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Timeline of Events & email correspondence Leading up to April 17 final meeting & arrest

Below is the list of events, including the emails that went back and forth between the Parkers and the Principal, regarding their 5-year old son (who turned 6 in March) being taught about homosexual families without their permission or notification. During this time, the Parkers also attended meetings of the Estabrook Elementary School's Anti-Bias Committee, which are noted below.

September, 2004 - Back to School Night at Estabrook Elementary School:
Tonia Parker attends "Back to School" night for 5-year-old son in Kindergarten. Parents had received a vague notice about a "Diversity Book Bag" to be used during the year. Bag and books were (apparently) displayed on a table inside the school, but Tonia was never aware of them, or saw them.

January 14, 2005 - Book comes home with son:
Anti-bias diversity book bag (containing Who's in a Family by Robert Skutch which attempts to normalize gay/lesbian families) was put in the hands of the Parkers' kindergarten son and brought home.

January 17 - Parkers to Principal:

January 18 - Principal's reply to Parkers:

Januray 18 - Parkers to Principal (and Superintendent):

January 18 - Principal to Parkers:

January 21 - Parkers meet with Principal
Tonia Parker's notes: Discussed anti-bias diversity book bags. She [Principal] stated we were the first ones to ever complain about the diversity book bag. This is the third year. She communicated to us that she had checked with administrators and that no parental notification is required to discuss homosexual families/issues. Principal also added, "Faculty can discuss homosexual families and homosexual issues with your son." We firmly stated that is not acceptable and we object. [A8A Comment: Telling parents that they're the "first ones" to complain is a common, and often dishonest, tactic. We once had three parents told that by a principal in the same day!]

January 28 - Impromptu meeting with Principal
David was displeased that the diversity book bag had gotten into his family's 'hands' again, also against parents' will.  Two days earlier, Tonia was driving home her son and another child  -- the Montalvo's son -- from school. The other boy had been given the book bag for the weekend, and had it in the car with him. But the boy's parents had already stated that they objected to the diversity bag, and did not want it coming home with their son. The school sent it home anyway! The Montalvos left Lexington soon afterwards because of this and similar incidents.

February 8 - Parkers attend Anti-Bias Committee Meeting.
Subject of meeting, sponsored by Estabrook Anti-Bias Committee, was "How and Why to talk to your Kids about Diversity," featuring Jon Pfeifer, who was described as "award winning guest speaker and GLSEN representative."  The entire talk was about homosexuality. Summary of actions he felt needed to be taken in the public schools: many homosexual family books in each elementary classroom, gay/lesbian family posters on the walls of every elementary classroom, and teacher initiated discussions about homosexual families/issues.

February 15 - Parkers attend second Anti-Bias Committee Meeting
Committee discussed anti-bias committee mission statement.

Late February - Montalvo family removes children from Estabrook Elementary School over homosexual agenda.
See statement read at Parker rally. Montalvos had similar experiences to Parkers with their children in the lower grades of the Estabrook Elementary School. Father has also attended Estabrook Anti-Bias meeting with David Parker. Their solution, unfortunately, was to remove their children from the Lexington school system.

March 4 - Parkers to Principal:

March 4 - Principal to Parkers:

March 4 - Parkers to Principal:

March 6 - David Parker to Principal & both chairs of the Anti-Bias Committee
(This email was never answered.)

March 28 - Principal's reply to Parkers:
(Answering March 4 email on Parental Rights Assertion)

April 11 - Parkers attend third Anti-Bias Committee Meeting
It was announced at this meeting that homosexual books are coming to all elementary classrooms from K-5. Didn't specify 'just Estabrook.' Dave objected. Anti-bias members (teachers/parents) went on to say that our parental rights assertion (which was sent via email to all staff and administrators at Estabrook) would not be honored or respected at Estabrook.

April 12 - Parkers to Principal requesting (final) meeting:

April 22 - Principal to Parkers, scheduling final meeting:

April 24 - Parkers to Principal & Director of Education, restating their specific reason for requesting meeting:

April 25 - Parkers to Principal, to clarify meeting time and attendees:

April 26 - Principal to Parkers, clarifications for final meeting:

April 26 - (Evening) David Parker at Lexington School Committee Meeting
David addressed the Lexington School Committee with concerns about homosexuality being presented to his son, and the school not accomodating his parental rights in the matter. School Committee refused to respond.

At the April 27 meeting at Estabrook (referenced in April 26 email), David Parker was arrested and taken to jail.