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At June 1 court hearing:  Apparent heated discussion with judge regarding criminal trespassing charge.

Lesbian activists show up at hearing to intimidate Parker supporters and influence news reporters (pictures below).

Case continued until Aug. 2.

View from the courtroom: Judge Robert McKenna argues with David Parker's lawyers, Jeffrey Denner & Neil Tassel.

CONCORD, MASS. JUNE 1, 2005. At David Parker's hearing on TODAY at Concord District Court, it was clear that this was not any regular criminal trespassing case. And it was clear that the judge was annoyed that Parker was willing to stand up for principle and not cooperate with a plea-bargain.

From the front row of the courtroom it wasn't hard to tell that Judge Robert McKenna seemed quite angry at Parker and his lawyers. "I'm very familiar with the case," he could be heard saying at the beginning, "What's so complicated about it?"

Parker had anticipated that the state would probably offer to let him off of the trespassing charge in exchange for probation of some length, while continuing to bar him from all school property. But this involves (1) an implicit admission of guilt, (2) a period of probation monitored by the state, and (3) other restrictions -- including the fact that he still would be banned from all school property in the Town of Lexington for an indefinite period of time.

Parker is adamant that he has not done anything wrong and is willing to direct his attorneys to contest the charge rather than give in to pressure to plea-bargain.

Parker was accompanied by his lawyers from Denner O'Malley, managing partner Jeffrey Denner and Neil Tassel, who is also a resident of Lexington.

There was clearly a heated discussion which, according to one of Parker's lawyers, also involved issues surrounding discovery.  On August 2, Parker and his lawyers will find out if the state intends to cooperate with his discovery-related requests.

Parker also holds that the school cannot allow adults to introduce topics of homosexuality and transgenderism to his 6-year-old son without notifying him and allowing him to exclude his child.

Our analysis: It's probably a safe assumption that the judge and the district attorney just want all this aggravation and the media spotlight to go away. But on the other hand, they can't just let Parker off without angering the militant pro-homosexual lobby that insists parents like him must be punished for speaking out. They're caught in the middle, and it's not fun. And David Parker is standing tall.

We'll find out more on August 2, 9:00 am, Concord District Court.


Lesbian activists at David Parker's June 1 hearing -
to intimidate David's supporters and influence the news media.

Their regular intimidation tactics . . .

On the courthouse steps.  Second from left is Meg Soens, a prominent lesbian activist who taught a workshop, sponsored by the national homosexual organization GLSEN, titled, "Getting Gay and Lesbian Issues Included in Elementary School Staff Development, Curriculum Development, and the PTA."  Note sign on right: "Lexington Community Action for Responsible Education and Safety" - a common propaganda message of the gay movement.

Inside, in the hallway outside courtroom.  Activists (woman in green coat, and three others) surround reporters to make sure the "correct facts" are put in the news.

Outside.  Activists (note woman in green coat) crowd around television reporter interviewing Parker's lawyer, Jeffrey Denner, to get their quotes in.

Getting on TV.  Activists with signs also follow TV cameras around the building outside.