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How they voted:

Massachusetts House and Senate pass odious "Buffer Bill" extension.

Here's the figures for the House and Senate on the bill to expand he buffer zone around abortion clinics :


(See roll call list below) The House voted on Nov. 1, 2007. The vote was YES=122, NO=28, and 9 didn't vote. Below are listed the Democrats first, then Republicans. NO votes are highlighted. (Y=Yes N=No X=Not Present P=Present but not voting)

Interesting NO votes: Paul Donato is still holding the line on abortion despite his complete collapse on the issue of homosexuality in the schools. Eugene O'Flaherty was a bit of a surprise, given his pro-homosexual stand on the marriage issue. Angelo Puppolo and Paul Loscocco had completely sold out on the marriage issue, so this was also a surprise. But the biggest shock is Joyce Spiliotis, who in 2005 had a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood! However, her office confirmed that she is still "pro-choice" -- but she believes in free speech.

Shocking (and not so shocking) YES votes: Lew Evangelidis, long considered a conservative, has recently caved in on the homosexuality issue in the schools. This is very sad. His office said he doesn't view it as an issue about abortion but rather about public safety. Richard Ross is continuing his sell-out to the left, which started on the marriage issue this past June 14. Ross and Evangelitis have both been endorsed by MCFL. Jay Barrows got a high rating from MCFL last year, but it looks like they were mistaken. His office said that Barrows did not view it as a pro-life vs. pro-choice issue but rather a public safety issue. He wanted more safety outside of hospitals or medical facilities which provide services other than abortion. David Nangle has supported life issues in the past, but not now, it seems. 

DEMOCRATS Y  Falzone N  Miceli Y  Straus
  Y  Fennell Y  Moran X  Sullivan
Y  Mr. Speaker Y  Fernandes Y  Murphy, C.A. Y  Swan
Y  Rogers Y  Finegold Y  Murphy, J. N  Timilty
Y  Harkins Y  Flanagan Y  Murphy, K.J. N  Tobin
P  Rushing Y  Flynn Y  Nangle Y  Toomey
Y  Petrolati Y  Forry Y  Natale Y  Torrisi
Y  Alicea Y  Fox X  Naughton Y  Turkington
Y  Allen N  Fresolo Y  Nyman Y  Turner
Y  Atkins Y  Galvin Y  O'Day Y  Vallee
Y  Atsalis N  Garry N  O'Flaherty Y  Verga
N  Ayers  Y  Gobi Y  Patrick Y  Wagner
Y  Balser Y  Golden Y  Peake N  Wallace
Y  Basile Y  Grant Y  Pedone Y  Walrath
Y  Binienda N  Green Y  Peisch Y  Walsh, M.J.
Y  Bosley Y  Guyer Y  Petersen Y  Walsh, S.
Y  Bradley Y  Haddad Y  Pignatelli Y  Walz
Y  Brownsberger Y  Hall Y  Provost Y  Welch
Y  Cabral Y  Honan N  Puppolo Y  Wolf
Y  Callahan Y  Hynes N  Quinn
Y  Calter Y  Kafka Y  Reinstein REPUBLICANS
Y  Campbell X  Kane Y  Rice
Y  Canavan X  Kaprielian Y  Richardson Y  Jones
Y  Canessa Y  Kaufman Y  Rodrigues Y  Rogeness
Y  Casey Y  Keenan X  Rush N  Peterson
Y  Coakley-Rivera Y  Kennedy Y  Sanchez N  Lepper
Y  Conroy Y  Khan Y  Sandlin Y  Barrows
X  Correia Y  Kocot Y  Sannicandro N  deMacedo
Y  Costello Y  Koczera N  Scaccia Y  Evangelidis
Y  Creedon Y  Koutoujian Y  Scibak N  Frost
N  Curran Y  Kujawski Y  Sciortino Y  Gifford
Y  D'Amico Y  Kulik Y  Smith N  Hargraves
Y  DeLeo Y  Lantigua Y  Smizik Y  Hill
Y  Dempsey Y  LeDuc Y  Speliotis N  Humason
Y  DiNatale Y  Linsky Y  Spellane N  Loscocco
N  Donato Y  L'Italien Y  Speranzo N  Perry
Y  Donelan X  Malia N  Spiliotis N  Poirier
X  Driscoll Y  Mariano Y  Stanley, H.L. Y  Polito
Y  Eldridge Y  Marzilli Y  Stanley, T.M. Y  Ross
N  Fagan Y  McCarthy Y  St. Fleur N  Smola
N  Fallon Y  McMurtry Y  Story N  Webster


On Oct. 23, the Senate took the cowardly approach and only did a voice vote. We're told it passed overwhelmingly, but since it was a voice vote there's no roll call to publish. However, the senators listed below were all sponsors of the bill!  The two Republicans are noted. So . . . out of 40 Senators, half of them were sponsors of this horrible bill. The pro-life movement has a lot of work to do.

  We also have a few confirmed NO votes, from calls to the senators' offices -- see below.

List of Senate sponsors:
Edward M. Augustus, Jr.
Steven A. Baddour
Gale D. Candaras
Benjamin B. Downing
Susan C. Fargo
Patricia D. Jehlen
Thomas M. McGee
Joan M. Menard
Mark C. Montigny
Robert A. O'Leary
Anthony Petruccelli
Pamela P. Resor
Stanley C. Rosenberg
Bruce E. Tarr (R)
James E. Timilty
Richard R. Tisei (R)
Susan C. Tucker
Dianne Wilkerson
Jarrett T. Barrios (no longer a Senator)
Robert A. Havern (no longer a Senator)

Confirmed NO votes: Brown, Hedlund, and Knapik (all Republican).