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"Gay Pride Week" event: "Boston Dyke March" parade through Boston displays sickness of lesbian movement.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (JUNE 8, 2007) On Friday evening, as part of "Gay Pride Week", there was a "Boston Dyke March" throughout the streets of the city.

What kind of adults would do this? Is the juvenile, early adolescent sexual content of their signs a symptom of some kind of arrested emotional development or some other serious issue inside of these people. And why does the homosexual "community" -- or anyone else in America -- consider a display like this to be "normal"?

What does this tell you about the homosexual movement?   And why is our Governor giving his official stamp of approval to this? Keep in mind: This is the movement that is demanding to go into the public schools to "sensitize" your children. And many of the activists working with children participate in these kinds of events.

Here's the parade taking over downtown Boston. Note at the very front, walking backwards, is the ever-present photographer from the hardcore homosexual newspaper Bay Windows.

Here are some of their messages for you:








This is the "Queer Today" bunch of transsexual males marching in the lesbian parade. In the center is trans-activist Mark Snyder. At right appears to be his boyfriend, in black hair and skirt.

And an interesting collection of parade marchers . . .


The transgender / trans-sexual movement

For some reason, the lesbian movement inevitably morphs into even more twisted perversions. The "transgender" movement is never far behind.