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MassResistance Email Update
Wednesday, Dec. 3:

1. Mass. Department of Public Health "groundbreaking" report says homosexuality linked with health problems, destructive behavior.
Mass. SJC Judge John Greaney retires -- one of four who ruled for "gay marriage". Governor appoints liberal activist judge Ralph Gants to succeed him.
 3. Mass. Department of Education continues handing out money to fund "gay clubs" in school districts across the state.

1. Mass. Department of Public Health "groundbreaking" report says homosexuality linked with health problems, destructive behavior.

December 3, 2008

On November 21 the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) released what it calls a "Groundbreaking Report on Health Disparities Based on Sexual Orientation". 

As the DPH press release describes:

"The report revealed significant disparities among people who identified as homosexual or bisexual in the areas of access to care, self-reported health status, anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, smoking, binge drinking, illicit drug use, sexual assault victimization, intimate partner violence, disability, obesity, asthma and heart disease . . . Lesbians were 2.2 times more likely than heterosexual women to be obese."

Read entire DPH press release.

Read the Department of Public Health report HERE

In other words, the DPH is forced to admit what everyone has known for a long time. Unfortunately, the extremely destructive nature of homosexual behavior - both medical and psychological - is usually not only suppressed, but is considered completely off-limits for discussion. But ultimately, some of the truth gets out, even in Massachusetts.

The "good" news, according to the report is that . . .

"Gay/lesbian/homosexuals and bisexuals were more likely than heterosexuals to have been ever tested for HIV than their straight/heterosexual counterparts. In addition, gay/homosexual men were less likely to be obese or overweight compared to straight/heterosexual men [probably due to weight loss from AIDS or other diseases?]. They were also more likely to obtain lifetime colorectal cancer screening and to report recent condom use."


Interestingly, the Massachusetts DPH is probably the most pro-homosexual public health department in America. It's run by DPH Commissioner John Auerbach, who is "married" to another man. In 2007, Auerbach appeared at a homosexual "youth" event telling the kids that he'd make sure there's enough HIV testing available for everyone there. In 2005, the Massachusetts DPH helped create the notorious Little Black Book, Queer in the 21st Century, which depicted homosexual sex acts and listed places kids can hook up with homosexual adults.

How will the report's findings be used?

What does the DPH say the report hopes to accomplish? Unfortunately, this really exposes how politicized the public health profession has become. The report recommends:

"Specific interventions should be developed to work with the bisexual population in these areas. Health officials also hope that the report will stimulate further study on ways to reduce and eliminate health disparities faced by gay, lesbian and bisexual people."

But they are ignoring the root of the problem. The obvious way to "reduce and eliminate" these health disparities would be to discourage homosexual behavior, and help those currently involved in it to leave that horribly addictive and dangerous lifestyle.  (Instead, we'll probably see more of "encourage condom use and HIV testing" types of pseudo-remedies.)

Unfortunately, common sense won't be found even in medical circles these days. But the raw facts will continue to show up. In the meantime, people will suffer.

2. Mass. SJC Judge John Greaney retires -- one of four who ruled for "gay marriage". Governor appoints liberal activist judge Ralph Gants to succeed him.

Earlier this week, Justice John Greaney officially retired from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Greaney was one of the four judges who voted to impose homosexual "marriage" in Massachusetts. In the Goodridge decision, he wrote one of the concurring opinions. He plans to teach at Suffolk Law School.

Greaney was arrogant and unrepentant to the end. According to the Associated Press, "he never thought twice about critics who said the judges had overstepped their role as jurists and imposed their own liberal view of marriage on the public."

          The Goodridge "homosexual marriage" decision

          Associated press article on Greaney stepping down.

Governor appoints liberal judicial activist as replacement

True to form, Governor Deval Patrick has appointed a liberal activist judge to replace him. Ralph Gants, who lives in Lexington, has been widely criticized for several of his rulings in recent years.

As the Boston Globe described this week:

While sitting in Lowell Superior Court in 2004, he allowed a man who had been convicted four times on drunken driving charges to get behind the wheel for doctor's appointments, infuriating Mothers Against Drunk Driving and law enforcement officials.

Then-Lowell police superintendent Edward Davis, who is now Boston's police commissioner, told the Lowell Sun at the time: "Clearly, this man should not have a license. I don't understand the logic behind that."

At the time, Gants said he allowed the driver, Daniel Tibbetts, to keep his license because the man's lawyer told the judge he had a special hardship exemption from the Registry of Motor Vehicles to drive to medical appointments.

Prosecutors didn't request a license suspension and Gants ordered Tibbetts not to drink, but he was later charged again with drunken driving.

In 2003, Gants freed a Kingston man who had been convicted of child molestation, rejecting prosecutors who asked that the man be committed indefinitely as a sexually dangerous person.

Gants rejected the testimony of a prosecution expert who said that although the man, Christopher Reese, did not meet the textbook definition of a pedophile, he was still a pedophile. Gants relied on scientific articles submitted by the defense contradicting the expert. His ruling was later reversed by the SJC.

Read entire Boston Globe article

Gants has most recently been a judge at Lowell Superior Court. On Tuesday, the Lowell Sun newspaper published an article describing Gants as "a Superior Court judge who has a controversial history of rulings in Lowell."

Lowell Sun: Judge with controversial record in Lowell-area cases eyed for Massachusetts high court

Gants must still be approved by the Governor's Council. MassResistance will cover that meeting for you when it takes place.

3. Mass. Department of Education continues handing out money to fund "gay clubs" in school districts across the state.

Just a quick look at where your money is going . . .

Although the Massachusetts state budget in a free-fall, with hundreds of state workers are losing their jobs and state user fees being raised, one sacred cow continues to be safe. The $700,000 to fund homosexual programs in the public schools is still there, and the "Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth is still getting huge funding, thanks to your cowardly Legislature.

"Gay? Fine by me" t-shirts were given out to kids by Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in public schools across Massachusetts.
Funded by . . . you!

That money is used in a number of devious ways which is sometimes hard to track. But part of it is funneled through the Department of Education (DOE) directly to "Gay-Straight Alliance" clubs in high schools and middle schools. This is their first level of "gay club" funding to make sure the more expensive programs can get in as easily as possible.

"Gay club" money not getting to enough schools?

Earlier this year the DOE advertised a "request for proposal" for schools to apply for $1,500 direct "gay clubs" grants. However, only 44 schools applied -- and (of course) all of them were given the money, a total of about $70,000.

     List of 44 Mass. schools that got nearly $70,000 for "gay clubs".

Round 2 of public funding for "gay" clubs in schools

But the DOE apparently wasn't satisfied that enough schools weren't getting public funding for their clubs. (For example, neither Brookline or any of the Newton high schools were on the list!) So now they've put out a second request for proposals. This time they're announcing that $100,000 of taxpayer money is available for gay clubs. They definitely want to spread it around.

     The "Round 2" page for submitting grants for "gay club" money

Of course, this is only a small part of the total public funding for homosexual programs in the schools this year in Massachusetts. This is just basic pocket change to keep the clubs running. There's well over half a million dollars that goes into school programs, movies, assemblies, retreats - the meat of the homosexual agenda targeting kids using taxpayer money. And the homosexual lobby does its best to make it as difficult as possible for citizens to track it, because they know the outrage it would bring if made public.

"Gay clubs" in schools: Extremely dangerous!

Just how dangerous are these "gay clubs" for kids -- now in schools around the country? Recently, writer Linda Harvey published a blockbuster article in WorldNetDaily that describes just what our state legislators are doing to your children in order to appease the militant homosexual lobby.


          Time to shut down homosexual clubs
          by Linda Harvey