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Worcester police impose "maximum security" on Christian event

And make Rev. Crouse pay in advance -- in response to threats by homosexual activists (including Mayor of Worcester).

Plus, extensive use of expensive police details.

By late afternoon, the police had blocked the street in front of Mechanics Hall (lit building,
where clock is) and closed it to traffic.

Anyone coming in had to be searched.

Including personal body searches.

They rented metal detectors just for this event (which Rev. Crouse had to pay for).

NOTE: One of the security people told us that in all the time
he had worked for Mechanics Hall (well over a decade) they
had NEVER set up facilities and searched people
coming in. In fact, they had to rent this equipment and
specially train the people to use it.

One attendee told us that the police examined this pen
to determine that it did not contain a hidden blade!

At the various exits, groups of police were stationed.