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Your tax dollars at work:  Gov. Romney's "Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth" brings kids into Boston for bizarre parade.

On May 21, 2005 Gov. Romney's "Governor's Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth", (which gets hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars) organized schoolchildren from their school-based "Gay-Straight Alliance" clubs to participate in a "Youth Pride Day" parade through downtown Boston.

An entire day of celebrating homosexuality for kids. Paid for by you. They held a "rally" at the Boston Common and marched through the downtown streets, past the State House.


This marks the starting point of the parade, at the Boston Common.
We're sure that Gov. Romney's real proud.



An interesting "queer" fad: boys wearing women's clothes and fishnet stockings.



This young man got a police escort as he marched through downtown Boston.


At the steps of the State House.  This apears to be the "Reviewers' Stand",
where the parade sponsors view their work!


And, of course, the State Police were there to no one disturbed the depravity.


Some of the dozens of high schools that took part:


An appearance in the crowd by the leader
of the "Boston Area Gay and Lesbian
Youth" (BAGLY) -- who used to be a male.

And, of course, the contingent of kids carrying pro-gay marriage signs.

This sums up the attitude of the adults involved.