Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Outside the hall: hate, threats, intolerance, and intimidation.

Pro-homosexual activists attempt to shut down event.

(It's basically the same mentality as the Islamicists who riot because they don't like a cartoon in a newspaper.)

Starting late afternoon, the pro-homosexual activists started congregating -- in various groups -- near Mechanics Hall. . .

NOTICE how they're allowed to stand in the street and protest, even though the police
admitted to us that they had no permit to demonstrate, or to block traffic (of course, they
didn't have to block the traffic -- the cops did it for them!)

In this group (above), people came with lit candles and stood right in front of the entrance to Mechanics Hall.
This served both as a "candlelight vigil" and the opportunity to use fire as a psychological weapon against
the religious attendees coming in and out. Very nasty.

One attendee told us, "The spirit outside the hall was one of anger, intolerance, hostility,
and meanness. Unwelcoming."

CHANTING: Woman at left, in white sweater, leads chants:
"Hey, hey, ho, ho, homophobia's got to go!" and
"We don't want your hate in Worcester!"

It's always interesting how people who hate religion
attempt to use the Bible toward their own ends.