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LA Times male sports reporter "becomes" a woman. Year and a half later changes mind, "becomes" a man again!

Luckily, he didn't have sex-change surgery!

March 19, 2009

In April, 2007, LA Times sports reporter Mike Penner came to work and announced that he was going to start coming to work dressed as a woman, and use the name Christine Daniels. And that's what he did. For eighteen months "she" was a darling of the transgender world. "She" gave speeches to homosexual groups, was profiled in Sports Illustrated, and was honored for having such "courage" to come out as a woman. And "Christine Daniels" continued to cover and write about sports for the LA times.

All we can say is, it's a good thing he didn't quite get around to actually having sex-change surgery!

Mike Penner (below) and his alter ego Christine Daniels (right). Christine no longer works for the LA Times, but Mike's back!

That's because in October 2008 he decided he wanted to go back to being a man! So now he's back writing sports as Mike Penner. And in an interestingly Orwellian bit of historical revisionism, the LA Times has removed all blog entries and bylines of Christine Daniels, as if "she" never existed. 

(What he really needed, but probably didn't get, was some good psychiatric help.)

      LA Times - April 2007: Mike Penner announces gender switch

After reconsidering his decision:

     USA TODAY: "For some, shadow of regret cast over gender switch"

     Sports blog: "Mike Penner throws Christine back in the closet"

Mike's back at work covering sports story in for the LA Times:

     Wednesday 3/18/09 LA Times: Sports coverage by Mike Penner

This is the kind of insanity that we're all going to see around all of us.