Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Hundreds demonstrate at State House during Constitutional Convention on Marriage Amendment.

Homosexual activists celebrate and gloat after Legislature kills amendment by failing to get enough votes. Governor, Speaker of House, Senate President, and others publicly congratulate homosexual activists. 

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (JUNE 14, 2007). People had started to gather in front of the State House early in the morning, as buses came in from across the state. By 10:00 a.m. there were already hundreds and many more were inside the State House. At 1 p.m. the Convention started, and it was over in just a few minutes. The state's most powerful politicians had been putting pressure on pro-family legislators to cave in and sell out, and 11 of them did, enough for an easy victory by the homosexual lobby. This appeared to be known well in advance of the convening of the convention, so it was essentially all over but the celebrating.

Looking down Beacon Street, in front of the State House (on right). Homosexual groups on right side of street; pro-family groups on left side, across the street.


Homosexual groups directly in front of State House.


Pro-family groups across the street, and lines of police to keep the two groups apart.


Russian immigrants holding signs outside the State House during Constitutional Convention demonstrations. They said to us, "You Americans don't get it. You've got to be radical if you're going to stop this." NOTE the policeman was stationed right in front of them the entire time.


Homosexual leadership on display: Power walk to the State House to vote in Constitutional Convention. Left to right: Rep. Liz Malia, Rep. Sarah Peake, Sen. Jarrett Barrios, Rep. Byron Rushing (token straight guy), and Rep. Carl Sciortino.


Some of the pro-homosexual signs outside of the State House.


A few of the signs among the homosexual activists:

LEFT: Sign says: "All you need is love. Just two guys and a dog."  (Yeah, that's what we're afraid of . . .)

RIGHT: Transgender activist Trevor Wright with sign taunting Christians. Signs mocking religion were pretty common.


Inside the State House, Gardner Auditorium was filled to capacity to watch the Convention vote on a giant screen. It didn't take very long. When the vote total was announced, the homosexuals (on far end of room) jumped up and screamed, as pro-family people (sitting at near end of room) stared in disbelief and shock.



Immediately after the vote, hundreds of homosexual activists flooded to the grand staircase area for some speeches.


Here's the view of grand staircase area from downstairs. (One can surmise that they knew well in advance how the vote would turn out.)


After that, the Governor, Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, and other dignitaries (including homosexual lobbyists and organizers) came out to the steps of the State House to give congratulatory speeches to the homosexual activists still outside.


VIDEO of remarks (above) from Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker of House


Activist in radical homosexual group "KnowThyNeighbor" Alex Westerhoff ("husband" of group's president Tom Lang) was out gloating.


In your face: These two activists decided to send a message to the pro-family people standing nearby. Don't be surprised to see more of this.