Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Here is what was handed out to the public at this year's "Boston Pride 2006" festival & parade on Saturday, June 11.

And we're told that this is only about "diversity" and "tolerance". What kind of diversity is this? Why are Macy's, Verizon, Delta Airlines, etc., and the Mayor of Boston and all the other politicians so supportive of this??? These companies and elected officials have some serious explaining to do.

WARNING: Some of this is VERY vulgar and disgusting.

Handing it out. On the left is one of the people handing out materials to the crowds. This particular guy threatened to
assault our cameraman. On the right, a couple of kids (boys? girls?) with stuff just given to them.


And here's just some of it. . .

A "female condom" with detailed instructions handed out with it describing
how to use it for anal sex. Apparently a lot of these were given out. Why?



Here's a card (front and back) that was handed out to people:



Another free advertisement. How'd you like for someone to
hand you this while you're watching a parade?


Packets of anal lube cream were
apparently a popular item.


A double-page of "snugger fit" condoms.

And a three-pack: (1) lube cream, (2) regular condom,
and in the rainbow package (3) a special "pleasure
plus" condom that's "filled with pride".

And of course, a condom bumper sticker! Just what the average person wants for his car.