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YOUR PRESSURE WORKED : Macy's backs down -- removed the most offensive parts of window display but still keeps "Gay Pride Week" calendar of events. 

There were so many calls on Monday to Boston office that the store manager had her phone number changed (we have the new one!)

Macy's reallly didn't get it: Exec told MassResistance that "Gay Pride" calendar still in window "is going to stay."  Company sends email reply to callers comparing homosexuality to being black or Irish.

BOSTON, MA (TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 2006) Yes, your pressure worked.  Macy's Department Store in downtown Boston started out on Friday, June 2, with a very public tribute to "gay pride week" (now taking place in Boston) in a prominent streetside display window near their main entrance. The feelings of their customers apparently weren't important to Macy's management.  Your voices were heard loud and clear -- and Macy's backed down. (But they still don't get it on their public support of a week of rather raunchy homosexual activity.)

Monday morning: Male mannequins with (apparently) enlarged
breasts, one wearing a rainbow skirt.
Macy's store window

Tuesday morning: After tidal wave of your calls, mannequins
are gone. (Also, the Boston Pride and AIDS Action Committee
websites have been taken off!) But "Pride" sign still there.
Macy's store window

Misleading to callers. Tuesday morning we got a from a lady who told us that Macy's told her the display had been taken down!  So we got right on the phone. Well, we tried, anyway. Macy's phones to the Boston store were not working, apparently jammed with your calls!  When we finally got through, the store manager's number now led to the gift wrap department!   

We were finally told by an employee that the display "was taken down yesterday. "Well, not exactly. When we went to see for ourselves, we saw they had taken down (1) the offensive mannequins and (2) the web site addresses for Boston Pride and the AIDS Action Committee (publisher of the infamous "Little Black Book").  But the big "Boston Pride" calendar of events still greeted passersby. Macy's still seems to feel they need to promote this.

Face-to-face conversation with Macy's Boston management

When we visited the Boston store's executive offices on Tuesday morning, a store executive who identified herself only as "Robin" got right to the point. It was a pretty short discussion. She didn't hide her distain for us or our views on this subject.

MassResistance: Are you going to remove the "Gay Pride" display?

Robin: The mannequins have been taken down

MassResistance: But the sign's still up.

Robin: The verbiage is going to stay.

MassResistance: Why?

Robin: Because we respect diversity.

MassResistance: But you have no problem offending people.

Robin: I won't discuss this with you. I'm not saying any more to you, sir.

At that point, she made it clear that we needed to leave. Frankly, I couldn't get out of there fast enough. The fact that I've been shopping at that very store for over 25 years didn't seem to interest her.

Here's the email that Macy's is sending back to people who have contacted them on this. It reflects what it's like to interact with their management -- a polite but quite condescending attitude that they're right and the "riff-raff" that complains is wrong.  Note the insulting implication that the homosexual activities in "Pride" week are considered no different than the being black or Irish. Macy's also says that they consider people involved in homosexual behavior simply one of the "markets we serve."  So despite their pandering, it's pretty clear that Macy's "cultural diversity" doesn't include you or your shopping dollars. Let them know how you feel about that. (Some people are mailing them their cut up Macy's credit card!)

To: -------

Like many other community initiatives and organizations that Macy's has supported over the years, including window displays and programs in celebration of Black History Month and St. Patricks Day, the window currently showcasing events for Boston Pride week at Macy's downtown supports a diverse part of our community. Macy's respects the many backgrounds, traditions, beliefs and heritage of all our customers and will continue to support a range of community causes, organizations, and initiatives that add to the cultural diversity of the markets we serve.

Our intention is always to welcome and include all members of the communities we serve, and certainly is never intended to cause any discomfort to you or any of our shoppers. I regret that we have offended you in any way in our commitment to be inclusive. We thank you for taking the time to inform us of your concerns and hope that you will reconsider your decision to visit us again.


Christine Stewart
Customer Service Specialist
[email protected]

Our message to Macy's: Don't do this again!

Obviously, your phone calls and emails made much more of an impression than Macy's wants to admit. But they still don't seem to think we're serious about this.

More phone calls wouldn't hurt -- the message: don't ever do this again !

Mr. Terry Lundgren, President if Macy's
(New York City)
[email protected]
[Even if they won't put you directly to his office, make sure that whoever you talk to gets him your message loud and clear.]

Linda Stahley
Manager, Boston Macy's
New phone number: 617-357-3063

James Gray
President, Macy's East Coast Operations
Executive Offices, 151 W. 34th St.
New York, NY 10001

Macy's Presidential Complaints
PO Box 8215
Mason, OH 45040
[email protected]

Customer Service Office:
Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
[email protected]

Other executives:
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected]

And if you're in downtown Boston we encourage you to personally visit the Macy's Boston executive office, which is in the lower level (just below street level) in the department store, just behind the Juniors Department.

YOU MUST KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!!!  It's very important that a huge chain like Macy's understands that this is not a trivial matter, and that they're playing with fire when they publicly promote this activity, and snub their customers in the process.