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Blockbuster speech on “The Gay Gene Hoax” silences pro-gay crowd at Framingham State College

Very powerful and informative - it blew them away, said one observer.

Framingham, MA - March 31, 2008

Link to draft copy of upcoming book "The Gay Gene Hoax" by Ryan Sorba
(Much of the speech quoted from key chapters.)

Hear audio of the speech
(and questions following)

The concept of a “gay gene” started out as marketing strategy and has had stunning success. But the mountain of historical and contemporary evidence – from both ends of the political spectrum – make one wonder how anyone could believe it.  That’s what author and researcher Ryan Sorba laid out before a full lecture hall at Framingham State College on Monday evening, March 31.

The lecture room at Framingham State College was filled.

It appeared that at least three-quarters of the nearly 60 people in attendance were homosexual activists. Many have been active at the State House. At least one had testified at the recent public hearing for the “transgender rights” bill. It was expected that there would be some kind of disruption or demonstration during the speech. At the beginning, you could feel the tension in the air.

   Ryan Sorba

But Sorba’s speech and his demeanor was quite powerful, and the crowd was silent, even polite.  In the hour-long question and answer period the questions seemed weakly academic, and Sorba handled them all with ease. Interestingly, not one conservative student asked a question, although a few conservative older adults did (less than a half-dozen people seemed to be over 30).

Sorba, who himself recently graduated from college, was clearly comfortable and unintimidated among the college and post-college crowd.  He was very well prepared, told the unvarnished truth without “moderation” or compromise, and gave no ideological ground.

As often happens at these kinds of speeches, it appeared that nearly all of the homosexual activists had never heard these arguments before.  They were clearly affected by them.  You could see the confusion (and a little anger) in their eyes as their ideological world was being taken apart. Plus, they were so used to dealing with this issue in an emotional and illogical way that they are rhetorically crippled when forced to deal on a logical and factual basis.

The speech

Sorba talked for a little over an hour. His speech was mostly taken from several chapters of the current draft of his upcoming book, “The Born Gay Hoax.”  (See link to current draft above.) 

Chatting with audience members afterwards.

He began with the factual history of the homosexual movement from its beginnings in the 1800s. He showed that until the mid-1900s the concept of “homosexual” did not even exist – that even its practitioners thought of it as aberration of normalcy – and that among men it had nearly always also been associated in some way with pederasty (sex with young boys).

He then described the modern homosexual propaganda movement, which blossomed in the 1980s, and how the “born that way” strategy was a central part of the plan to proselytize America.  It was conceived by two Harvard graduates, Marshall Kirk, a researcher in neuropsychiatry, and Hunter Madsen, a PhD in politics and expert on public persuasion tactics, who wrote “After the Ball” and other articles. Interestingly, the “born that way” strategy was largely rejected by the movement when it was first proposed. But it soon caught on and – along with the strategy of demonization of Christian critics – became a centerpiece of the larger campaign which continues in full force to this day.

Talking to campus reporter.

Sorba also discussed the large amount of evidence against the “gay gene” or “born that way” theory, including writings and observations from prominent homosexual activists.  The more overwhelming cause of homosexuality, as he points out, involves severe issues with parents and sexual abuse at a young age.  For example, in the famous lesbian couple of Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche, both of them were sexually molested by their fathers (or step-fathers) when they were teenagers.

Ryan Sorba’s book “The Gay Gene Hoax” is expected to be published within 6-9 months.