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What's "Gay Pride Week" in Boston really all about?

What is Macy's Department store promoting here?
Take a look . . .

On the program for this year. . .

A few of Boston Pride's more colorful listed sponsors & parade participants:

  • New England Leather Alliance ("Serving the Leather/Fetish/SM community for over 10 years" - "Marching to celebrate our kinky PRIDE". They'll also have a tent on the Common.)

  • Independent Pagans of New England ("The Witches' Voice: Witches, Wiccans, Druids, solitaries, mages")

  • PolyBoston (group promoting polyamory: group sex/relationships)

  • Ramrod ("leather & Denim cruise bar") & Machine Nightclub (boasts "Largest gay club foam party - hot men dancing - gogo boys cruise bar - backroom dancers - xxx video theater")

  • Good Vibrations (sex toy, XXX video store)

  • Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project (gets huge government money - because it's a huge problem)

  • Fenway Community Health (distributed Little Black Book to teens at GLSEN)

  • The Tiffany Club (transsexuals/transgenders)

  • All the King's Men (calls itself "an all female performance art troupe dedicated to challenging the confines of gender identity and stereotypes")

  • Boston Dyke March (see below) As they describe themselves: "The Boston Dyke March is for everyone! lesbians - dykes - bi-women - boychicks - tomboys - grrrls - lesbian moms - lesbianas femmes - butches - transwomen - androgs - queer women - gay girls - womanists - sororitygirls with pearls who are sleeping together - dykes on bikes - lesbian crones - african american lesbians - rural dykes - goddesses - poly girls - amazons - hippy chicks lipstick lesbians - asian dykes - lesbian avengers - dykes in wheelchairs - wise old lesbians - leather dykes - babydykes" "Join thousands of dykes, lesbians, bisexuals, queers, genderqueers, transwomen, transmen, and their allies marching for political and cultural change."

  • Pride Party for "Alternative Dyke/Queer/Trans Party People"

  • Trans Pride event ("Mass.Transgender Political Coalition is dedicated to ending discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression")

  • Star performer at Festival = Hedda Lettuce, the six-time Drag Queen of the Year Award-winner HX Magazine

  • "Will Loves Steve" Cabaret Show

From past years. . .

A parade of women who have had operations to become men (?)

(From Bay Windows homosexual newspaper, 2004) Here's a photo from the Boston Pride
Parade of (we're not kidding) women who have had their breasts surgically removed, and
are marching as bare-chested "men." This is what Macy's is celebrating!