302 Found

302 Found


Starting in the morning and throughout the day, homosexual activists converged on church with signs, coffins, screaming, and eventually even a sound truck.

Although they had no permit, Boston police just watched, and even cooperated with demonstrators.

Before 8:00 am, activists had already gathered in front
of the church to "greet" people coming to the event.

More activists showed up, and were in the street, tho they had no permit.
Police just stood and watched, occasionally talked with them.

As time went on, they took up more and more of the street outside.

At one point, this line of Boston police formed to "protect" the illegal demonstrators.

More and more showed up, and they acted angrier and more hostile toward people
there for the conference.  Inside, attendees were told not to leave the building for
lunch (or any other reason).

Homosexual activists bring coffins, place in middle of street, then
place in front of church facing entrance, as an act of intimidation,
while Boston police officer assists by directing traffic.

Close-up of one of the coffins.

Coffins in place at the entrance of the church. . .

And demonstrators marched around coffins, shouting, with signs and rainbow flag.
Note at far left, Boston police stand and watch.

After this, starting mid-afternoon, more homosexual activists converged with a sound truck, and completely blocked the street.  What ensued was a near-riot, as Boston police continued to stand and watch.