Pro-family activism that makes a difference!

Planned Parenthood, homosexual lobby converge to push mandatory homosexuality / sex-ed bill and to stop new parents rights bill.

"Full-court press" at Education Committee public hearing in State House.  (see photos below)

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (MAY 29, 2007) Homosexual activists, Planned Parenthood, and various other sex-ed and left-wing groups -- joined by friendly legislators -- converged on the State House and filled a hearing room before the Joint Education Committee. Dozens of pro-family activists were also there to give testimony.

Although several bills were being heard, the two bills of overwhelming interest were Planned Parenthood's bill (H597) to push homosexuality,sex-ed, and abortion counseling in the public schools as a mandatory requirement and MassResistance's bill, the new Parents' Rights Bill (S321) which would greatly strengthen parents' rights and curtail homosexual programs and other activities introduced to kids without parents' knowledge or consent.

Planned Parenthood and the homosexual movement pulled out all the stops to push for their bill and attempt to kill the Parents' Rights Bill. They started out with a press conference before the hearing. And during the hearing they packed the room with people and brought in over a dozen panels of "experts" to testify before the committee. Also, individual homosexual activists came to testify, and the homosexual press was there taking pictures.

Morning: Press conference before the public hearing

Planned Parenthood was well-prepared. Before the hearing they held a press conference with several of the 67 co-sponsors of H597 listed on the state web site, plus a few of their "experts." They also had placards listing dozens of groups they had put together as a front-group "coalition", which they called Care for Youth -- Coalition Advocating Responsible Education for Youth. They certainly were thorough.

However, except for liberal activists, we didn't see much of a turnout for the press conference.

Press conference: Rep Alice Wolf (D-Cambridge) naturally leads the proceedings as other left-wing state reps stand behind her.


Here's the list of their "coalition" for "healthy" education. To see the names on the sign, click here.

Directing traffic: Planned Parenthood Executive Director Angus McQuilken was clearly running the show. Even though he didn't personally testify, he was everywhere. At left, the ever-present homosexual newspaper "Bay Windows" reporter Ethan Jacobs a.k.a. "the weasel".


And of course, the Bay Windows photographer was a busy little bee at all the events.


Not an overwhelming turnout to press conference. Mostly activists and the homosexual press.


Afternoon: Public hearing begins

Homosexual activists and Planned Parenthood jammed their supporters into the room, but there were still plenty of pro-family people there, also. As usual, they barraged the committee with over a dozen "panels of experts". There were also some high-profile homosexual activists who seemed obsessed with any law that would keep homosexuals from children in the schools.

People piling into the public hearing as it's about to begin.

Sticker worn by pro-family parents & citizens. Planned Parenthood also had their stickers, which were quite slick and professional.

The panels begin. The Planned Parenthood panels got to go first, of course, and we had to wait until the end. So what's new?

The Planned Parenthood panels of "experts" kept going . . .

. . . and going on and on.

Chairman of "Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual & Transgender Youth head gives anti-family testimony as homosexual newspaper reporter looks on.


The head of PFLAG - a hardcore homosexual "parents" group.

Gay tag team. Homosexual activist Tom Lang, at left, (who runs the heinous "KnowThyNeighbor" website) testifies against the Parents Rights Bill. His blond "husband" Alex, right, went around the room trying to intimidate pro-family people by taking close-up pictures of them.



Finally, the pro-family side gets to testify . . .


As the pro-family people begin to testify, notice the "Bay Windows" homosexual newspaper photographer (lower right) is taking their pictures -- a not-so-subtle act of intimidation.

C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League tells it like it is.

One of the last pro-family groups to testify. It was dark outside when our side was done, and a lot of the committee members had already left.