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Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008

Budget crisis brings massive cuts in MA state programs - but $700,000 for homosexual programs in schools remains "sacred cow" by politicians. We need to change that!

December 18, 2008

It's a time like this when you realize the incredible power the homosexual movement has over our top elected officials.

Massachusetts is in an unprecedented budget crisis. Millions of dollars for programs and services are being cut. But the state's top elected officials refuse to budge on the $700,000 of your money that's going to homosexual programs in the public schools. (In October it was lowered slightly from $850,000. That's still obscenely high -- ANY amount is too much -- and a huge weapon for homosexual activists in schools. And we hear they're getting the rest of the money from another government source.)

What is being cut instead?

Massachusetts has a $1.5 billion budget shortfall - and it's growing. On Tuesday a new estimate predicts the deficit will rise to $2.1 billion by the middle of next year.

Two months ago the budget slashing began. Here are some of the cuts, highlighted in recent news reports, that the Governor and Legislature have made to programs and services in Massachusetts:

  • 1,000 jobs from state payroll.

  • Head Start pre-school programs ($1 million)

  • Opiate addiction treatment facilities ($5 million)

  • Infant immunization facilities ($5 million)

  • Job training programs ($9 million)

  • Senior home care services ($3.9 million)

  • Beach preservation efforts ($368,000)

  • Aid for thousands of children in homeless families ($250,000)

  • Help for ex-prisoners re-entering society ($200,000)

  • Funding for University of Mass. system ($24 million)

  • Closing four state mental health institutions: $80 million annually.

Plus: Cutting state aid to cities and towns. Last month, House Speaker DiMasi announced that all Massachusetts cities and towns will probably get a 10% cut in local aid - a total of $530 million. All this is in addition to are raising corporate taxes in Massachusetts by more than $400 million (which will affect businesses staying here).

From state website: October list of cuts by the Governor

Politicians claim "Everything's on the table"

Things have gotten so bad in recent weeks that the phrase "Everything's on the table" is being thrown around a lot by top politicians. But is that really true in this case? We decided to find out.

Last week, Senate President Therese Murray was quoted in the Boston Globe saying "Everything's on the table. Things are that bad."

Senate President Therese Murray carries a lot of water for the homosexual movement in the Massachusetts Legislature (AP Photo)

So MassResistance called the Senate President's office to ask if that included the funding for homosexual programs in the schools. We left a few messages with the Senate President's budget staffer. They seemed to figure out who we were. A bit later got a call back from a staffer named "Rick" (no last name). Rick told us that the Senate President supported the homosexual programs, but that it was the governor's office that instituted the budget cuts, and that we need to contact his office. We asked Rick if the Senate President would sit down and talk to us about the homosexual agenda in the schools, since she works so closely with homosexual lobbyists. He said he'd call us right back. (So far, the phone hasn't rung -- not surprising.)

We called the Governor's office. They told us to call the Department of Administration and Finance, which they said comes up with the budget cuts. (In Tuesday's Boston Globe, the department head, Leslie Kirwan, was quoted as saying "I think everything will be on the table."

So we called them. After several days trying to get a real person to speak to us, we spoke to a staffer who told us (rather impatiently) that although anything is possible, the Governor supports the homosexual programs, and she (the staffer) personally supports them. Another staffer who called us back told us that the budget decisions seem to be made jointly, with legislative leaders having a fair amount of input. Maybe we should try to influence the Governor's 2010 budget, she said, the first draft of which comes out next month. In other words, don't hold your breath.

One common denominator was the attitude everyone in these offices had as soon as they found out that we opposed the homosexual programs in the schools. They became passive-aggressive to varying degrees, and seemed mostly interested in getting us off the phone. (At the same time, the Governor marches in the Gay Pride parade and gives private interviews with the homosexual newspapers.) It's as if people with traditional values are not entitled to be recognized as full citizens by the government. It's eerie. And we're paying for it with our tax dollars.

The bottom line

Right now, the homosexual lobby pretty much owns the State House. The list of politicians who've caved in is quite amazing. It's pretty clear that the funding for homosexual activism in the public schools - as hideous and destructive as it is - isn't going to get cut, even as every other program gets slashed to nothing. This will continue unless "something terrible" is done, as Margaret Thatcher used to say. (And she would do it!)

What to do?

At the very least, letting them know we're outraged is always tremendously important. They need to hear from citizens. They need to know that we're never going to give up. These are the legislative leaders who are protecting the funding.

Governor Deval Patrick - 617-725-4005

Senate President Therese Murray - 617-722-1500

House Speaker Sal DiMasi - 617-722-2500

Senate Ways & Means Chairman Steven Panagiotakos - 617-722-1630

House Ways & Means Chairman Robert Deleo - 617-722-2990

Need to build momentum

Every time we've beaten the homosexual lobby, it's because we played to our strength. Their strength is money, influence, and the media. Our strength is large numbers of people. We plan to organize thousands of more people this year. That's the only thing we've concluded is going to stop this. And as Margaret Thatcher would say, maybe we need to make a more "terrible" impression on them than the homosexual lobby does.

Taxpayer-funded Massachusetts Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth sets goals for upcoming year.

December 18, 2008

Your tax money is being used against you and your children in the schools.

On Monday evening, October 20, the taxpayer-funded "Massachusetts Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth" held a meeting at Andover High School in Andover, Mass. This Commission, which includes some of the most bizarre and aggressive collection of adult homosexual and transgender / transsexual activists in the state (including a man wearing a dress and a woman with a beard and sideburns) oversees the $700,000 in public money that the Legislature and Governor have budgeted for homosexual activism in the public schools.

Andover High School welcomed the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Youth Commission.

The Commission generally holds their meetings at a public school. The "public" portion of the meeting usually starts about 6:30 pm, but the Commissioners generally meet privately with students throughout the afternoon - and members of the public are strictly prohibited from seeing that. (We have repeatedly asked the Attorney General to enforce the CORI check laws on these adults, but they continue to refuse.)

MassResistance report on an earlier Commission meeting this year

Outside of homosexual activists, citizens rarely show up to these meetings, since they aren't well publicized. Although they legally have to hold their meetings in public, they discourage people from attending. They meet in public schools and other unusual places. People who come that they don't know are treated with suspicion. (They also use a loophole in the law to prohibit any photographs during their meeting.) But we were there on Oct. 20.

At this meeting, they discussed their goals for the coming year. Besides their main focus of continuing and expanding their hundreds of "gay-straight alliance clubs" (GSAs) in schools and their wide range of homosexual-related programs, assemblies, and outside activities targeting children in grades K-12, they discussed several specific items on this year's activist agenda. (After all, you can cover a lot of ground with nearly three-quarter of a million dollars.)

Here are some of their new goals for 2009:

  • Lobby the Legislature for pro-homosexual legislation and more money for homosexual programs. This also includes organizing "gay youth" to go to the State House.

  • Act as a "bully pulpit" to "monitor" all state agencies to make sure they're being sufficiently pro-homosexual.

  • Continue pushing their agenda in every school in Massachusetts. In particular, they are pushing harder into the middle schools and elementary schools, traveling across the state to visit many of them.

  • They want to look at the curriculum framework -- the outlines and requirements at the state level -- and have the Department of Education review the frameworks and make sure gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender (GLBT) issues are included throughout.

  • They want to look at the teacher certification standards and especially the GLBT "equity standard" which they say need to be strengthened.

  • They also want the student advisors to the gay clubs in the schools more thoroughly "trained and mentored" by homosexual adult activists.

In addition:

  • The commission paid for "anti-racism" training, which allows them cover to bring in their issues.

  • They are trying to get foundations and private donors to give them even more money.

  • They want the Department of Education to include transgends and bisexuals in their official dealings. They also want there to be specifics in the data gathering to ensure that "the different populations/demographics" are measured. This will mean that all public school children will be asked on questionnaires whether they are "transgender" or "bisexual". 

  • They are hiring at least one more full-time coordinator for setting up and maintaining homosexual clubs (GSAs) in the schools.

  • They want to make alliances with other groups or minorities such as women, people of color, immigrants, etc., and push the homosexual agenda through them.

It continues to boggle the mind that Massachusetts spends hundreds of thousands of dollars of public money for this - to push homosexuality and even transgenderism to children. To our knowledge, no other state does this, and certainly not to this extent (though this is where many other states are headed).

We need to stop this. The lunatics are genuinely running the asylum and it's not going to stop on its own. As we said above, we are going to start organizing. We'll keep you informed.

COMING UP: Since this meeting, the Commission met again this past Monday at a high school in Boston. We'll have a full report coming up (with photos).

Obama names pro-homosexual radical for US Secretary of Education.

December 18, 2008

The newspapers are full of news about the president-elect's new choice for US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, the superintendent of schools in Chicago and an old friend of Obama (they even played basketball together). Duncan is being cheered as a great education "reformer" by the media and just about everyone else.

Associated Press: Obama chooses Chicago schools chief

But there's a darker side.

Of course there are a few things that the Associated Press doesn't tell you.

1. As Chicago schools chief, Duncan has worked closely with The Annenberg Challenge, the ultra-radical education group formerly run by Obama and Bill Ayers.

The Annenberg Challenge is is one of those Barak Obama escapades that the media doesn't want to talk about, though occasionally it gets leaked.

Wall Street Journal: Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism On Schools

And Arne Duncan seems to fit right in, having worked closely with that group while he's been the Chicago schools chief. As Chicago writer Emily Zanotti observed on her blog when hearing the news of Duncan's appointment by Obama:

This Arne Duncan guy that everyone is all excited is going to run the nation's public schools as Secretary of Education? He's not exactly a proponent of secular education in the city of Chicago, and by that I mean, he's very fond of inculcating Chicago students with more than just a top-notch education. . . .

My favorite subject in all of this Chicago mess is the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which is the project on whose board Bill Ayers and Barack Obama served together. I love this project because right up the street from me, I have an Annenberg Challenge school, which I think is known in the community as the "Peace School," and is very interactive with residents of my little neighborhood. They hold peace studies rallies, drum circles, indoctrinate children in what appear to be Marxist values and hold the weekly farmers market (who said communism couldn't taste fresh?). They are a continual annoyance to me, particularly because, in the summer, my favorite Thai restaurant has a mini-cafe right across the street and I have to stare at their peace signs and "Vote" posters until I seethe, and it ruins my basil chicken.

Anywho, Arne Duncan is Bestest Buddies with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. In fact, he worked with the Annenberg Challenge to program curriculum in Chicago Public Schools. From an official statement by the Annenberg Challenge:

The Challenge's work is still carried on today through to the bipartisan Chicago Public Education Fund, which coordinates closely Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan and Mayor Daley . . .

2. This past October, Arne Duncan recommended that the Chicago Board of Education approve a special homosexual/ bisexual / transgender public high school. But there was so much outrage that even the pro-homosexual Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley, backed away from the idea.

Wall Street Journal: Duncan Caused Stir With Plan for High School for Gays

3. During Duncan's reign, the Chicago Public Schools began implementing a radical "comprehensive" sex-ed program, set up by an "adolescent health" organization that held their fundraiser at the Playboy headquarters in Chicago.

Playboy Fundraiser Unmasks 'Comprehensive' Sex Education in Chicago

This is the man who will be running the US Department of Education. And he'll have billions of dollars of your tax money, and enormous executive power, to work with. The DOE will be completely in line with the teachers unions and their radical agendas. But no one who voted for Obama should be surprised.

By the way, according to reports Duncan (like Obama) does not send his own kids to public schools. Can you blame him?

Will you help us make it into the New Year?

December 18, 2008

We'll be brief here.

We need your help to keep up this fight. The left-wing groups we're fighting get literally millions of dollars from corporate money, taxpayers' money, and rich donors.

Groups like us depend on regular people like you. We're struggling with a debt that's closing in on us. Will you invest in your future by helping us carry on the fight?

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