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The evening before his arrest: Parker addresses School Committee, gets ignored

On April 26, 2005, the evening before David Parker's meeting at his son's elementary school, and his subsequent arrest -- David Parker spoke before the Lexington School Committee, during the comments section of their public meeting. 

David Parker steps before the microphone to address the Lexington School Committee.

David Parker appealed to the School Committee to allow him the right to be informed when his 6-year-old is exposed to these subjects by adults -- and to have the option to exclude him.

Part of his statement, in explanation of his request:

"Children who are successfuly indoctrinated that same-sex marriage is normal and correct will eventually understand that sexual intimacy is a part of this union.  Let's not be naive about the implied human sexuality aspect of same-sex unions. Let's be honest with ourselves. When we accept same-sex union, we accept its implied. . .sexual intimacy. These concepts are indeed inextricably linked."

Unfortunately, the School Committee treated Parker with rudeness and contempt. They refused to even answer him, much less address his concern.

After Parker spoke, the School Committee rudely ignored him.