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Encouraging kids to "come out" and embrace a homosexual identity

PFLAG goes into the heads of vulnerable, confused children.

Posted: April 9, 2008

The homosexual movement in the schools in recent years has found that the most effective way to work with kids is to persuade them to essentially surrender their minds and officially embrace a "gay" (or transgender, etc.) identity. This is known as "coming out." Once a teenager makes this internal decision his movement into the homosexual world accelerates.

These handouts were distributed to kids by PFLAG at the conference. We've also seen them given out to kids at other venues.

Be Yourself - Questions & Answers for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Youth
This book is pure propaganda meant to persuade kids that getting involved with homosexual-related behaviors is natural, normal, and even preferable in come cases. It portrays people with traditional values on these issues as destructive. Near the end of the booklet is a list of "Anti-GLBT Organizations to Avoid" which includes Focus on the Family, Concerned Women for America, Family Research Institute, and many others.

Coming out to your parents
A hideous little booklet that goes into great detail coaching a confused young person to "come out" as a homosexual to one's parents, and have confidence with his new "identity".

Answers to Your Questions about Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality
A pseudo-medical paper published by the American Psychological Association (APA) describing homosexuality as normal and not at all harmful. In fact, the APA is now re-evaluating its politically correct "findings".  But this was written by a radical pro-homosexual splinter group of the APA, the APA Committee on Gay and Lesbian Concerns, and passed off as if the entire organization endorsed it.

Much of this is done by Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), a well-funded national homosexual activist group that claims to have 500 chapters across the country. PFLAG specializes in pushing the "coming out" and homosexual "identity" process with kids, and works closely with GLSEN and other groups in the public schools. PFLAG is also a very active member of the tax-funded Massachusetts Commission on GLBT Youth.

Workshops for kids at the conference

Take a look at these workshops. They get into kids' heads using a variety of methods and psychological approaches.

Coming Out to Parents as GLBT
Pam Garramone, M.Ed., Executive Director, Greater Boston PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People)

Meet parents who have a GLBT child to talk about coming out to parents and share your own experiences in a supportive environment.
[PFLAG wants to make it as easy as possible for kids to to announce to their parents that they now have a homosexual identity.]

Beyond Binaries: Identity and the Sexuality Spectrum
Robyn Ochs

How do we assign labels to our complicated and unique experiences? We will discuss uses and limitations of labels and of the Kinsey scale and other measures of sexual orientation, and factors such as sex/gender, time, attraction and much more.This engaging workshop will transform your thinking!
[Using psychological quackery to soften kids up.]

Empowering LGBT Youth Through Theater
Mal Malme,Theater artist with Queer SoupTheater, Advisor ForThe North Shore Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth (NAGLY)

Theater has the power to inspire, empower, and encourage discovery of our unique and diverse voices. Through improvisation we will explore our individual identities while creating a space to unite us in a vision to educate others about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lives.

Unmasking Identities
Janna Jackson, Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts, Boston Graduate College of Education

Based on Dr. Jackson's recent book Unmasking Identities, this interactive workshop takes the audience on a journey through the lives of nine gay and lesbian teachers to uncover her model of gay teacher identity development.
[Using authority figures to reinforce the idea of "coming out" as homosexuals.]

Anyone and Everyone, a film screening
Pam Garramone, M.Ed., Executive Director, Greater Boston PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People)

Greater Boston PFLAG will screen the film, Anyone and Everyone. Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, African American, Cherokee Indian, Puerto Rican, Mormon, Japanese, Southern Baptist, American, Asian Indian, Italian, Presbyterian, Protestant, Christian, Bolivian, Methodist ... Connected by having a son or daughter who is gay, parents across the country discuss their experiences in the documentary Anyone and Everyone. In it, filmaker Susan Polis Shutz depicts families from all walks of life. Individuals from such diverse origins as Japanese, Bolivian, and Cherokee; as well as religions such as Mormon, Catholic, Hindus, and others share intimate accounts of how their children revealed that they're homosexual and discuss their responses. Parents talk about struggling with the pain their sons and daughters have dealt with, such as not being accepted by relatives and/or friends and being ostracized by religious congregations. The film will be followed by a discussion led by PFLAG parents.
[Using the devious but powerful psychological tactic of intertwining the concepts of race, ethnicity, and religion with homosexual "identity".]

Hineini: Coming Out in a Jewish High School, a film screening
Dr. Andrea Jacobs, Director of Education, Keshet

Keshet will offer a screening of the 60 minute documentary film Hineini: Coming Out in a Jewish High School about the struggle of a student to start a GSA at her Jewish high school and the impact of her campaign on the lives of other students and teachers at the school. The film is a wonderful model of the power that students can have to change the climate of a school and the importance of supportive relationships between out students and teachers. Following the film there will be time for a very brief discussion.
[In reality, this was completely phony. We've been told (1) that this was filmed at a different location because the Jewish High School wouldn't allow it, and (2) the girl in the film subsequently began dating boys when she went to college and abandoned her lesbianism. But it's still being used as a heroic "coming out" vehicle to influence kids.]

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