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MA high school principal sends letter warning parents about "hate speech" against upcoming pro-homosexual "Day of Silence".

Parents continuing to confront schools across the America.

Posted: April 23, 2008

The "Day of Silence" is a homosexual activist event being staged in high schools in across the country on Friday, April 25. Since that day falls during spring vacation in Massachusetts, most schools here are holding it on April 30 (and some did it a week earlier, on April 17). It's organized nationally by the homosexual group GLSEN, which targets kids in the public schools. In Massachusetts, unlike other states, GLSEN's efforts are lavishly funded with taxpayer money.

Intimidating of parents

Earlier this month, the principal of Lexington High mailed a letter to parents about the Day of Silence. Lexington is the town that David Parker lives in. Paul Ash, the superintendent, is an aggressive supporter of the homosexual agenda. The principal, Michael Jones, is right on board. We thought we'd show you an example of what parents have to deal with.

His two-page letter is all too typical. It uses a very professional and calm tone, but is misleading, misstates facts, and .  The intention of the letter is to "normalize" this extremely offensive event and portray anyone who would object to it as a troublemaker, and try to link them to other "offenders" in the community.

HERE'S the letter from the principal.

Here's our commentary on it:

  1. He first discusses some unrelated vandalism, then segues into the Day of Silence and its critics.  The subtle hint is that there could be some connection. 

  2. He describes the Day of Silence in positive, affirming terms - just the opposite of what parents feel. He he then portrays it as a calm, free-speech event that is not disruptive to the education process, violates no one's rights, and which does not constitute the school taking a political position on the issue. That's simply not true. The act of students (and even staff) being silent all day is a clear disruption of the education process.

  3. He states that "hate speech"  -- i.e., criticism of the Day of Silence or homosexuality -- is "subject to legal constraints". But hate speech is not defined beyond a vague phrase about "tasteless communication", "threats", or singling out individuals "for ridicule or condemnation." Thus, they define what "hate speech" is.

  4. He says that the Day of Silence "is not a school-sponsored event". That's profoundly misleading if not outright false. It is school-sanctioned. And it is unquestionably organized by some school staff, as anyone who has observed it in the past could see. 

  5. The homosexual club will be distributing pamphlets, stickers, and other materials. Can other groups do so? No. Only groups that are "properly registered with the administration" and which have "approval of the administration" can distribute literature.  (Last year a student's father was escorted off campus by police for bringing anti-Day of Silence pamphlets into the school for kids to pass out. And could a "registered" Christian club hand out pro-life flyers? We doubt it.)

  6. He says that people may wear buttons or stickers expressing their personal views. A few years ago at Lexington High a girl with a one-man-one-woman marriage sticker was assaulted by pro-gay students on the Day of Silence. And others were severely harassed and intimidated. The school did nothing.

  7. And then the final insult: "the distribution of religious materials is not appropriate during the school day."  We've seen a lot of blatantly anti-religious material distributed by the homosexual groups.  The event itself is essentially anti-religious in the eyes of many parents.

Our message to parents: continue to fight back!

MassResistance Report on Day of Silence (including Mass. schools participating this year).

Call the schools. Tell them why you are keeping your kids home that day. Tell them that this is offensive and you won't stand for it.

Hundreds of theses "gay? fine by me" t-shirts have
been given to kids in Massachusetts schools on the
Day of Silence by GLSEN.

Parents across the country confronting schools

As we've reported, MassResistance is part of a national coalition of pro-family groups that is urging parents to keep their kids home that day.

WorldNetDaily article on the national coalition - "Parents urged to boycott homosexual indoctrination"

Across the country we've made great progress. A few months back, MissionAmerica published the list of schools, by state, that were holding the Day of Silence. Since then parents confronted the schools, and hundreds of schools have announced they were canceling their plans to hold it.

List of schools not doing Day of Silence after parental protests

Newspaper Article -"Provo, UT, schools will not observe Day of Silence."

We don't know of any Massachusetts schools - this. But in the past we've been successful with schools such as Newton North High School after angry parents confronted the principal.