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Emails between parents and school officials, on their meeting about homosexual issues in the second grade.

VERY INTERESTING insight into how school officials "deal with " parents, when the parents schedule a meeting to talk about sensitive subjects such as homosexuality in the second grade, and parental notification.

The following email was sent from the Wirthlins to the teacher and principal. The email documented their notes and recollections from their meeting the day before, and further questions about the incident. The Wirthlins requested that the teacher and/or principal respond with any disagreement they had with this summary, and answers to the questions.

The Wirthlins received a response from the principal, also shown below. The principal did not cite any disagreements with the summary, nor did she answer their questions. Instead, she referred them to the superintendent for any further discussion of their concerns.

We've highlighted parts of this to illustrate how devious and even insulting school officials can be when forced to address some of their unsavory activities with kids. For example, twice they accuse the Wirthlins of wanting to "be notified when books about families are read," which is a deliberate twisting of their reason for concern.

Response sent to the Wirthlins. An absurd response: answers to questions about discussion of homosexuality with their second-grade son constitute a "district-wide" issue, which they cannot address.