First chapter outside the US! 9/30/2016

The core planning group of Nigeria MassResistance. They have big plans!

California MassResistance continues to confront elected officials on college anti-religion bill, and more
Making sure they know that a "Yes" vote was unacceptable. Governor has two more days to sign (or veto) SB 1146. 9/28/2016

CA Assemblyman Patrick O'Donnell (right) and aide run away from constituents asking him about his vote on SB 1146. See video!

Pro-family citizens fill the streets of Mexico City. Demand end to 'gay marriage' & more.
Demand end to "gay marriage," gay couples' adoption of children, and transgender agenda in schools. 9/26/2016

Mexican pro-family citizens are fearless -- unlike here in US.

Upcoming Mexico City marriage rally being attacked in media, threatened by govt
But Mexican pro-family organizers are standing strong. MassResistance asked to help by countering hostile reports by mainstream media. 9/22/2016

Sending a message to the government: Do not impose "gay marriage" and the LGBT agenda on the nation!

Massive pro-marriage rallies held across Mexico. MassResistance helped make it happen!
Confronting Mexican president's effort to impose 'gay marriage' nationwide. Over a million turn out in 122 cities & towns. Another rally planned for Sept. 24. 9/16/2016

Pro-family activists in Mexico holding up copies of the Spanish version of MassResistance booklet on 'gay marriage'

How Phyllis Schlafly profoundly changed America
Phyllis Schlafly, who passed away this week at age 92, created the modern pro-family movement and was its greatest activist. Her book changed the Republican party. But most pro-family conservatives today don't know much about her! 9/9/2016

Outside of the White House during the Carter administration.

Missouri parents show up at School Board members' homes after being repeatedly denied meetings on sex ed curriculum
Demanding answers, not silence. Parents around the country: You can learn from this group! 9/4/2016

Keeping up the pressure. Parents signing Freedom of Information Act paperwork and letters to their School Board members, before going off to Board members houses!

Newest chapter: Missouri Mass­Resistance! Parents fighting graphic LGBT sex-ed curriculum
Our latest chapter! Radical sexuality being pushed on young children by politicians. An incredible group of parents who aren't backing down. 9/1/2016

Keeping up the pressure. Parents at Aug. 3 School Board meeting making their demands pretty clear.

August 2016

CA MassResistance's fight to stop bill SB 1146: Here's how to lobby your state legislators!
Breaking the mold of the mushy and ineffective pro-family movement. 8/26/2016

Sometimes you have to tell it like it is!

LGBT anti-religion bill first FAILS in CA Assembly, then barely passes after arm-twisting from leadership
Strength of pro-family activism took politicians by surprise. Fight goes to the Senate. 8/25/2016

When the CA Assembly members looked up on the board after the first vote, SB 1146 had failed to get the required 41 votes to pass.

California LGBT anti-religion bill appears stalled in State Assembly
Furious lobbying by pro-family activists. To get it moving, bill's sponsor compromises a second time. 8/21/2016

People have had enough and simply aren't letting up on this!

Compromise reached on California LGBT bill targeting Christian colleges. But the fight continues.
Bill is still dangerous - but Christian college leaders say they're "pleased." Pro-family activists continue fighting to kill it. 8/11/2016

After weeks of pressure, Sen. Ricardo Lara, the bill's sponsor, was forced to compromise. But how good is it?

New transgender "bathroom" law, signed by GOP Governor, already changing life in Massachusetts
Male prison guard using female locker rooms despite objections from women. "I'm transgendering and they're coming along for the ride" he says. 8/9/2016

Male prison guard poses at home next to his clothes closet.

California MassResistance: Full-court press against LGBT anti-religion bill
Confronting numerous State Assembly members at local offices during legislative recess. 8/2/2016

Inside the local office of California Assembly Member David Hadley in Torrance.

July 2016

Fighting back in Omaha - Newest MassResistance affiliate confronting 'trans' school policy
Parents confront Board at recent two meetings. Board vote likely next week. See hard-hitting VIDEO. 7/28/2016

Nebraska pro-family leader confronts the Omaha School Board.

MassResistance Maine affiliate rocks media with State House press conference to repeal state LGBT law
Signature gathering for state referendum starts soon. 7/20/2016

California MassResistance protest at state senator's office over oppressive anti-religion bill
Bill would force Christian colleges to abandon religious values. "We're not taking this anymore," says MR organizer. VIDEO. 7/14/2016

Powerful book exposing 'gay parenting' re-energizes MassResistance challenge!
What the media and cultural elite won't tell you: This autobiographical account will open your eyes about a subject that no one wants to talk about. 7/6/2016

June 2016

‘Gay Pride Week’ in Boston – what the media didn’t report
Public assault on society, Christianity, public health, traditional norms. It’s time for us to be honest. SEE VIDEO. 6/30/2016

This is what the media shows people from the "gay pride" parade. But we'll show you more.

CA bill would force Christian colleges to surrender opposition to LGBT agenda
Passed in Senate; now in Assembly. MassResistance California mobilizing to help stop it. Coming to your state? 6/27/2016

The LGBT movement has begun an aggressive national effort

'Transgender' mom and dad: The next wave of LGBT propaganda coming to schools?
Bathroom bills and gender-free pronouns are just the beginning. The war on truth continues. Can we confront it? 6/21/2016

Father's Day propaganda. Boston Globe photo of "transgender dad" at work - along with a front-page article.

What really goes on at a school “gay straight alliance” club event – Part II
Helping kids become “transgender”. Deadly diseases versus “safer” gay sex. Telling kids that Christianity is pro-gay. 6/19/2016

Adult activist at Youth Pride event for school "gay" clubs from across the state.

California MassResistance protests outside of Target chain's annual shareholders meeting
Voicing national outrage over management’s ‘transgender bathroom’ policy to their ultimate decision makers. See photos & VIDEO. 6/10/2016

Telling it like it is outside the Target shareholders enter their annual meeting!

What really goes on at a school “gay straight alliance” club event – Part II
Outside adult-led “gay” clubs; special “gay sex” aids; “gay” partner violence warnings. Caution: graphic content. 6/10/2016

GLSEN, the national homosexual activist group which organizes and runs "gay straight alliance" clubs in schools across the country, was a big part of this event. 6/8/2016

May 2016

What goes on at a school “gay” club event? Here’s the horrific truth.
Handouts of condoms & lubricant for homosexual (“safe”) sex, and radical LGBT literature. Adult activists everywhere. See shocking VIDEO. 5/29/2016

At their own events the LGBT activists are pretty open about what the "gay" school clubs are really all about.

California MassResistance holds another successful Target protest! Customers agree to boycott!
Many customers say they’re not coming back after hearing about store’s “bathroom” issue. See VIDEO! 5/24/2016

This woman was so upset hearing about Target’s policy that she picked up one of our signs and protested with us!

Fighting back in California - New MassResistance chapter protests outside Target store!
Customers outraged when learning about store's new "bathroom" policy. Also see VIDEO of pro-family protesters standing up to "social justice" radicals! 5/17/2016

Outside of the Target store in Torrance, CA, last Saturday.

Fighting back in Maine - New Mass­Resistance affiliate files referendum to repeal LGBT law!
Leader Mike Heath has winning track record fighting and winning referendum battles on this issue. 5/13/2016

Getting the signature papers at the Maine Secretary of State's office - and ready to go!

Politicians raise 'transgender flag' over Boston City Hall. Hold press conference vowing to fight to pass "bathroom bill".
Complete disconnect from reality. See photos & VIDEO from their ridiculous speeches. 5/7/2016

Yes, this is the "transgender flag" flying over Boston City Hall.

Mass. modifies 'bathroom bill'. Attempt to counter “sexual predator” fears and push through Legislature.
Trying to gain votes to override possible veto by Governor. Senate to vote May 12. Will this scheme work? 5/2/2016

  The bill would require every business to allow these men into every women's restroom, locker room, and shower.

April 2016

Music teachers in Mass. schools being told to integrate full LGBT agenda into their classes.
Include “gay” composers, change “heterosexual” song lyrics, embrace “queer” ideology, etc. 4/28/2016

Actually, kids just want to be kids.

Tenn. School Board member confronts LGBT threats & intimidation!
Local activist threatened Board member’s job, livelihood. But he stood his ground and gave it right back! (See video.) 4/24/2016

Not backing down. Franklin County School Board Member Chris Guess speaks out.

Tenn. School Board stands up to LGBT agenda -- protects students from high school "gay" club
Sets strong rules restricting how “gay” club can operate. Will likely cause club to eventually shut down! 4/14/2016

The Franklin County School Board takes its vote. Note the pro-LGBT activist (far right) seated holding his rainbow "Ally" sign to try to intimidate them. But it passed 7-1.

Behind the scenes in school 'gay' clubs: Radical adult activists attacking parents.
Report from Tennessee - see shocking video. The LGBT movement constantly claims that the “gay” clubs in the schools are run by students – not adults. The truth is quite the opposite. 4/10/2016

Adult homosexual activist from Alabama tells the kids: It’s not me that’s broken. There’s something wrong with society. 

How to confront the “Day of Silence” and other LGBT propaganda
The LGBT "Day of Silence" is coming to high schools and middle schools across the country on Friday, April 15. (Even some colleges and businesses!) Here's what you and your children can do! 4/7/2016

What better way to make a "silent' statement?

Supporters call on MassResistance to expand in other states – to help parents fight the LGBT agenda in schools
Activists in states across the county (and in several foreign countries) want to start MassResistance chapters. 4/3/2016

Brian Camenker of MassResistance (left) came to Tennessee and went on the radio with a local parent to help parents across the county to fight back!

March 2016

Reacting to pro-family pressure: Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade restricts “gay” banners
An avalanche of emails and phone calls stemming from nearly 6,000 pro-family Catholics and others signing an online petition. Parade boycotted by Catholic groups. 3/24/2016

The "Boston Pride" contingent was hardly recognizable by anyone. Some Irish flags and balloons, and just a small banner on their trolley car.

Tennessee local school board backs off from removing 'gay' club. Parents livid and fighting back.
Door is still open to shut it down, say Liberty Counsel lawyers. MassResistance was there countering LGBT intimidation and disinformation campaign. 3/20/2016

LGBT activists came to the School Board meeting from across the state to intimidate local Christian parents.

Tennessee county battling LGBT onslaught over “gay” club in high school. Showdown at school board meeting this Monday. MassResistance coming to help!
After vicious attacks by homosexual activists, local parents ask MassResistance to come and help with the fight! 3/12/2016

A homosexual club suddenly appearing in the high school shocked and upset the parents. They're demanding it be removed. But now the LGBT movement is viciously attacking them.

Boston Catholics demanding the name of “St. Patrick” be removed from upcoming “St. Patrick’s Day Parade.” Openly "gay"l groups again being included.
Insulting to the Catholic religion, dishonor to Catholic saint, say local Catholics. 3/10/2016

This is what the once-Catholic parade is being turned into by its traitorous organizers.

RINO Mass. Governor’s attempt to purge pro-family conservatives from GOP State Committee has moderate success, tho expands his majority.
Most targeted conservative incumbents survived. (See our full list of candidates and results.) 3/10/2016

Jim Dixon (standing, in suit) held his fundraiser in a local Waltham bar. When the votes were counted ... Jim won!

Parents outraged over graphic “dating” survey given to students in Andover, MA. Crude questions on sexuality, homosexuality, criminal assault, and more.
Angry parents confront school officials. Survey answers have potential for subpoena against students, says local lawyer. 3/6/2016

February 2016

In Super Tuesday's elections: Mass. Governor & GOP establishment seeking to purge party of pro-family conservatives.
RINO Governor out to fundamentally transform the Party. If you live in Mass., you must pay attention! See voter list. 2/28/2016

The GOP establishment has raised huge money to run socially "moderate" candidates for the State Committee and replace pro-family incumbents.

Pro-family activists converge on Mass. State House to counter 'bathroom bill'
Also includes calls and emails to Reps from across America! Support for outrageous bill seems to be weakening as the truth gets out. 2/25/2016

In the Speaker Pro Tempore's office.

Yes, the “bathroom bill” danger to women and girls is REAL -- see chilling examples!!
But many lawmakers don't seem to care! 2/21/2016

Photo from local TV report.

How the transgender movement sells its outrageous "bathroom bill" to politicians 2/17/2016
Strategy outlined at Transgender Lobby Day in Mass. State House, for bill now before Legislature. Well-crafted emotional messaging. (Also see video.)

Man dressed as a woman addresses activists on "Transgender Lobby Day."

There is no Santa Claus for the front-line pro-family movement
It’s time for regular people to bring the battle to a new level! 2/12/2016

Pro-family activists protest outside the hospital that fired Dr. Paul Church because he told the truth about the "gay" lifestyle.

Over 300,000 rally against 'civil unions' and gay adoptions in Rome!
As parliament vote nears -- Europeans understand the problem and are willing to confront the issue without fear, while most US pro-family groups have compromised. 2/4/2016

Italian demonstrators holding signs saying: "Wrong is wrong, even if it becomes law." [Photo: Reuters]

What’s wrong with being “gay”? Here’s what they don’t tell you — and it’s very disturbing.
It's become accepted wisdom that homosexual behavior is a normal and natural variation of life. But there are some extremely uncomfortable facts. 2/4/2016

The actual data is mind-boggling.

January 2016

LGBT bill to ban therapy for youth on sexual orientation issues is stalled in Mass. Legislature
The result of relentless pro-family lobbying! Bill was skipped over in Wed. Jan 27 House session after “hold” was put on it. Still on hold the following week's session. But battle continues. 1/29/2016

The Mass. House session on Wed., Jan. 27

Battle continues over LGBT bill in State House to ban therapy for youth!
Nationwide push by radicals now in Massachusetts. Vote postponed until this Wednesday, Jan. 27. 1/22/16

In the State House we tell it like it is!

LGBT bill to ban therapy for youth on sexual orientation issues goes before Mass. House Jan 27
(Postponed from Jan. 21) A cruel and dangerous bill. The War on Children continues. 1/17/2016

The worst "high crime" area in Boston!

Update: Status of "culture war" bills – good and bad – now in Mass. Legislature
The assault by the LGBT movement and Planned Parenthood continues in the State House! 1/15/2016

Firing of Dr. Paul Church covered on Fox News, Michael Savage, other national media.
But still blacked out by liberal mainstream Boston medial. 1/8/2016

Headline on the Fox News website the day after Fox reporter called MassResistance.

December 2015

Here's what we expose – see chilling 3-minute video of state-sponsored 'youth pride' event
MassResistance does what no other pro-family groups do. 12/29/2015

At the "Youth Pride" event -- a table with sexual paraphernalia.

New York City begins most oppressive “transgender rights” enforcement in US. Up to $250K fine for using the wrong name in workplace -- and worse.
It's where the "transgender non-discrimination” laws are taking us. Coming to your state? 12/28/2015

Camenker of MassResistance named #1 national Pro-Family Hero for 2015
Over 30 prominent pro-family figures recognized in third annual list by Scott Lively's Abiding Truth Ministries. 12/20/2015

Brian Camenker of MassResistance gives strong testimony against the transgender "bathroom bill" at Massachusetts State House public hearing on 10/6/15.

Coming to your child's school: The new “Transgender Awareness Month”
The “gender identity” movement's next conquest -- using the "transgender anti-discrimination" laws as a stepping stone. 12/12/2015

Helping to break down down a child's sense of male/female identity. [Photo: Fenway Health]

Mass. Governor’s Council approves radical LGBT nominee for Appeals Court Judge by 7-1 vote
Thanks to a GOP governor, the legal landscape for pro-family people just got much, much worse 12/12/2015

Mass. GOP Governor appoints radical LGBT activist as Appeals Court Judge.
We’ve been saying it for years: This is what voting for “the lesser of two evils” brings. 12/8/2015

Judicial nominee and LGBT activist Vickie Henry (left) poses with "gay" youth. Photo: Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders

Catholic Archbishop in Australia facing fines, punishment over pro-marriage pamphlet in Catholic schools!
LGBT movt claims pamphlet is “insulting.” Demanding “gay” diversity training in Catholic schools as remedy. This is what is coming to the US! 12/5/2015

Archbishop Julian Porteous speaks to the press about the complaint against him and the Church. He is conciliatory but not backing down.

Dec 1: "World AIDS Day" means different things to different people.
Dec. 1, 2015, was designated as #GivingTuesday for non-profits around the country. But that's not all . . . 12/1/2015

November 2015

Analysis: What really happened in Houston – How the transgender “bathroom bill” was defeated against overwhelming odds
A lesson for the rest of us. 11/24/2015

An impressive army of pastors, community activists, and politicians came out fighting!

Planned Parenthood sex-ed school bill passed by Mass. Senate, despite stiff battle. Goes to House. A lesson about politicians.
Debate of bill shows outrageous elitism and disdain for parental rights by many politicians. (See video!) Shows the necessity of aggressive lobbying by our side to prevail. 11/21/2015

Radical Planned Parenthood school bill before Mass. Senate this Wednesday Nov. 18!
Pushing their sexuality / homosexuality / abortion agenda into the schools grades K-12. Take action now! 11/17/2015

Planned Parenthood considers passing this bill a major goal to push their agenda further into the schools.

Videos now posted: Stand4Truth national conference on "Understanding homosexuality"
The conference that the pro-family "moderates" tried to stop. 11/11/2015

Sandy Rios of American Family Association served as moderator & host

Help us meet the Veterans Day MassResistance Matching $5K Chellenge -- and help us keep fighting!
Since the banks were closed on Wednesday, the donors are giving us one more day to match their amounts! 11/11/2015

"I'm so thankful that MassResistance is here to stand up and fight. . . Please support the Veterans Day $5K Challenge!" - US Army veteran who also donated $200.

Dr. Church continues to wait for decision from hospital Board of Directors. Outrage continues around the world.
On his appeal -- challenging his firing for telling the truth! Big topic of concern at rnational pro-family conferences. 11/9/2015

Dr. Paul Church addresses the national Stand 4 Truth conference in Salt Lake City via Skype on Oct. 26.

National conference on "Understanding Homosexuality - the politically incorrect truth" a big success!
Seen around the world! Despite efforts by pro-family "moderates" to stop it. 11/5/2015

An All-Star group came from all over the country.

October 2015

Pro-family "moderates" attempting to suppress next week’s conference exposing LGBT lies.
Threats from LGBT lobby also expected. Huge battle coming up in Salt Lake City starting this week! 10/22/2015

The radical homosexual group "Human Rights Campaign" is also in Salt Lake City this week to harrass and intimidate our side -- and the pro-family "moderates" are backing down.

Powerful pro-family conference on “Understanding Homosexuality – the politically incorrect truth.” Oct 26 in Salt Lake City, or via streaming video.
Learn how to deal with the radical agendas! Sponsored by major US pro-family groups (including MassResistance). Nationally known experts presenting. 10/17/2015

Tickets available to attend – or watch at home via streaming video!

MassResistance testifies at “transgender non-discrimination bill” hearing in Mass. Legislature. Confronts politicians’ acceptance of absurd concept.
Shows big difference in tactics within the pro-family community. 10/14/2015

Brian Camenker of MassResistance testifies.

Dr. Church gets 15 minutes to speak in final appeal before Board of Directors. Outrage continues around the world!
New petition now over 8000 signatures! National doctors' group: "Sham peer review" by hospital. 10/12/2015

The executive suite where the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Board of Directors meets.

Battle to stop outrageous transgender bill on "public accommodations" now in Mass. Legislature
Part of renewed nationwide push by LGBT movement. With no religious exemptions. 10/5/2015

Yes, these are all men. They tried to get a restaurant punished when management tossed them out anter the customers became uncomfortable.

Board of Directors to judge Dr. Church's claim that firing was blatantly biased and violated hospital rules
Dr. Church goes before hospital’s Board of Directors on Oct 7. Last possible appeal of physician's expulsion for telling the (politically incorrect) truth about homosexual behavior. You still need to get involved – NEW petition to sign! 10/2/2015

"Truly caring for the well-being of individuals requires telling them the truth about their choices."

Despite general "mainstream media" blackout, Dr. Church issue is getting coverage
The word is getting out, fueled by conservative media. And people are shocked! 10/2/2015

September 2015

Rich Gregoire - the most fearless activist we knew
He was an inspiration to us all. And he worked in a public school! 9/25/2015

Rich Gregoire was a guidance counselor at an elementary school in Worcester, Mass. Massachusetts public schools are among the most aggressively radical in the country. Such a situation would be a nightmare for most of us. But Rich had no problems at all.

Dr. Church officially appeals to hospital Board over firing. Thousands of petitions delivered to president's office.
People signed from all 50 states and 77 foreign countries! 9/22/2015

MassResistance presents petition with stack of 4100 names of petition signers to hospital president's office.

The Kim Davis standoff: Religious freedom argument is not enough
Can there be religious freedom without a cultural counter-revolution? She’s out of jail -- for now. 9/20/2015

Just to make sure: After the judge let Kim Davis return to work, the State Police made their presence known at her office.

Hospital appeal panel pronounces Dr. Church “guilty” of telling the truth. More yet to come.
Chilling implications for society. Expelled from major Boston hospital for warning about medical dangers of LGBT behavior. 9/12/2015

Supporting Dr. Church -- and telling the truth -- outside of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis jailed -- as the post-‘gay marriage’ revolution ratchets up!
Article in pro-"gay" magazine outlines what's in store for America. 9/4/2015

County Clerk Kim Davis turns down homosexual couple seeking marriage license. From NY Times video.

Still no word from hospital on result of Dr. Church’s appeal hearing, two weeks after deadline.
Dr. Paul Church has not been informed of the result of his appeal hearing, even though the deadline for making the decision was two weeks ago. 9/4/2015

August 2015

LGBT lobby rebutted by pro-family medical experts & ex-gays at Mass. State House public hearing.
On destructive bill to ban "sexual orientation" counseling for youth. SEE our VIDEO! 8/28/2015

The hearing room was completely full, and people were standing along the walls.

Movement in Finland to repeal “gay marriage” law ignites across country -- using MassResistance materials!
With a new pro-family government elected this year, the battle is gearing up across Finland with more energy than ever. 8/21/2015

Finnish version of MassResistance booklet "What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts" is being passed out across the country.

Protests by MassResistance at hospital in Boston continue over expulsion of Dr. Church.
Hundreds of flyers (per hour) having an effect among staff. Keeping up the pressure. Awaiting verdict on appeal hearing. 8/18/2015

MassResistance takes to the streets for Dr. Church -- physician expelled from hospital staff for telling the truth about homosexual behavior!
Signs and flyers at busy entrance to hospital in Boston. SEE VIDEO. 8/4/2015

Getting the word out outside of Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center in Boston.

Dr. Church finishes two-day appeal hearing before hospital panel.
Verdict to come within twenty days. 8/4/2015

July 2015

Sign the CitizenGo petition for Dr. Church! 
Take action!

Dr. Church’s appeal to take place this Wednesday and Thursday.
Prominent physician fired from major Boston hospital for discussing dangers of homosexual behavior! A frightening state of affairs. 7/27/2015

Dr. Paul Church (right) with his attorney, Richard
Mast of Liberty Counsel, outside of the hospital after
attending a pre-hearing meeting on July 15.

Public hearing Tuesday on hateful bill to ban needed counseling for youth on “sexual orientation” issues.
Huge push by national LGBT movement. Rejected by 20 state legislatures, the big target is now Massachusetts. 7/23/2015

"Reparative therapy saved my life. I was one of those 5-year-old boys who was sexually abused."

State AGs refuse to file for a re-hearing on Supreme Court same-sex “marriage.” Ignore federal laws broken by Justices, and pleas by citizens.
The big retreat continues. Permanent split coming in pro-family movement? 7/23/2015

With five days left to file for SCOTUS marriage re-hearing, the GOP & conservative cave-in spreads
July 21 deadline to file. Big pro-family meeting in Ohio AG’s office. 7/16/2015

Last Friday nearly 50 pro-family activists, pastors, and
others met with Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
(second from left) to try to persuade him to do the right thing.

SCOTUS re-trial on marriage issue? It’s possible if GOP doesn’t cave in.
It’s not completely over yet. But a group of treacherous and cowardly Republican politicians are standing in the way. 7/9/2015

Impartial? Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
performs a same-sex "marriage" on August 31, 2013.

The Turning Point: Lawless “Gay Marriage” in Massachusetts
By Amy Contrada. The rule of law was killed in Massachusetts in 2004. The judges and Governor got away with its murder. 7/7/2015

An Independence Day message about fear.
Let’s be honest. Being called nasty names or boycotted, etc., is small potatoes in the context of things. Also: see video. 7/4/2015

We can learn a lot from the 56 Founding Fathers who
signed the Declaration of Independence.

US Supreme Court marriage ruling: How we got to this & what to do now
A candid analysis from the trenches. 7/1/2015

Russian immigrants holding signs outside the
Massachusetts State House during Marriage
Amendment Constitutional Convention
demonstrations in 2007.

June 2015

Boston hospital fires prominent physician for telling the truth about homosexual behavior and criticizing involvement in “Gay Pride” events!
Says that discussion of medical facts of homosexual behavior constitutes “unprofessional conduct.” Unbelievable! 6/21/2015

See timeline of events - physician warned, threatened and fired.
Hospital reacts to physician's concerns with hostility, intimidation and threats; finally expels him from staff. 6/21/2015

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is a major Harvard-affiliated hospital in Boston. One principled physician stood up to the destructive politically-correct group-think.

Start of "Gay Pride Week” in Boston: Politicians raise rainbow flag over City Hall and honor virulent anti-Christian group.
Elected officials celebrate 10-day period of perversion and lunacy. (See our video!) 6/19/2015

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and other politicians
raise the "gay" flag over City Hall.

May 2015

Analysis: What REALLY happened in Ireland's election: Massive US-funded "gay marriage" blitzkrieg as never seen before.
Nationwide vote would have surely failed otherwise. Are other countries next? This should be a wake-up call around the world. 5/28/2015

The well-funded propaganda blitz in full swing.

Ireland national vote on “gay marriage” on May 22. Pro-family activists used MassResistance info to warn voters of consequences.
Up against millions of US “gay” dollars and overwhelming support by politicians, media, business, and liberal elite. 5/21/2015

Despite the massive propaganda and intimidation
campaign by the LGBT forces for a "Yes" vote, there
is a large undercurrent of regular Irish people
who aren't buying it.

The crisis in pro-family activism - and what we’re doing about it
There’s never been a bigger need to confront the radical agendas being forced on families, children, and religious believers. 5/13/2015

Parents hammer Education Committee legislators at State House public hearing on “student survey” bill
Outrageous issue reported on Boston TV, radio, & across the Internet. 5/13/2015

Mother of two children in public schools tells
legislators about graphic details of school survey

Unbelievable surveys given to children in Mass. - and schools across America
On sexuality, suicide, drug use, criminal activity, personal and family life. Wait until you see the questions! 5/5/2015

Most parents have no idea what the
schools are asking their kids to reveal.

Analysis: Pro-family arguments at Supreme Court “gay marriage” hearing very frustrating, non-aggressive.
Playing to “conventional wisdom” that has not worked so far. Entire case lacks legal legitimacy. 5/1/2015

Orthodox rabbis tell it like it is outside Supreme Court hearing.
Set an example for other pro-family clergy. 5/1/2015

They came from New York and New Jersey and aren't
afraid of the liberal media or the mushy pro-family

April 2015

Ten things you need to know about the US Supreme Court “gay marriage” case being heard April 28, 2015
What was once a fringe, unthinkable idea could be imposed on the entire nation. 4/26/2015

Read our report: Why Justice Elena Kagan must disqualify herself from Supreme Court 'gay marriage' case.
Kagan's outrageous record as Dean of Harvard Law School -- aggressively pushed the LGBT agenda over period of years. 4/20/2015

Strong “culture war” bills filed in Mass. Legislature – good and bad Bills filed by MassResistance, LGBT lobby, Planned Parenthood, & others. 4/17/2015

Analysis: What went wrong in the “Religious Freedom” fight in Indiana and Arkansas?
Failure by pro-family leaders to see roots of problem. 4/10/2015

At the Indiana State House - before the politicians caved in.

March 2015

MassResistance and Catholic Action League pressure on Knights of Columbus leads to media fireworks!
Normally, a contingent deciding not to march in a parade would not be the least bit newsworthy. But liberals hate to lose. 3/31/2015

Boston St. Patrick’s Parade, with “gay” groups marching and Catholic groups absent, loses luster of past years.
More politicians but fewer spectators and participants (see photos).  3/30/2015

For some reason the LGBT "veterans" contingent
was flanked by police as they marched.

After the St. Pat's parade: Organizer claims he “didn’t know” he'd approved a second LGBT group to march.
Catholic Action League calls it "beyond disingenuous." Prominent homosexual activist group well known in Boston.  3/30/2015

VICTORY: Knights of Columbus drop out of “pro-gay” Boston St. Patrick’s Parade after massive outrage from traditional Catholics
Today we saw the triumph of resolute religious believers over the homosexual lobby. 3/13/2015

Traditional Catholics outraged that Knights of Columbus to march in “pro-gay” Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
To fill gap after faithful groups drop out.  3/12/2015

MassResistance addresses defiant rally for marriage at South Carolina State House
Legislators, pastors, doctors, and others ignite the crowd for bill to bypass federal court ruling forcing "gay marriage" on state. See VIDEO!  3/8/2015

They were not ambiguous about their position on the issue!

February 2015

Missouri becomes fourth state to file bill . . .
Four states file bills to circumvent ‘gay marriage’ rulings by federal courts
Stopping the juggernaut of madness. MassResistance working with activists in all three states, and key legislators. 2/22/2015  and  3/17/2015 Updated

The Texas State Capitol. Bills have been filed in
Texas, Oklahoma and South Carolina.

MassResistance taking it into the churches!
Camenker speaks at Sunday service, rallies Pentecostal Church in Rhode Island on fighting the "culture wars." 2/6/2015

The congregation came from Massachusetts
and Rhode Island.

January 2015

Virginia-MassResistance becomes first state chapter of MassResistance!
Already fighting hard on several fronts. Wait till you see the amazing things they're doing! 1/30/2015

They're not shy, that's for sure.

Middle school tries to hide 'gay' assembly from parents
But MassResistance intervenes. 1/16/2015

The LGBT movement's big push is to bring its destructive agenda to younger and younger children.

You did it: MassResistance supporters stepped up for year-end $10,000.00 matching donation - in just 3 days!
Over $12,000 in all. 1/3/2015