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Boston "Gay Pride Week" 2008

Boston Dyke March reveals obscene and puerile nature of homosexual movement

These are the people pushing the agenda in schools, businesses, government

June 13, 2008

[Scroll down for photos.]  This was one of the official "gay pride week" events sponsored by major corporations and the state's top politicians.  On Friday evening, June 13, this is what anyone who was downtown, including lots of tourists with children, would have run into.  These "adults" are a cross-section of the people in schools, businesses, and government who are promoting homosexual causes every day.

Normal people wouldn't do any of this. These people are clearly stalled in their emotional development. But this is the homosexual movement in its raw form.

VIDEO: See and hear this footage of the Dyke March!

The first part of the video shows their pre-parade rally on the Boston Common, blasting obscene chants throughout the area on loudspeakers. Then they start the parade and march through the streets of Boston. (14 min 09 sec)

The parade was led by a police escort and a "Dyke March Discipline Team".





In photo above: person in white is female; "bois" refers to transgender females-to-males.





Discipline Team member with "Bi-Dyke" sticker on arm.


Male-to-female transsexual - note ubiquitous "trans rights now" sticker on arm.



Their tasteless version of political humor.


You're not a real dyke unless you chew tobacco!


Who would bring a child to something like this? Lesbian parenting on display. This child will grow up thinking all this is normal.

NOTE: None of this was reported in any of the Boston area newspapers, TV networks, or radio stations - even though it was a very public event that blocked city streets for hours. Why?