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Special report . . .

Newly created Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth meets, discusses their plans for Mass. schoolchildren, and more.

"I feel I saw the face of evil last night."

I feel I saw the face of evil last night. I went to the meeting in Boston of the new independent Mass. government-mandated Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. What an experience! There were 30 commissioners around  a table. At one end was a man trying to be a woman. And at the other end was a woman trying to be a man. In between were a variety of characters, some looking quite normal, others less so. These are the people who are planning the 'health' and 'safety' curricula for schools in Massachusetts. And now they have decided that 'youth' includes grades K-12. It’s as though the inmates are running the asylum.”
-- Parent who attended the meeting, in email to friends the following morning.

Entrance to Mass. Dept. of Public Health in downtown Boston.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (MARCH 19, 2007) This evening the new “Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth” had their second public meeting. (The first, which we attended in February, was mostly organizational.)  This time they got down to business, and was frightening and discouraging.

Created as a state “budget item” last spring to avoid a public hearing, the Commission is independent of the executive branch of government and lavishly funded with over $1 million of taxpayer money. It’s an apparent payback by the Legislative leadership to the powerful homosexual lobby.  Its broad charge is to push homosexual programs in schools across the state and even other government agencies.

It has also inexplicably changed its name, now describing itself as the “Massachusetts Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth,” contrary to the statute, a move we are investigating. It certainly describes the direction they're headed.

Intimidation of observers at the meeting.

The meeting was held on the second floor of (ironically) the Massachusetts Deptartment of Public Health (DPH) offices in downtown Boston. The DPH is a major governmental ally of the homosexual movement, along with the Mass. Department of Education (DOE).

Anyone attending had to sign in at the lobby. (One person came late, and they wouldn't let him in!)

Then, outside of the second-floor meeting room were two state police officers. They scrutinized the audience members, and during the meeting would stand at the door for long periods and watch individuals in the audience. 

A young man with an expensive-looking camera was there and started taking numerous photos of people in the audience.  He was Trevor Wright, a well-known homosexual activist connected to a group that calls itself “Queer Today”. We noticed that one of the Commissioners, Grace Sterling Stowell, was signaling to him whom to photograph.  The state police didn’t seem to be bothered by this, nor did Commission members whom we later complained to. What DID bother them was that members of the public were there to watch them. Trevor Wright even taunted one of the audience members after taking her photograph. He clearly wanted to send a message.

Two uniformed State Police officers were there to "protect" the Commission from the public.

Homosexual activist Trevor Wright of effeminate gay group "Queer Today" took pictures of audience members in effort to intimidate them.

A frightening group of “Commissioners”

There were about 30 people around a long table, mostly representatives of various homosexual groups. It’s one thing to read about them and their various gay-activist organizations, but it’s a bit of a shock to actually see them. They range in age from elderly to 20-somethings, with an average age of about 40. Some are men dressed as women, with dresses and lipstick and makeup. Others are women attempting to be men.  Some had gay-like mannerisms and affectations; some were of ambiguous sex.  On one end of the table was Grace Sterling Stowell, a man dressed as a woman who runs Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth (BAGLY), which is heavily involved with transgender and cross-dressing activities. Stowell is the new vice-chairman of the Commission. At the other end was Gunner Scott, head of a bizarre group called “GenderCrash.”  Gunner is a woman dressed as a man, who now sports a small beard and sideburns (apparently a result of lots of hormones). She looks like she has had breast removal surgery. She was quite vocal throughout the meeting.

The Commission conducted business in a chillingly calm, professional way, discussing their activities with in a sterile manner, as if they were talking about taxes or highways, etc, without emotion.  But underneath that veneer, you can definitely detect anger and hostility.

Some of the Commissioners seated at long table. Gunner Scott at the end, speaking.

Grace Sterling Stowell, a biological male, listens to discussion.

Gunner Scott, a female, has sideburns and small beard, apparently the result of hormone treatments.

Going after children in schools.

Much of this meeting was to talk about their philosophy and broad plans to spend their enormous funding. They had already broken up into various sub-committees. Several sub-committee chairmen, and others, spoke up. We didn’t get everyone’s names, but we wrote down what they said.

When you read this, think about what they’re really saying. . .

“Our general aspiration is: We believe that the health of GLBT youth is built on GLBT culture and GLBT experience.”  This is what they want to bring into schools across the state: homosexual ‘culture’ and ‘experience.’

They also talked about reaching out to “traditionally underserved LGBT youth across the Commonwealth”.  One of example of this is middle schools. They discussed having gay clubs (“GSAs”) in high schools “mentoring” middle school students!

This led to a discussion of what age range was included by the term “youth”, since it’s not defined in the statute creating the Commission. They didn’t want to be “constrained”, they said, so they decided that “youth” can mean children as young as Kindergarten.  “We need to concern ourselves with younger kids, even if they haven’t developed a sense of gender identity,” someone said. And besides, “homophobic name-calling” can also happen that young, they rationalized. And they also want to deal with “different kinds of families” at the younger ages.

“Let’s keep it open-ended, without regard to age,” they concluded. Someone added that since their big interface is the DOE, they can deal with anything that happens in schools.

Also, they said, “Don’t focus on just on youth who self-identify as GLBT, but allow ourselves to be a little broader.”  (That is, younger kids who aren’t thinking in those terms yet.)

They mentioned that this past year, in addition to their activism in schools, 50 public schools had applied for funding of their own homosexual programs. Of these, 49 spent all their money. They want to expand this considerably.

Most people don’t know that there are two full-time consultants at the DOE that do 100% homosexual activism in schools across the state. They want to make them actual state employees, so they can get state benefits.

They also want to fund non-DOE agencies to do gay training for teachers. Apparently, a meeting at Hudson High School was held to get that started.  In addition, there was discussion of bringing homosexual college students into the public schools “for insight.”

Finally, one of their goals is to force their way into charter schools. They also discussed how to get into private schools, but it was brought up that private schools are not subject to the same pro-gay education regulations, so that could be difficult. But they want to get into religious schools at some point in the future, they said.

There was also some talk about affecting high school teacher standards and teacher certification requirements – presumably adding homosexual diversity training to their requirements and ongoing training. And they also want to affect curriculum frameworks.

One observation from an audience member was that for a government commission talking about children, there was a lot of talk about sexual diseases usually affecting adults. AIDS and other diseases seemed to come up a lot in the conversations. They also mentioned that they had a close relationship with the AIDS organizations.

Going after MassResistance and other watchdog groups.

Apparently, they really hate it when MassResistance publishes photos of their public activities with children. As you know, when Gov. Romney’s staff saw our pictures of their “Transgender Prom” and “Youth Pride Parade” they (almost) pulled the plug on the old Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. And the Legislature nearly stopped the new Commission after seeing our photos.

So they talked about their “concern about GLBT children’s safety” due to “inappropriate use of images on certain web sites.”  They said that they have referred this to the Attorney General’s office and are now working with them on it. 

Our answer to Attorney General Coakley is she attempts to shut us down for exposing these activities: Go ahead, make our day.

Continued funding from the Legislature

Poster on wall in Mass. Dept. of Public Health hallway. "Homophobia in healthcare is unhealthy."

There was an interesting discussion about their strategies for getting and guaranteeing continued funding from the Legislature. 

First of all, they want to make sure the homosexual lobby keeps up the pressure on individual legislators. They plan to have Bill Conley, of the Mass. Lesbian and Gay Political Caucus, come to the next meeting to help them understand how the lobbying works, and “how to navigate the legislative process.” (You may recall that Conley was arrested last for year for soliciting college students for oral sex.)

Their budget strategy is to promote “earmarking” of funds in the budget for specific gay-oriented tasks, which then are funneled into the general pot of homosexual activism in the schools. Otherwise, if funding is just given to departments without earmarking, the funds that may have been intended for homosexual activism could later be spent for normal uses which the gays don’t control. (And in fact, this has been their strategy over the years, we’ve noticed.)

They mentioned that although they focus on the schools, they get more cooperation from the DPH than the DOE, so they’ve tried to have their money flow to the DPH, and then used for DOE activities.

But so as to hedge their bets, they want to build strong relationships among different government agencies so they can siphon off funding if they need to. “We want to build an infrastructure for GLBT youth not reliant on a particular funding stream, and build a larger infrastructure.”

They’re working to get one or more “homosexual” spots on the State Board of Education.

And finally, Gunner Scott mentioned, they want to raise money privately, from rich individuals and corporations. This has already started with the “Friends of the Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth” fundraiser earlier this year.