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Pictures from the "Forum on Marriage Equality"

Quincy, Massachusetts, Thursday, March 23, 2006

Here's what you saw as you entered the room.
Our banner was too big, so we didn't bring it.


You won't often see a literature table with "Help save Equal Marriage" flyers on one end,
and "End Gay 'Marriage'" bumper stickers on the other end!


The panel. Right to left: Tom Kidd, his "husband" Paul Meoni, moderator Gene Ward,
Colleen Roberts, and Dr. John Diggs.

Paul Meoni stands up and holds his wedding picture
up for the audience, as he describes how much his
marriage means to him.


Dr. Diggs makes a point. He was brilliant that night,
but it was like debating a wall.


The crowd nearly filled the room.


When we say this is about emotions, we aren't kidding.
This woman came up immediately as the forum ended and began screaming at
Dr. Diggs (at right). Another woman burst into tears.