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Out of touch, arrogant pro-gay school official. . .

Brookline Superintendent sends letter to town residents supporting "positive experience" of GLSEN homosexual conference at high school, while "apologizing" for Little Black Book.

How arrogant do they get? He brags about the positive experience of: Teaching middle school and high school kids about radical sex-changes, hatred of traditional religious values, pushing homosexuality on young children, recruiting kids for homosexual activism. 

Interestingly, in his letter he repeats the same disinformation about the "Little Black Book" incident that the gay lobby is spreading.  They innocently claim that the book is "designed for individuals over the age of 18."  First of all, nowhere in the book itself does it say anything about what ages it's for. However, it strongly suggests that readers join BAGLY (Boston Area Gay and Lesbian Youth), which claims it's for kids 13-22.  But more importantly, reading that book would make anyone physically sick.  No one should read it.  As to numbers of the book given out, the gays claim that "a small number" were at the conference -- but an attendee we talked to said there were certainly more than that being given out.

If this depraved conference is something this Superintendent is not completely ashamed of, let's just hope that the public schools in other towns are in better hands.

[NOTE: There was no date on the letter. We suspect that it was
sent to different groups of people at different times after the event.]


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Office of the Superintendent of Schools
William H. Lupini, Ed.D.

Dear Brookline Residents:

On Saturday, April 30, 2005, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) held their annual conference at Brookline High School. In allowing the group to do so, Headmaster Bob Weintraub was very clear about his expectations that all workshops held and materials available would be appropriate for high school aged students.

This morning I learned that the Fenway Community Health Organization, an exhibitor at the event, had, in fact, brought "a small number" of copies of The Little Black Book to the conference. The Little Black Book is a document that was designed for individuals over the age of 18. It contains sexually explicit material and was not meant for school-aged audiences. Fenway and GLSEN both agree with us that this booklet should not have been available at the event.

We were very pleased to be able to host this GLSEN event. However, I do not believe that this booklet was appropriate for a high school audience and we would not have approved of its presence had I known. Yet, I am very concerned that the conversation about this conference not focus on this document but, instead, remain on the positive nature of the experience, which was very well received by our attending students. Moreover, I want to be very clear that, while we will revisit our procedures for granting access to outside groups wanting to utilize our facilities, we will continue to emphasize our core values in all that we do here in Brookline. Specifically, our core value of "Respect for Human Differences" demands that we not only ensure that all students learn in an environment that is safe, respectful and supportive, but that we continually seek out ways of educating our students, parents, and community members of the need to respect the views and lifestyles of all of our citizens.

On behalf of the Public Schools of Brookline, I apologize for the fact that this sexually explicit material was available at an event at Brookline High School.


William H. Lupini, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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