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Latest on Oct. 3 'Laramie Project' forum by parents in Acton, MA:

School drama group leaders telling community to stay away from forum! School officials voicing "concerns about safety" at event, that police presence will be necessary.

(What are they afraid of? Safety from whom?)

ACTON, MASSACHUSETTS (SEPT. 21, 2007) When parents decide to fight back, the schools can't take it. So they resort to their usual unsavory tactics.

Acton-Boxborough high drama department passed out "Erase Hate" wristbands to all the students in the production, to reinforce the propaganda that any critics of the play (including parents) are "haters and bigots."

As we've reported, parents in Acton, MA, became outraged when the local high school decided to produce "The Laramie Project", a strongly pro-homosexual and anti-Christian play that's also laced with extreme violence. When the parents complained, the school ignored them and demeaned them. So they asked MassResistance to help them to put on a public forum to expose the truth about the play.

Here's more info on the parents' forum.

This week, it started:

  • The adult leaders of the school's drama group are spreading the message to the community to ignore the forum and not to go to the event, according to a parent at their recent meeting.

    Our question: What are they afraid of? Why shouldn't adults and students in the community hear another point of view about this extremely controversial play?

  • The superintendent of schools and chairman of the school committee have contacted one of the parents involved. They want to meet with him. They are concerned about "safety at the event." They apparently want US to provide police protection.

    Our question: Safety from whom? Certainly none of the pro-family people would be a threat. Are the school officials afraid that homosexual activists might do what they do at so many other events they don't like - cause a disruption and threaten violence?

Superintendent talking to homosexual newspaper "Bay Windows"

The Acton-Boxborough school superintendent - a vocal public supporter of the play - spoke to the hard-core homosexual newspaper Bay Windows about the upcoming forum.

Here's the article in Bay Windows:
"MassResistance protests Laramie Project." Bay Windows 9/20/07

Spreading the message to kids that pro-family people are "haters".

If all that's not enough, the high school's drama department is passing out "Erase Hate" wristbands to all the students in the production, to reinforce the propaganda that any critics of the play (including parents) are "haters and bigots." The wristband also says www.MatthewShepard.org, which leads students to homosexual activist web sites, including GLSEN, PFLAG, and the Human Rights Campaign. We're tired of school officials preying on our children this way.

So don't miss this forum on Wednesday evening, Oct. 3, which will be in the Acton-Boxborough high school auditorium. Speakers include Stephen Bennett, Dr. John Diggs, Jim Lafferty, and John Russo.