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Latest on David Parker: Local newspaper finally "gets it" -- rebukes homosexual group for terrorizing restaurant, causing cancellation of Parker speech.

GLOUCESTER, MA. (SEPTEMBER 28, 2007) This Saturday, September 29, David Parker was scheduled to give a speech to a small group of pro-family people at Valentino's restaurant in Gloucester. 

But earlier this week the restaurant abruptly told the organizer it was cancelling the event. It turns out that Tom Lang, head of the homosexual group "KnowThyNeighbor" threatened the restaurant, telling them that if they allowed Parker to speak, Lang's group would stage a public protest outside of the restaurant. Fearing for the safety of their patrons, the restaurant was forced to give in.

Here's the newspaper account of the incident.  (Note, that the restaurant manager originally tried to claim that it was about an unpaid $100 deposit, which was untrue, and he later admitted the truth.)
Speech cancelled amid questions of 'hate speech' versus 'free speech' (Gloucester Daily Times)

Yesterday, the newspaper published a surprising editorial, backing David Parker and harshly criticizing the Tom Lang and his fellow homosexual activists. Our thanks to the newspaper for seeing the truth and not being afraid to say it!
Pressure tactics subvert dialogue (Gloucester Daily Times editorial)

(Note: David Parker will still give his speech, but the group has been forced to change it to a secret location.)

Civil rights violation?

The Massachusetts General Laws seem pretty clear that using threats and intimidation to stop someone from exercising his constitutional rights is a serious Civil Rights violation. That's exactly what seems to have happened here -- and what the homosexual activists do all the time to anyone whom they disagree with. We wouldn't be surprised if David Parker were to pursue this. The question is: Would the District Attorney have the guts to do his job?  We'll keep you informed.