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Mass. General Election
Voter Guide 2014 & Results

Ballot Questions

POSTED: Oct 30, 2014
UPDATED: Nov 5, 2014

Intro & Key

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Ballot Questions

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The following four ballot questions are state-wide:

All you need to know about the four ballot questions is:

1. Yes - 2. No - 3. Yes - 4. No.

Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr described the situation extremely well in a recent column: "Itís simple: Yes. No. Yes. No."

See the official text of the four ballot questions HERE.

** Question 1: Repeal the recently passed automatic gasoline tax increases, tied to inflation.

Our vote: YES:

Results:   YES: 53%   NO: 47%

This is a cowardly way for the Legislature to raise taxes every year without having to vote on it. It's also a gift to the unions of taxpayer money for extra construction projects. The fact is that Massachusetts already spends more per mile for maintenance of roads and bridges than most other states. It's another boondoggle.


** Question 2: Expand the bottle bill to more types of containers.

Our vote: NO

Results:   NO: 74%   YES: 26%

This is simply another tax under the guise of "recycling" being pushed by the Left. They want to make people have to go to stores to redeem deposits for almost everything. It's not really about being "green." According to the studies, curbside recycling is much more efficient and cost-effective.


** Question 3: Stop casino gambling from taking effect in Massachusetts

Our vote: YES

Results:   NO: 60%   YES: 40%

Casino gambling is destructive to a region in a hundred ways. This is being pushed hard by the unions who are looking at short-term construction money and phony "jobs" after that.


** Question 4: Force employers to give employees 40 hours paid sick time per year.

Our vote: NO

Results:   YES: 59%   NO: 41%

Everybody wants something for free. But beware. This is another nanny-state type of socialism that will only chase more companies and jobs to other states. Small business, especially, simply cannot afford this.