Special report

Colorado MassResistance parents' courageous fight against local school district over pornographic databases

Cherry Creek School District in suburban Denver gave children access to horrific material, and refused to remove it. But parents persevered!


Colorado district leads middle school kids to depraved pornography. School officials threaten parents who complain

1/12/2017 - Worse than anything we've ever seen. We've posted some of the downloads. Parents have formed Colorado MassResistance chapter and are fighting back.


How Colorado parents were threatened, ignored, and deceived by middle school officials after exposing x-rated pornography

1/19/2017 - School officials admit that x-rated pornography is there but refuse to remove it. It's been a nightmare for the parents. Here's what they've been going through.


Mother makes shocking video to counter lies by school about x-rated pornography

1/28/2017 - Colorado middle school officials are lying to parents, the press, and citizens. Claiming it doesn't exist.


How schools & libraries bring hardcore pornography to vulnerable children

2/28/2017 - Commercial databases supply pornography to schools in US, Canada, South America, and even Eastern Europe. Colorado MassResistance mother exposed what's happening.


Colorado MassResistance continues to expose and confront tax-funded pornography targeting schoolchildren.

10/6/2017 - MR activists directly confront officials in schools, libraries, and corporations. But officials refuse to stop it! So our pressure on them continues.


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