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Governor's Council to decide Wednesday whether to confirm hardcore homosexual activist as Judge.

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BOSTON, MA  Posted: Monday, March 25, 2008

For many years, Cheryl Jacques has been one of the major lesbian activists in America. On her website, she describes herself as "A national leader in the gay civil rights movement." She was president of the hardcore national homosexual group Human Rights Campaign which pressures corporations to adopt a long series of demands from the homosexual movement, and lobbies Congress for pro-homosexual legislation. Before that, she was a Massachusetts state senator for a dozen years, where she introduced numerous pro-homosexual bills and helped fund the "Governor's Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth."

But now as a payback to the homosexual movement for its support, Gov. Deval Patrick has nominated Jacques to be a judge in Massachusetts. This is a huge outrage.

As you know, judicial nominations in Massachusetts must be approved by a vote of the Governor's Council, an 8-member elected body from across the state which is chaired by the Lt. Governor, an ex-officio member.

Last week the Governor's Council met to vote on Jacques. There were questions about Jacques' activism, and the fact that she still has an open campaign fund of $127,000. There's also the sleazy fact that after one term as judge would qualify Jacques for a huge government pension, given her previous years in various government jobs.

So last week, in a rare move, the Council voted to postpone the vote on Jacques a week - until this Wednesday, March 26, at noon. (They meet at the State House, and the public may attend.)

Associated Press article on postponement of vote

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Take action RIGHT AWAY:

Call, write or email the members of the Governor's Council RIGHT AWAY. Tell them NOT to approve of Cheryl Jacques as a judge in Massachusetts. We must NOT have another hardcore homosexual activist as a judge in Massachusetts. She is not the kind of person we want as a judge.

Link to the 8 members of the elected Governor's Council.

(You can also call them by phoning 617-725-4015 and then pressing 1 through 8, for the member representing district 1-8.)

We'll let you know what happens.