Background on bill #1641 - and what you can do

This is a dangerous bill that would force a broad range of sexuality and homosexuality subjects on kids as a requirement for graduation from Massachusetts public schools. The public hearing is on Tuesday, Jan. 31., at the State House (see details below).

1. Why it got here.
2, What it says
3. Who's behind it
4. What you can do

1. Why it got here.

Originally, "health" was part of the required curriculum. But back in 1998 we got the State Board of Education to remove it.  Now the sex-ed lobby wants to do an end-run around the (relatively sane) Board of Education -- where this decision would normally reside -- and ram this through the (more gay-friendly) Legislature. They must be stopped.

Here's how that happened: Bill #1641 - undoing the work we did back in 1998 to REMOVE it from the required curriculum!

2. What it says.

The language of the bill is deceptively simple. It adds another requirement for graduation from Massachusetts public schools:

Section 1D of chapter 69 of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2000 Official Edition, is hereby amended by inserting after the words “foreign language,” in line 6, the words:— health education, as defined by the Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Education Framework.

Sounds innocuous enough -- until you look under the hood. The Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Frameworks is a 111-page document that covers a wide range of  "health" topics (including, for example, health of the environment!) and appears to be written by the usual far-left academic we-know-better-than-you crowd.

Here are just a few of the highlights. Think of who is teaching your children, what that person's training is and political motivations, and who makes the decisions about values:

By the end of grade 5:

* Define sexual orientation using the correct terminology (such as heterosexual, and gay and lesbian)

[In other words, the normalization of homosexuality starts young.]

* Describe different types of families, addressing membership and social influences, and the functions of family members.

[This is where same-sex families are equated with normal families. The "functions" of family members is about breaking down male-female roles in families. THIS is why David Parker was arrested!]

* Identify whom to talk with about family problems and successes.

[This is about telling kids to go to people other than their parents with problems.]

By the end of grade 8:

* Describe behaviors and methods for pregnancy prevention, including abstinence.

[Abstinence is thus just "another" technique for preventing pregnancy. Kids are introduced to the whole range of contraceptive devices and methods. They are told that they need to make a healthy "choice" that's right for them!]

* Identify sexual discrimination and harassment - students use current events or media portrayal to discuss the consequences of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

[This equates homosexuality with the Civil Rights movement, and reinforces homosexual behavior as a legitimate part of life.]

 By the end of grade 12:

* Explain confidentiality laws and individuals' rights to seek medical treatment.

[This is about bypassing parents and going to "health" services, such as Planned Parenthood, for things like abortions or AIDS tests which parents will thus not know about. Thus, another adult is making medical decisions for your kids.]

* Identify possible determinants of sexual orientation and analyze the weight of each in light of available research.

[More propaganda. Pushing homosexuality as in-born and genetic.]

*Describe the effectiveness and consequences of various pregnancy, HIV, and STI prevention methods, including abstinence.

[Again, introducing the wide range of sexual contraception methods, with their own spin on them. Abstinence is just one of many. Particularly dangerous is introducing high-risk methods (such as condoms) to kids.]

* Identify resources available for treatment of reproductive health problems.

[This usually includes homosexual activist groups and Planned Parenthood, as well as other sources most parents would prefer their kids not be involved with. I.e., where kids can go to get their contraceptives and abortions, so parents won't know.]

* Describe the influence of gender on identity and self-concept - Students have a class discussion on the influence of group stereotypes about gender roles on identity and self-concept.

[More propaganda about breaking down traditional male / female "gender" roles in the minds of kids, despite how parents might feel about that. This also easily leads into the concept of "transgenderism" and cross-dressing, etc.]

Also in the frameworks are references to AIDS education, which invariably involve politically correct "facts" which do not instill in kids the truth about how AIDS is principally caused (homosexual behavior and drug use) and that by avoiding these our society could drastically cut down the incidence of AIDS.

A few of their "Resources for Health Education":

- "Gay Straight Alliances" Guide, published by the Mass. DOE.

- "A Staff Development Manual for Anti-Homophobia Education in the Secondary School", by the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

- Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). (A leading advocate for abortion and childhood sexual freedom.)

- "Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Kindergarten-12th grade" - published by SIECUS.

How would it affect the parental notification law?
This is clearly their answer to the current opt-out law and the proposed opt-in law. It appears to put parents in a bind: if you take your child out, and flunks "health" as a result, he possibly cannot graduate. And the pressure from both teachers and other kids  will now be on the child like never before.

3. Who's behind it.

Take a look at the bill and it's co-sponsors on the state website.  Led by Alice Wolf, it has 36 co-sponsors!  Most of them are a who's-who of the pro-homosexual / Planned Parenthood / Teachers Union lobby in the State House. They're certainly not people who generally think that parents know better than left-wing bureaucrats about what's best for their kids.

But what's really disturbing are the alleged "pro-family" reps also on this list: Mark Carron and Richard Moore, for instance. We'll need to get to the bottom of that. Obviously, there's some heavy lobbying going on.  [NOTE: Rep. Paul Loscocco is listed as a co-sponsor, but his office has informed us that's a mistake; he's definitely not in favor of H1641.]

This bill clearly has the fingerprints of Planned Parenthood and the rest of the sex lobby on it. And they're the ones who get quoted in the paper supporting it.

4. What you can do.

You can bet your life that Planned Parenthood and the gay lobby will be up and down those State House halls, and at the Public Hearing. There's more of us than there are of them. But the reps won't know if unless you make your voice heard.

1. Testify!  If you can go to the public hearing on Tuesday, Jan. 31:

If you can make it, it's very important for people to come and give personal testimony.  So many of these politicians are so disconnected from regular people that it's good for them to see and hear real people. They see and hear the gay lobby every day. Now is your turn!

It's at the State House at 1:00 pm in room B-2. It's a good idea to get there at least 15 minutes early. The best place to park is the Boston Common underground garage; it's (relatively) cheap and there's lots of room.  Room B-2 is one of their regular hearing rooms. It's in the basement and a bit confusing to find, but once you're in the State House just ask someone.  But if a lot of people come, it's possible they may move it to a larger room at the last minute.

As soon as you get there, sign the sheet for bill #1641. They are hearing testimony for a lot of bills in that session, so it's possible that you may have to wait quite a while to speak. It could be a few hours or more, or it could be very quick. Unless they move it, it will be a packed room!

Be prepared to speak for no longer than 3 minutes. You can really say a lot in that amount of time. Don't be afraid to be blunt, or direct with them. They need to know this is important, not trivial  Speak in a style you're comfortable with. But they don't like you to just read a script; it's better to talk with notes. It's also a good idea to bring a written copy of something to give them for their records. (If you do that, be sure and get a copy to us also!)

Also -- you'll hear a lot of pure nonsense, twisted facts, and scare tactics from the Planned Parenthood lobby and their allies, and homosexual activists testifying. That's why it's so necessary that YOU be there!

2. Contact the Education Committee -- Everyone can do this!.

Here is the  List of the Education Committee.  We'll be honest: this Education Committee is pretty left-wing, although in general not hard-core. That's why they need to hear from you. Experience has shown a few people won't phase them much, but they'll often bow to pressure from a lot of regular people.  We've seen it before.  Call them, write them, email them, or even visit them.  It any of them are your own rep or senator, make sure they know that, and try to talk to them personally (of course, they'll want to pawn you off on an aide.)

Tell them that you absolutely, positively do not want H1641 to be sent to the sent to the full Legislature. Tell them how you are outraged that these mandates on homosexuality and sexuality are being pushed on kids and parents, and you won't stand for it. And it takes away the rights of parents, and makes life miserable for kids who don't want it.

Don't be intimidated by arrogant staff who want to brush you off. You pay their salary.

3. Contact your own Rep and Senator.

If your own rep and senator aren't on the Education Committee, make sure you call, email, or visit them and let them know you don't want H1641 to become law. A visit or personal phone call is particularly good, but a letter makes a difference also. Let them know you're a constituent and want an answer.

Find your Mass. Senators and Representatives here:

By your Town or City

By your home address

Get out and fight!