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Homosexual activists violate special-needs student, daughter of MassResistance staffer.

High school involved. Also Boston Globe reporter.

Persuaded vulnerable girl to "come out" as a lesbian on homosexual website -- for their propaganda advantage.

This is the kind of thing the homosexual movement does in schools across Massachusetts. It is pure evil.

ACTON, MASSACHUSETTS (NOV. 7, 2007) Homosexual activists - possibly in cooperation with school staff -- have viciously targeted a 17-year-old special-needs student, the daughter of Amy Contrada, a MassResistance staffer.  (It's outrageous that a parent is now forced to reveal once-private information in order to stop this assault.)

Claudia Contrada was born in Korea and was adopted by Amy and her husband as an infant. Claudia's special needs include psychological/emotional issues and learning disabilities. Amy and her husband had Claudia enrolled in private parochial schools until her special needs exceeded those schools' abilities to deal with them. Thus, in seventh grade, they had no choice but to enroll Claudia in the Acton-Boxborough public school system.

But Claudia is talented in singing and especially acting. She has a beautiful voice and a fantastic memory for lines and lyrics. She has won awards for her acting. Her therapists said that Claudia's participation in the school's drama program is directly related to treatment of her special needs.

Pro-homosexual, violent play

This year the high school decided to have the drama club perform "The Laramie Project", a very objectionable pro-homosexual, anti-Christian play filled with profanity and extreme violence. Last summer, Amy met with school officials and also the drama board and begged them to choose a different play, citing Claudia's vulnerabilities. They responded very coldly, and refused to consider it. (We will be posting the audio recording of one of the meetings.)

Given her educational and social needs, it was extremely important for Claudia to be in the drama program this fall. Although it was distressing and painful to the family, it was decided to let her be in the play. The school had placed the family in a no-win situation.

Homosexual activism infuses school

From the beginning of her high school career, it seemed that Claudia was targeted from every direction by homosexual activism. She was assigned a high school guidance counselor who was the school's gay-straight alliance club advisor through last June. The counselor's office was plastered with gay stickers, a rainbow flag, coming-out pamphlets, rainbow "Ally" wristbands, and books such as Queering Elementary Education.  This has been the person that Claudia was required to check in with, and turned to for emotional support at the school. (All counselors and administrators at the school have pink triangle "safe space" emblems on their doors and office walls.)

Throughout the high school, "Safe Zone" posters are everywhere.

As the tryouts for "The Laramie Project" began, the drama director gave the kids reading material normalizing homosexuality and demonizing those with traditional values as "haters". That was the theme that was repeated over and over. The kids were given lavender wristbands reading "Erase Hate/www.MatthewShepard.org", which leads kids to homosexual activist websites.

Particularly worrisome was that the drama department sent out numerous emails to everyone connected with the play with all the kids' (and their parents') emails exposed, rather than as a "BCC". Amy asked them not to do that, because the emails could be forwarded anywhere, but they continued to do it.

The attacks begin

As the play rehearsals continued, Claudia started coming home with stories about how her mother was considered crazy, a "homophobe" and even "scary" by her fellow students. "Everybody in the cast knows I have a crazy, bigoted, homophobic mother," she said to Amy. And it seemed to intensify over time. Claudia's language around the home became more and more aggressive and vulgar (as it is in the play).

On Sept. 26, after the cast of the play was announced, Mark Snyder, a 24-year-old homosexual activist from Boston, posted a "news item" on his website titled "Anti-gay zealot's daughter to star in Laramie Project." It was long vicious tirade against Amy, which he sent far and wide. A sample from it:

". . . Contrada's daughter is clearly a brave, compassionate, and inspiring young woman who is willing to lead in the face of adversity - in this case coming from her own mother. .. we have seen how [Amy] Contrada's style of homophobic religious terrorism can painfully tear families apart . . . [commenter:] I can't even imagine the horror of living in a house with that bitch Amy. Poor, poor kid."

Mark Snyder is well known as a vicious, disturbed individual. In 2002 he organized a desecration of a Catholic Mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross which included a "Queer Kiss-In". In 2005 he led a protest against a Focus on the Family conference outside the Tremont Temple Baptist Church in Boston (which Amy photographed and documented). Snyder dragged coffins in front of the church doors and demonstrators screamed obscenities with bullhorns. It was so horrific that Boston riot police were called to protect the attendees.

Homosexual activist Mark Snyder lurking in the back of the school auditorium during an event at Acton-Boxborough High School in October. Snyder lives in Boston.

Snyder is also connected to a number of extremist homosexual organizations that target children, including BAGLY (where he used to be office manager), which has led kids to counseling on body mutilation in order to "become" the opposite sex. (BAGLY is run by a male-to-female transsexual.)

A recent posting on Snyder's website is an article titled "Queering Christ" which included the quote, "I had sexual intercourse with Jesus. Sometimes he was the top, and sometimes he was the bottom. My relationship with Christ was mutual and deep." But Snyder's main passion seems to involve adolescents.

Several months before, in May 2007, after Amy documented Youth Pride in Boston, Snyder announced on his website that he was going after her daughter: "Rumor has it that Amy's daughter is supportive of GSA's! We're on it!", wrote Snyder. (Just who was he in contact with at the school to find this out?)   What a strange coincidence that "gay/trans" kids began to be on Claudia's short list of personal friends at about this time. Also at that time, Snyder was harassing Amy's son in college via Facebook. But her son would have nothing to do with him and warned his family.

And there was more. A few days after Snyder's September posting, the Boston homosexual newspaper Bay Windows published an article about Claudia (which they're now denying they published, but which you can find here). The article quoted from Snyder's website. They further spread Claudia's name throughout the homosexual community. In Newsweekly, an even more bizarre homosexual newspaper distributed in Boston, also published an article about Claudia, gloating over her "lesbianism."

Even a spokeswoman at Roche Bros. supermarkets, responding to complaints that their Acton supermarket was selling tickets to the "The Laramie Project", told callers that Amy's daughter Claudia was in the play, so that made it OK. (The woman had apparently been reading the homosexual web sites, or Bay Windows.) When Amy confronted the woman, she was forced to apologize.

About this time, we've now found out, Mark Snyder started befriending Claudia -- first via email, then by telephone. He offered to be her "ally" in her struggles against her mother. He got her to admit him as a "friend" on her Facebook account. (We now have emails and telephone records of much of this.)

"But Mom, I'm really a lesbian!"

Judging from her emails at that time, Claudia was very confused but was relishing the positive attention, which she had rarely gotten among her peers at school. Besides her communication with Snyder, Claudia's name was turning up on various homosexual websites. Her drama club now started to consider her "cool". Claudia clearly felt special. But her behavior also became noticeably more erratic.

Then, in October, Acton-Boxborough High held a school-wide "coming-out day". The message to kids was that "coming out" as a homosexual or transgender was very progressive. Right after that, the entire following week was homosexual/transgender "ally" week, which the school tied to "The Laramie Project" play. Claudia was riding high. She suddenly decided to tell everyone that she's "really a lesbian".

All of this was clearly known by Claudia's school counselor and other school officials. But to them, this apparently was a "positive" move for Claudia. They never communicated anything about it with her parents. Nor has the school answered the parents' questions about the roles of school personnel in the "Coming Out" and "Ally Week" events.

One of the many "Ally Week" posters throughout Acton-Boxborough High School, right after "Coming Out Day."  Note the connection to Matthew Shepard, who is the main focus of "The Laramie Project."


During "Ally Week" Claudia came home with this card that kids at school were persuaded to sign.

Of course, Claudia is no more a lesbian than the man in the moon. She's always had crushes on boys, and her bedroom has always been (and still is) plastered with pictures of boys.

Claudia's bedroom wall: Does this look like a lesbian's room to you?

So when Claudia told Amy and her husband that she's a lesbian, they basically ignored it as another silly idea that Claudia got from the latest school lunacy, and nothing more. Claudia doesn't really understand what "lesbian" is. It was all about getting attention. They did worry that she was starting to hang out with some very strange kids who had their own emotional problems stemming from "gay" and "transgender" identity issues.

Unfortunately, Amy didn't know what Mark Snyder was about to do.

Claudia's "coming out" interview on Snyder's homosexual website.

Claudia's "coming out" was exactly what Mark Snyder was looking for. It's unclear whether he found out from other kids he was in contact with, or whether Claudia mentioned it. But he moved pretty fast.

He persuaded her to do an "exclusive interview" with him, which he promptly published on his website, and he encouraged his friends to add comments. He then blasted it out the homosexual community everywhere he could:

Click here for the "exclusive interview" with Claudia
that Snyder published on his website.

Adult homosexual groups converge on Claudia

Almost immediately, dozens of homosexual web sites and blogs across the country picked up Snyder's posting and commented on it. Some of the stuff they printed is so vile that we can't print it here. Homosexual activists began to contact Claudia via her Facebook account. As for Claudia, she couldn't believe how "popular" she was becoming. She was excited that she was now "famous".

Then the big guns began to hit on her. It shows how revolting these people are, and how they're willing to take advantage of vulnerable kids for their own ends.

Here's what Claudia began to receive, via her Facebook account:

Subject: For Your Bravery
To: Claudia Contrada
From: Kelly F. Lydon
5:09pm October 30th

The Massachusetts Youth Pride Committee and the Friends of GBLT Youth would love to honor you at this year's Youth Pride. We would also love for you to share your story with the committee. (Which if you wanted to be a part of let me know.)
I just wanted to personally tell you how proud I am of you and how brave you are. Massachusetts Youth Pride is all about saving the lives of GLBT youth and encouraging those who are struggling. You are doing an amazing thing and you are an absolute role model for the GLBT youth in our state (and everywhere!)

We're here for you Claudia! Let's chat sometime! And let me know if you ever need anything! Coming out can be chaotic!

Love and Respect,
[email protected]]


Here's what Claudia received from the organizer of the Boston-based "Massachusetts Youth Pride Committee"

Kelly Lydon, a major lesbian activist, wants Claudia to be a featured speaker at their upcoming Youth Pride event.

Youth Pride is a sick, depraved annual event held on the Boston Common where vulnerable kids are invited and mingle with bizarre homosexual activists - for example, men wearing women's clothes and makeup. And here's our entire report on all this year's "Youth Pride" activities.


Subject: Bay Windows interview request
To: Claudia Contrada
From: Ethan Jacobs
1:30pm October 30th

Hi Claudia,

I'm writing because I saw the interview that was posted on QueerToday.com where you talked about being a lesbian and working on the Laramie Project despite the objections by your mother. I was wondering if you were interested in talking about your experience for a story in Bay Windows newspaper. I know you're in a potentially difficult situation in terms of your family's reaction, and I don't want to put you in danger, but if you are comfortable with talking to me for a story you can give me a call at 617-266-6670 x208 or drop me a line at [email protected]. If not, I totally understand, and I wish you the best of luck.

Ethan Jacobs


Here's an adult reporter from the hardcore Boston homosexual newspaper Bay Windows contacting Claudia.

Bay Windows has published articles on incestuous sex between brothers, the Pope's penis, and pornographic ads. Why are they so interested in a minor child who lives in Acton?

Note that the reporter says to Claudia, "I don't want to put you in danger" ...with her family! This echoes the message of the "safe space" signs in the school -- that the home is where youth are "in danger."


To: Claudia Contrada
From: Alice Ittelson
11:27am November 2nd

Hi Claudia-

I'm Alice, the president of Triskelion, Brandeis University's queer organization over in Waltham. I just read your interview on QueerToday.com and would like to personally congradulate you on having the strength to come out-it's really powerful that people like you are willing to stand strong in the face of adversity. If you're ever considering Brandeis for college, we have a vibrant queer community and always have room for more activists. Feel free to drop me a note anytime. Best of luck in the future!



From Brandeis homosexual club.

Is this what the homosexual clubs at colleges spend their time doing? Trolling the websites to connect with high school kids?


To: Claludia Contrada
From: Mark Daniel Snyder
4:07pm October 30th


I want to give you a heads up. The local gay newspapers (bay windows and innewsweekly), and other organizations are going to be very interested in your story.

I will not give them any contact information. They will have to search you and find you and friend you the same way I did.

You should think about if you want to give any more interviews, or speak at local events and the likes.

I am guessing that Youth Pride is going to invite you to speak at their rally, and probably others.

Good luck!

Mark Snyder
[email protected]]


Here's one of Snyder's many communications with Claudia.

"They will have to search you and find you and friend you the same way I did."  What a sleaze.


Boston Globe's State House reporter moves in on Claudia

To: Claudia Contrada
From: Lisa Wangsness
6:53pm November 1st

Hi Claudia,

I'm a reporter for the Boston Globe. I saw your interview with queertoday.com, and I thought I would write to see if you'd be willing to do an interview for a Globe story. (After the play is over of course...I know you're a bit busy right now...) I'd like to talk to you about what it is like to be in your shoes, as an out lesbian teenager whose mother happens to be a well-known anti-gay activist. I think many people, gay and straight, would be really interested in hearing about how you decided to come out, what it is like negotiating your home and school life and how you manage the tension between the two.... Basically, your story. If you're at all interested, perhaps we could talk it over a bit on the phone -- off the record, just between us -- before any actual interview. I respect your privacy and certainly would like you to feel comfortable talking about it first, and having some time to think it over, before making a decision about whether or not to participate. I'd also be interested in talking to your mom, if she's willing.

If you have any interest, please e-mail me at [email protected]. My office phone number is 617 367 4031; my cell is 603 568 6342.

Best, and good luck in the play this weekend,

Lisa Wangsness
Staff writer
The Boston Globe

Unbelievable. What kind of sleazy journalism is this??
A Boston Globe reporter (who's assigned to the State House!) uses Facebook to contact a minor child to try to convince her to do a newspaper interview, without the parents' prior knowledge or consent. (The parents only found out about this by accident!) And the reporter got her "information" about the girl by reading a disgusting homosexual website.

This is truly sick. Another reason to never read the Boston Globe ever again.


"I'm famous"

I'm famous.

Go to queertoday.com

And Bay Windows wants to interview me.

And Youth Pride wants speak to me.

Their reply was: I'm proud of you. I'm sorry your mom isn't more understanding....break a leg.

Here's a LiveJournal posting from Claudia  that she sent to her friends.

She was excited that all these people were paying attention to her.

She didn't understand that they were cruelly using her, that they wanted to hurt her family, and how dangerous they are. How could she know?


More homosexual websites spread their venom

As mentioned above, in the days that followed Snyder's "exclusive interview", dozens of homosexual websites in Massachusetts and other states piled on. Most of these are published by 20-something homosexual men who seem to be like Snyder -- very angry and in some way focused on kids.

In general, they congratulate Claudia for her "bravery" of coming out and offer their support in fighting her "bigoted and homophobic" parents. A lot of it is truly hateful and venomous. We don't know how many of these Claudia actually saw, but she obviously did read some of it. (We'll be posting some excerpts soon.)

Forced to leave school

This would all be extremely difficult for any child. But for Claudia (and thus her family also) it's become particularly traumatic. After the initial burst of excitement she was very confused and continued to crave attention. She began to spend more of her time with an unstable group of risk-taking "gay/trans" kids. Claudia, now unable to function normally, became more and more involved in destructive, unhealthy behaviors and could not focus on her schoolwork.

But school officials continued their tacit support for Claudia's "progressiveness" - and continued their outright hostility toward her parents' concerns. It was a train wreck waiting to happen. Claudia's pre-existing issues were exacerbated to such a degree that her health professionals and parents finally concluded that at the very least she needed to leave Acton-Boxborough High School.

Exploiting your children

As usual, the homosexual activists cruelly use other people's children, leaving the parents to pick up the pieces.

This is ultimately all about the selfish, self-centered nature of the homosexual movement and its obsession with children. It's sick and disgusting. Maybe evil is a better word. But this story isn't all that unique. We've observed for years that homosexual activists first push their way into schools, then seek out the most vulnerable and emotionally unstable kids, befriend them, give them positive attention, and persuade them to "come out" and adopt a "gay" identity. It happens in every school. This is possibly happening to your own children or their friends. You'd better wake up.

There is a lot more coming on this horrible incident that we will present in our next posting..