Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

"Parents stand your ground!
Don't return their hate and intolerance when fired upon,
But if they mean to have a war over our parental rights,
Battling for the hearts and minds of our children,
Then let it begin here."

David Parker's speech on the
Lexington Battle Green
to rally the parents of Massachusetts

September 6, 2005

Brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, thank you for coming out to support parental rights and our struggle within the schools.

In this historic birthplace of liberty - I stand before you as a loving and compassionate father, banned from all schools by the Lexington administration, subject to arrest.

I stand before you banned from attending my son's first day of school, Banned from participating in his education at school, as he enters first grade tomorrow at Estabrook Elementary school.

I am banned from voting, teacher-parent conferences, and school committee meetings. The Lexington school administration demands that I ask permission for these rights.

What free US citizen must ask for permission to vote, or to be in the presence of his son? The school administration, once again, is attempting to put themselves in the role as parent.

They are not my parents and I am not their child. It is ridiculous that I have to ask for permission for these basic rights. During my arrest on April 27th, by all accounts of the incident, I conducted myself in a civil, non-violent, respectful and controlled manner. This "no trespass" order, banning me from all schools, serves no purpose, other than to bully and be hurtful to my family, and to make us feel unwelcome in the Lexington schools.

The school administration continues to show intolerance to the values and beliefs of many parents. The school administration, and some citizens, are becoming the very essence of what they claim to be against.

I was arrested on April 27th when my wife and I went into a scheduled meeting at Estabrook Elementary School, here in Lexington. We asked for advanced notification when issues of transgenderism, homosexuality, and gay-headed relationships were going to be discussed with my 6 year old, when adults within the school were involved in those discussions. The principle and director of education were informed by e-mail that we would be insisting on this notification. They led me to believe in the meeting that some form of accommodation was possible and contacted the superintendent by phone. They faxed a rough draft of an agreement to the superintendent.

I did not dictate anything to anyone - I was very happy to see, what I thought were good faith efforts, at some form of accommodation.

But instead, at the last hour, they decided to not accommodate to any degree and decided that I was trespassing. They kept hope alive in that meeting and I hung on to that hope. Instead, they had me arrested and taken to the Lexington jail where I spent the night stripped of my shoes, my belt, my wedding ring, and my parental rights. I did not insist on being arrested. I insisted on some form of accommodation for just my child.

My wife and I patiently and persistently asked this for almost four months, in numerous emails and in meetings with the principal, the director of education, and the superintendent. The language they used over this 4 month period went from using the term "homosexual issues" to "same-sex unions" to "gay-headed households" then to "same-gender households". In this timeframe, they put a spam-block on our e-mails containing the word "sex". Instead of addressing and respecting our concerns, they changed the way they talked about it. Instead of being tolerant of our values and beliefs, they chose to give no form of accommodation. They said that these are not parental notification issues and there would be no right to opt out. Instead of respecting my parental rights, they chose to take the role of the parent for themselves.

The former Lexington superintendent claims that certain diversity books don't imply human sexuality. However the kindergarten book entitled, "Who's in a Family" is described on the elementary school website accordingly, 'this book emphasizes the positive aspects of different family structures including gay headed families - gay is a synonym for homosexual.

The first grade book, "Best, Best Colors" by Eric Hoffman is described on the school's web site as follows, "Nate has trouble deciding what his favorite color is, but his 2 lesbian mommas help him realize that he does not have to have a best, best color." The term, lesbian, certainly concerns human sexuality.

Furthermore, Robert Skutch the author of Who's in a Family, has stated the following on May 3rd in an NPR interview, "I wrote the book to introduce these relationships to young children" and "start before they are taught there is any other way." - meaning, before parents can have an impact. I have been told that there are books such as these in every classroom at Estabrook. When I found out there were plans to have even more books introduced in every classroom, I asked if they would notify parents.

The Anti-bias committee replied, "This is not a parental notification issue." I subsequently resigned from that committee. I also mentioned that 20% of the families are Asian/pacific Island yet these families for years have not been proportionally represented.

Note: I didn't ever ask the school administration to take out any books from the school, only to notify us of discussions that may take place when my child might be involved. Yet there was disregard and intolerance to even the notion of telling the truth. Whom does the truth hurt? What do they fear by telling the truth to parents? What we are witnessing is how tyranny is born. And there is a time to choose truth, over order imposed by tyranny. That time is now.

Parents, you need to ask questions of your school administration. This includes teachers, the principal, director of education, director of health, superintendent, and call your school committee members. You must turn in the opt out form and by law they must respond.

Realize that a discussion on transgenderism and gay-headed relationships, while claiming to only present reality to children, usually morphs into approval and acceptance. This occurs in a conversation seamlessly and without your notification.

When you approach school authorities expect to be told "this is not in the planned curriculum" but realize that it can be discussed with your child by teachers, staff members, and even other parents in "spontaneous conversations" or in "curriculum associated" manners. And you are not being notified.

Expect to be told by school authorities "this is the first request like this we have had" or "we've never heard this concern before". But realize this is simply not true. This is told to you to make you feel isolated and that your requests are fringe.

Since the beginning of the school year, because of stating our family's values and beliefs, we have been told by people within the schools 'you have moved to the wrong state', 'put your children in a private school or home school them', 'if you don't like it - move somewhere else', and 'your values and beliefs are not welcomed in our schools'.

There is a small, but active group that believe only they determine and speak for the values and character of this town. People have been successfully intimidated and silenced, by name calling and negative stereotyping. People have felt overpowered in this town because of a very vocal and determined group of individuals seek to impose their beliefs on everyone.

As a result, there has been a polarization in this community that existed way before my family moved to Lexington. It is obvious that everyone does not embrace each other's beliefs nor should they be forced to. Freedom is for everyone to enjoy.

When it comes to freedom, all things are possible, but not all things are good. Complete freedom unguided and uncontrolled leads to chaos, darkness, and pain for children. The boundaries set by loving parent's attempts to save children from such a fate. Natural boundaries of gender, and sexual expression should be respected and revered.

We have arrived at a time in history when there are those that seek to proselytize the acceptance of transversing these boundaries, within the public schools, beyond our reach, and against our will. We as parents, at the very least, have the right to be notified how and when this is planned.

Our children in the public schools are actually being told, "not to tell their parents" when this takes place, and parents are being denied access to their own children and lied to - to keep them from discovering what is actually going on. Insidiously, this is being done in the name of safety and tolerance. This is absolutely unacceptable and we as parents will not stand for it.

People are creating contrived and disingenuous scenarios in which they proclaim children will be hurt by parental notification and opting out of certain discussions. This is completely false. Teachers can easily be discreet in opt-out situations and we all know it. For example, when different belief systems pertaining to God are discussed, a teacher quickly intervenes in the discussion and defers the conversation back home to the parents. Why can't this occur when other belief systems come into conflict?

In such instances, it is an opportunity for parents to teach their children - that there are different views and beliefs in certain areas. And respecting those differences means not forcing them upon others.

Now imagine certain authorities insist that I agree that my children must be taught that gay relationships and transgender transformation are acceptable and normal. When I firmly, albeit patiently, objected and then finally insisted to be notified when and how my own children were to be exposed to these issues; I was arrested and hauled off to jail. The true test of any group's respect and tolerance of differences is how they treat those that disagree with them. The school administration, the school committee, and some citizens, have failed that test. I have not brought intolerance to this town, but instead, have brought to light the intolerance that already existed - just waiting for the opportunity to expose itself to someone audacious enough to publicly disagree with other's beliefs. My family and our values are also part of the diversity of this town. Whether my values and beliefs are in the majority or in the minority - they should be respected.

I have been charged with trespassing by Lexington School authorities, but as they have judged me, they have also judged themselves. The sanctity of our values and beliefs has been trespassed upon. My parental rights have been trespassed upon. They have trespassed upon sacred ground in which they do not have authority. I am asking them to reconsider their position. Parents are not going to stand for it any longer.

I am asking the school administration to start by terminating this "no trespass" order.

However, I realize that hearts may continue to be hardened, as apparent from counter demonstrations which may include school committee members.


Let the call go forth from Lexington, across Massachusetts, and throughout the United States to the world -

Parents stand your ground!
Don't return their hate and intolerance when fired upon,
But if they mean to have a war over our parental rights,
Battling for the hearts and minds of our children,
Then let it begin here.

And with regard to the Lexington School administration banning a father's will and presence from all schools,

I --- shall --- return!

No powers or principalities on this earth or beyond shall separate the Father from his Son.