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Day of Silence across Massachusetts schools, April 26, 2006.

Here's a sordid sample of what went on.


Posters were everywhere. The poster on the left tells kids:

"What is the Day of Silence? It is a day when students and teachers can choose not to speak to show their support of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender youth. This process symbolizes the forced "silence" of sexual minority teens in schools and the pain and oppression they go through.

Kids were given lots of copies of these to hand to teachers and other kids to communicate why they are silent in school that day.


These shirts were given out free to kids in schools. In many schools, teachers and administrators wore them during the day. This was coordinated nationally. Click here for the shirt sign-up sheet given to adults.

Thousands and thousands of "Ally" rainbow bracelets were given out -- and kids were strongly encouraged to wear them.

No alternative message allowed - parent forced off school property by principal and police!

This is really a disgusting situation -- and it shows the arrogance of school and town officials on this issue. At Lexington High, a parent of students, Bob Bennett, was escorted off school grounds by police who were patrolling that day to keep parents at bay who disagreed with the day's message. The school principal had previously promised Bob that kids at the school could set up a table that day and distribute literature with an alternative viewpoint, and the father was bringing the literature into the school.

But at the last minute, the principal abruptly changed his mind, and had police show him the door, and would not allow any of the literature to be distributed. Bob went out to the sidewalk, and the police continued to "watch" him.

CLICK HERE to HEAR Bob Bennett's story, as told on our MassResistance radio show!
You will find this VERY enlightening -- and frightening that this could happen in America.

After parent Bob Bennett was escorted out of Lexington High, here he is standing on the public sidewalk in front of the school. The police at first told Bob he may not stand on the sidewalk, but Bob refused to leave and the police relented. But they continued to watch him closely.

They would drive around and make sure Bob (or any other parent) didn't represent a "threat" to public safety!!


Police state. The Lexington police also guarded the high school parking lot very tightly, questioning anyone who drove in. (This NEVER happens any other time.) Apparently any parent who might want to question (or even view) the Day of Silence activities represtents a security risk.

Over 50 kids stay home at one school!

At the South Shore Charter School (middle school and high school) in Hull, approximately 50 students were kept at home that day by their parents, who didn't want them exposed to the homosexual message. The arrogant principal did not agree that parents had a right to opt their children out, and told them the students would all be given "unexcused" absences that day!

(An Associated Press reporter was shocked and told us that he'd do an article. He even called one of the families. . . but we haven't seen anything.)




Boston Herald opinion article on "Day of Silence". Excellent article by the Herald's Joe Fitzgerald telling it like it is.

School newspaper article previewing "Day of Silence" Newton North High's school newspaper had this article a few weeks before the Day of Silence previewing the events, and the adults behind it.

Newspaper article - MassResistance quoted in the Boston Herald the day before -- telling it like it is.

Here is a letter signed by 60 residents of Lexington, MA, asking the school system NOT to have the Day of Silence. It was flatly ignored.

Here is GLSEN's list of schools across the country that participated in the Day of Silence.

OUR LIST of participating schools. We called 176 schools across Massachusetts and asked them if they were participating. Here's the results.

Download the official Day of Silence Organizing Manual, published by national homosexual group targeting kids.
CLICK HERE (if you dare)